FX Funnel - Smart Funnel Builder with Profit Simulator for $15

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FX Funnel - Smart Funnel Builder with Profit Simulator

Get More High Converting Traffic, And Increase your profit!

The First And The Only Smart Funnel Builder With A Profit Simulator That Can Predict the Profit Of Your Product Before Selling On The Market!

For listingdock Admin: This is web-based App and we have authority to add user to access this product that why we can sell user access.

You can use it yourself for your business needs, or you can sell it back to your clients Unlimited!

Check out some of the FX Funnel's Funnel Page Design Samples Below:

  • Create a funnel With Instant includes 200+ ready-to-use templates
  • Commercial license for personal project or for Client Project!
  • Include Membership System, Create Web membership for digital products with the UNIIQUE URL system
  • Funnel & profit Simulation, Prediction of profit & Simulate the product before it is launched on the market
  • Smart Integration, Integrated with online payment, google analytics, FB Pixel, Autoresponder, etc.
  • One-time payment, Forever Access.
  • A - Z Tutorial is provided, the tutorial for use has been provided in full.
Get FXFunnel Access Now!
Get access now, use alone, or for client projects!

FXFUNNEL is a new breakthrough FUNNEL CREATOR complete with a membership system in it, this will cut a lot of work in building sales FUNNEL. FXFUNNEL is equipped with profit simulations and FUNNEL simulations which later will be able to predict how much your profit will be before you launch your product on the market.

PLUS ... Complete with the UNIQUE URL technology system. For membership features, your members will not be able to share their membership login details with others. With this technology, when your member logs in to the membership, the device used to log in will be locked and the membership cannot be opened from other devices. and if you want to log in from another device then this will require your consent.

FXFUNNEL is a cloud-based-software with a new technological revolution, in which there are many new things that will make it easier for you to build FUNNEL, very easy to use and anyone can use even even a beginner. With FXFUNNEL you can create a website membership, FUNNEL Sales, without any special skills required.

WITH FX FUNNEL, you can create a membership, seller funnel or webinars with ease!

You can make it in just 4 simple steps:

And it's done. . .

However, before you take this offer, I will show you how FXFUNNEL will help your work. so you can SURE know what you will get. Check out Our Template Editor Demo Below:

Get FXFunnel Access Now
Get access now, use alone, or for client projects

With FX Funnels you can:

  • You can create squeezpage, salespage, optin page, etc. very easily.
  • You can start from an EMPTY canvas and use the easy-to-use Drag-and-drop elements editor to create professional-looking pages in no time.
  • Or you can use a template that has been prepared in FXFunnels. There are over 100 Professional Sales funnel Designs ready to go and MAKE MONEY FOR YOU!
FX Funnels is not an ordinary Funnel page creator, and the templates available are not just ordinary templates

ALL templates are designed with CONVERSION as THE MAIN GOAL!

Most other funnel page creators often focus on templates that look “good”. Templates are “BEAUTIFUL” and They hire designers who are NOT marketers…

However, FXFunnel is SO DIFFERENT!

FXFunnel templates are designed by professional Marketers!

The FXFunnel template is designed to make sure you get BETTER, HIGHER and MORE BENEFICIAL conversions while looking good - And EASY to edit!

FUNNEL Sales is a PROFIT SOURCE of ANY online business. This is what allows you to turn your sales from $15 to sales of $150 or even $1500!

This allows you to turn a FREE offer into a PROFITABLE offer!

If you DON'T know what a sales funnel is, it simply means having SOME of the offers available when someone INITIALLY walks into your sales department.

For example, when someone chooses to participate in your email list and you send them directly to the “THANK YOU” Page where you offer them an offer to BUY one of your products.

Then if they BUY that offer, you give them ANOTHER offer that complements the purchase they just made.

Another example is when someone BUY your main product then you IMMEDIATELY send them to additional offers (eg Limited offer or upsell)

And smart Marketers often have SOME additional offers to sell, so they can sell more products and make more profit.

There is NO EXPERIENCED MARKETER who sells anything online WITHOUT using a sales funnel. I guarantee it!

