• 100 Unique Searches for your keyword on google and choose your site. Google Hits
Unique google hits using your keyword
Geo Targeted HITS ( from the country of your choice except USA, UK and CA for now)
Drip-feed on bigger orders (to make it look natural)
Customized settings on bigger orders ( time on site, going on other links on site)
If you want multiple keywords for the same site, using the same country is fine. Post multiple keywords!

On this gig
I will search your keyword on google and choose your site. ( Google referred hits)

It will help you in ranking better on google for that specific keyword. How much better? Depends on your niche, on your competitors, on your current rank and on the amount of searches provided. Anyway, still better than your current state

  • I will search using your provided keywords
  • I will search using UNIQUE GEO Targeted IPS ( tell me from what country do you want the searches to go ; each search will come from a residential IP) ( all countries except USA, UK or CA I'll do these next month)
  • Once I'll find your keyword for your site, I'll go on site and stay there ~ 1 minute ( random human action, scrolling around) ( if you pay more I can stay longer), also I can randomly go on other pages of your site (same , if you pay more)
  • I'll go up to 10 pages deep in google's results looking for your keywords ( I can do 20-30 pages deep but you have to pay more, ask me for more info)

Since I'll be using geo targeted IPs most likely the searches will go through google's site from that country.
ex google.au , google.ro, google.de etc
Its time to outrank your competitors. Unique SEOCLERK GIG!

Don't buy this service if your site isn't listed on google.
Don't buy this service if your keyword won't bring your site as a result within the first 20 google pages.

Don't buy this service if you want hits from USA, UK or CA. I'll be able to do these countries next month.

Keyword: buy seo package 2017 ( if you manually search its on 4th page, 7th position)
Full site link like it will show on google when your searching for that keyword: https://www.seoclerk.com/Link-Building/231669/Top-Rank-Booster-New-Monster-2017-All-In-One-SEO-Package
Country from where you want your Searches: in this case Romania

Added a picture with the example google search result.

You can track this using google analytics on your site or any other tracking plugin.
Pm me if you have questions!

100 hits for 5$

Buy the extra for cheaper rates.
You can add multiple keywords
Drip-feed them

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