And the ABILITY to create a Sales Funnel quickly is VERY IMPORTANT to increase your profits. Products that have only ONE product and ONE offer to sell will be VERY difficult to make a PROFIT!

We ALL need to have a sales funnel to REALLY build a profitable business. And with FX Funnels, you can have an ENTIRE Sales Channel up and running in SHORT time!

FXFunnel will help you to create any page page very easily.

With the easy-to-use Drag-And-Drop editor, you can quickly and EASILY edit ANY page

You can make it from a template that has been provided, OR you can also make it from ZERO with the drag-and-drop feature that has been provided

Make pages as simple as you want, or make pages as COMPLETELY and "Cool" as you like!

The Membersip website is still one of the MOST profitable types of sites. Especially if you are in the product information industry, selling training videos or training PDFs for a specific topic.

With FXfunnel which has very complete features. Including you can create a web membership in it, and you can start making money from your website membership right now.

You can start getting millions of dollar EVERY MONTH from your clients who registered your membership website right now

However, I will be 100% honest with you ...

Creating a Membership Site is VERY Difficult and COMPLETE!

We have tried many membership services, BUT we always face the SAME problem again and again…

  • TOO complicated to build, so it's better to hire a developer to build it for you
  • You'll have to watch TONS of video tutorials just to understand a LITTLE how to get started.
  • And after you FINALLY finished creating it and you did the test, IT WAS FAILED! And you have to start all over again to see where you went wrong.
  • Plus, most of them are VERY EXPENSIVE and you have to pay a MONTHLY fee just to set up a membership site.
However, MOST important ... MOST Membership Website Platforms VERY VULNERABLE TO PIRACY

Can you imagine if you have spent so much time creating your product, setting up your sales page and setting up your website membership ...

… Then find out that FREE access has been distributed ALL over the internet because the membership website that you are using is NOT properly protected by you !!

Product Piracy is one of the BIGGEST Losses that online businesses feel

You can create a website membership in SHORT time, it does NOT take days, weeks or even MONTHS to create a website membership.

It's easy to use so you can create a membership site WITHOUT having to watch hours of video tutorials and / or hire a developer to do it for you.

And most IMPORTANT - membership site which has the STRONGEST piracy security system compared to OTHER platforms!

FX Funnels Has A 100% UNIQUE URL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY. This will ensure your product is safe and avoid piracy

FXFunnel's URL Protection technology ensures NO ONE can share their account login details with ANYONE, which is one of the MOST frequently used ways to distribute products.

How to ?

When a user logs into their account and opens the members area, FX Funnels LOCKES ALL their account details and it CANNOT be opened anywhere WITHOUT asking YOUR permission first!

It allows YOU to be able to monitor ANYONE who tries to share access to your product for FREE!

Great right?
It's Very Powerful

Get FXFunnel Access Now!
Get access now, use alone or for client projects

I've touched on this before, and it really helps you, I want to explain a little more.

As previously explained, with FX Funnels, you can accurately predict how much profit you can get from AWARDS so that you don't waste money and time.

Too often and too MUCH time wasted on sales funnels that WILL NOT Generate the Profits that are sought (especially by Beginner Marketers)

But this won't happen again, FXFunnel will change everything.

FXFunnel will change the way you create a sales funnel and you can predict your PROFIT before you launch it on the market, and this will add 100% confidence to your funnel and the products you will sell.

This FX Funnels feature allows you to quickly predict the potential profit from your sales funnel BEFORE you spend time, effort and money creating web pages and sending traffic to them.

You can be very EFFICIENT and don't have to estimate the profitability of your sales funnel and this can prevent you from making NOSSIBLE mistakes!

And ALSO, Money Loves ACCURACY


PROFIT SIMULATOR SYSTEM Like this is what will help you predict the profit of your product even though your product has not been launched on the market.

Get FXFunnel Access Now!
Get access now, use alone, or for client projects!

You DO NOT JUST get access to ALL the HOT features that we have described above, but you will get tremendous benefits, you DO NOT NEED TO HOST of all the Pages that you will create.

You just use it, and take advantage of all the cool features in it, the sales funnel and membership site will be on our web hosting server, so you don't have to pay more!

Great, right?

With this you can save $15 to $40 in monthly fees that you pay to hosting companies.
But, wait: I almost forgot to tell you!

Since talking about ALL the amazing features we built on FX Funnels I almost forgot to mention some VERY important things that make FXFunnel even GREAT!

FXfunnel is integrated with TWO payment systems.

FXFunnel is integrated with TWO payment systems present on the internet - Paypxx and Stripe!

This allows you to not only create a great membership site, but you can ALSO take payments and charge MONTHLY so that you can generate VERY LOT OF PROFIT from your membership site WITHOUT HAVING TO leave our platform!

How about a manual payment? Don't worry, you can use the Redirect Link payment feature, you can point it to the aff link, the link to Whatsa*p, to the messenger, or a link to a marketplace such as shoope, tokopedia etc.

PLUS, FXFunnel has FULL sales tracking, so you can view DETAILED statistics about your customers. You'll be able to get their email address, see which funnel they buy from, what products they bought and how much money they spent on your product!

FXFunnel is integrated with ALL TOP Email AUTORESPONDERS, so you can easily build your email list without having to deal with codes / forms!

Connect your Autoresponder Emails easily via API and ALL of your prospects will be INSTANTLY logged into your Autoresponder account AUTOMATICALLY.

FXFunnel is integrated with all major Autoresponders such as Sendiio, Aweber, Getresponse, Markethero, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.

FXFunnel is integrated with the Facebook Pixel Retargeting system

This is cool, Entering your retargeting code is very EASY and you DO NOT NEED to deal with editing your "code" page to include pixels.

With Facebook Pixel integration, you only need TWO seconds to enter your pixel code into the sales FUNNEL that you have created.

If you are NOT retargeting, you will lose a LOT of traffic, sales and leads. So by retargeting Facebook you can get BACK traffic to your site very easily.

FXFunnel is integrated with Google Analytics to record all traffic that goes into the funnel you have created!

With this integration, you only need TWO seconds to connect your Google Analytics account with your FX Funnels account. You can monitor all traffic and analyze visitors who enter the Funnel that you have created.

"From there you can start seeing the DETAILED statistics of EVERY visitor who enters your sales Funnel."

FREE ACCESS to the FXFUNNEL MARKETPLACE. You can sell your funnel works, and earn money from there. Cool, right!!!

In FXFunnel, there is a Marketplace, where besides you can create your own funnel, you can also sell the funnel to other members.

In just a few MINUTES, you can create a NEW Funnel and sell it LIVE on the FXFunnel Marketplace!

Plus, you can sell them at any price you want!

Create a simple funnel and sell it for $10 or $50 / Access and do it continuously ...

Or create a more complex channel and get serious and sell for $100, $500 OR MORE!

I show you how easy it is to sell your funnel art on the FXFUNNEL MARKETPLACE

Initially we planned to sell this feature separately as an ADDITIONAL OFFER. Because this feature is very powerful, you can get MILLIONS of Dollar in the Marketplace by selling funnels that have been created.

However, Now you can get it as a 100% FREE BONUS. SERIOUSLY!!!

BUT… It's time limited, this bonus is only available in the PROMO ONLY, so you have to act immediately and get access.

Seriously, It's TOO worth staying on for longer than that. So make sure you get it as soon as you finish reading this page.

Get FXFunnel Access Now!
Get access now, use alone or for client projects!

  • Create and sell your digital products at a price you can set yourself, selling digital products yourself is one of the MOST profitable strategies using FX Funnels.
  • Create and sell access to the Membership site that you just created and get monthly passive income from your membership. Make it once, pay many times every month.
  • Expand your email list, EMAIL LIST list is the most valuable asset in the online business, you can use it whenever you need to sell. and the advantages of email over the others are, Email will never change or change like cellphone numbers etc.
  • Sell ​​your sales funnel as a template for other marketers in the marketplace that has been provided. You can sell a simple funnel, or a serious and complicated funnel and sell it for millions of rupiah.
  • Create a sales funnel that sells OTHERS 'products as an affiliate, Or create a funnel for other people and charge them at a price you set yourself.
  • Or if you choose the AGENCY package, you can resell FXfunnel at whatever price you want, sell it in the form of a monthly payment, or one payment, and get unlimited profit.
  • We've Shown ALL THE BENEFITS & AWESOME FEATURES you will get on FXFunnel.
  • We've shown HOW EASY & QUICK it is to create and edit Sales Pages.
  • We've shown you some AWESOME templates which you can access that is over 100+ ready-to-use funnels !!
  • We've shown HOW EASY & FAST to create a Sales FUNNEL in just minutes ..
  • We've already shown how SIMPLE and EASY it is to use fxfunnel's DRAG-AND-DROP editor.
  • We have shown HOW EASY & FAST to create a Website membership for your business.
  • We have demonstrated the URL HACK SECURITY system to ensure your data is safe from hijacking!
  • We have shown how easy it is to use the Profit & Funnel Simulation system so you can know your strengths, and know your income before you sell your product on the market
  • We have shown all the existing integrations in fxfunnel, so this will make your business easier!
  • We've shown you the FXFUNNEL MARKETPLACE Bonus Where you can earn thousands of dollars from there!

And what hasn't been discussed is HOW MUCH the XFUNNELS PRICE actually is

If you've read up to this point, you will obviously be wondering how much it costs, right?

As you can see, FXFUNNEL is the perfect tool for you to run your business, and you can also earn a lot of money with FXFunnel.

In this LAUNCHING PROMO period, you will get the lowest price, where after the LAUNCHING PROMO is finished, we will change the FXFUNNEl price, so if you are on this page during the PRMO Launching period, then you are waiting to get the surprise benefits great because you will get ONCE PRICE PAY WITH LIFETIME ACCESS….


Pro Commercial Package - $15 S10

  • One-time payment - Lifetime of access
  • Use For Your Own Project
  • Access to 100 FXfunnel Templates
  • Create, Create & Edit Unlimited Funnels
  • Create Unlimited Web membership
  • FULL Access Profit-Predictor & Funnel Simulator
  • UNLIMITED Hosting for your Funnels
  • FULL Access [Paypxx] And Stripe Integration
  • FULL Access Autoresponder Integration
  • FX Funnel Marketplace Bonuses
  • Commercial Right Bonus - Use for client projects
  • EXCLUSIVE Bonus 27 Software bundle

Agency Upgrade Package - $20 [Add Extra Service Below]

  • All Pro Commercial Package Features
  • Agency Web Templates for Service Sales
  • Promotional Email Templates
  • Service Project Proposal Template
  • Graphic Design For Service Promotion
  • Unlock Client Access -> Clients can access themselves and view the statistics of the funnel that you created

Deluxe Upgrade Package - $20 [Add Extra Service Below]

  • All Personal Commercial Features
  • Unlock Custom Domain Feature - You can replace our standard domain with your own domain.
  • A / B Split Test Feature To Test Your Funnel Effectiveness
  • Unlock Additional 100+ Templates
  • Unlock "Traffic Hijack" Feature -> Get Traffic From Other People Content.


Is this a plugin for wordpress?
No, this is a website based application. So you don't need to install or use WordPress to run this application. just log into the app and use it.

Does this require hosting?
No, this application does not require hosting. fully run applications from cloud hosting that we have provided.

Are there any additional fees for using the FX funnel?
There is no. After you make this purchase you will not be charged any fees after that you just need to use all of its features without additional costs.

What if I can't use it?
We have provided a tutorial in it and customer support is ready to help you

Okay I am interested in buying fxfunnel, How do I buy it?
Please click the buy button and fill in the form according to your data for registration purposes.

Taking the right steps today is your first step to changing what will happen in the future. And I am very happy waiting to read how your story when using FXFunnel and what's new in it, and I look forward to your success story with FXFunnel to come !!

See you in the member area.



Get FXFunnel Access Now!
Get access now, use alone, for client projects, or you resell!

Important!!! Get This Product and All Packages + All Our Digital Products + FREE Latest Product Updates By Buying Our Membership Package Here:


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