Make You A Super User+Admin+SEO Friendly All-In-One Games Arcade And Wallpaper Site for $99

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Make You A Super User+Admin+SEO Friendly All-In-One Games Arcade And Wallpaper Site

Do you want to own your own profit pulling, unique and amazing All-In-One Games Arcade and Wallpaper Site? Well with my All-in-One Super Unique User/Admin/SEO Friendly All-In-One Games Arcade And Wallpaper Site service you can!

The games niche is super addictive. Google ranks games sites high because of 1 main factor. Page visit duration. 99.9% of visitors that land on your site will be there to play a game. And that game can last from anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days! Google loves sites that (a) have a low bounce rate, (b) high page visit duration and (c) returning visitors. It's how they know that site is good and it's exactly what your games and wallpaper site will be!

And the wallpaper niche is super popular! It always has been and always will be so long as people have desktop monitors that they want to change the look of! With so many billions of different wallpapers in hundreds of categories, people need never get bored of their desktop background wallpaper or screensaver never again thanks to your site!

Why Games AND Wallpapers?

To make your site, we will be using the new AVCMS all-in-one games arcade and wallpaper site script. This newly developed script runs on the latest technology that makes it fully cross platform friendly, fully browser friendly, fully user friendly and super SEO friendly too. The script has been tested through several BETA releases and we are using the latest version with updates. We will be providing all updates to your site as and when they happen. We already have a license for this script and have the right to use it on a site we sell but you will not have to buy a license for it unless you want to.

Effectively, you can have just a games arcade if you want and we can turn the wallpaper side of it off. Or vice-a-versa. However having a games and wallpaper site adds that little bit extra to it that no site ever really does. It's cool that a user come play games and find some cool wallpapers to download as well. But you can have them both on or just one.

We will discuss with you first what you want based on your preferences. All you need to do is decide on a domain name and we'll register it for you!

This service is virtually exactly the same as my previous Games Arcade Creation Service. Have a look at that gig to see what we'll do for you in this one.

Features Of Your Games n Wallpaper Arcade Site

Your games and wallpaper site will have a lot of features. First of all, it will be very User-friendly. It will have all the "bells n whistles" that most games and wallpaper sites have plus more. It will be very easy for a site user to use the site and everything will look great for them no matter what device or screen size they are visiting/using the site in/on. There is a points system to reward players with, game reporting, inviting etc. Secondly, the site will be very Admin-friendly. What we mean is the Admin control panel is very powerful and lets you do many things quickly and easily to access/change many parts of the site from look and design to adding new features. And thirdly, the site will be very SEO-friendly. It's been built with SEO in mind so all things like the all important Sitemap and RSS feeds exist. Full meta control is provided and much more.

User-friendly - Users will love your site for its performance and features.
Admin-friendly - Get full control to everything via powerful Admin CP.
SEO-friendly - Search Engines will appreciate your modern site.

How it works then? What do we actually do?

In this service it is a complete service, everything is done for you so all you have to do is sit back and watch it happen! We'll handle everything for you so that its a complete turn-key business in a box for you. Then when everything is complete, we'll hand everything over to you. The domain gets pushed first. Then all the site logins etc. From then on its up to you what you do. You can follow our plan which will consist of at a minimum adding one game a day for next month or so and posting it on the social networks. This will take 5-10 minutes and isn't like hard work. You will have to eventually take over the site and running of it yourself. We will fully populate your site with many games and wallpapers all of which will have unique content. And we'll create social networks on the top 3 Social Networking sites for you and populate them with all your sites games and wallpapers. This will help kickstart your brand awareness and SEO.

1. Create You A Killer Cool Domain Name

You can decide on a domain name or we can come up with one for you. We'll register it for you and it will be on our own private IP address.

2. Build and Populate Your Website

We'll build the actual site for you on the domain. We'll install the site and set it up and do some tweaks and make sure is working correctly. Then we'll start adding games and wallpapers to it. These will all be 100% unique content so you get better ranking for it!

3. Build and Populate Social Presence

We'll post any games or wallpapers we added to your site to all of the social pages we create for your site on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We'll possibly throw in 100 real followers likes etc and do some manual following / building to help kickstart your social pages into life which will go towards building online presence and SEO score.

Why Would You Even Want To Do This!?

Games arcades and Wallpaper sites can be very lucrative for very little work! It can take some time and patience and nothing is guaranteed. But with a little research, there is no reason why your games arcade and wallpaper site cannot and will not be as successful as many of the other sites out there that started out exactly like yours will! But more than this, we are using a brand new, games and wallpaper dedicated script to do this that no other site out there have. A powerful and dedicated script that answers some of the wants and needs that even some really big sites cannot provide. It's all about trying new things and finding fortune by being brave! After all, he who dares my son, he who dares succeeds!

Fortune favors the brave.

- Ancient Chinese Proverb

What you get with my Super Arcade Site Site Creation Service?
  • 1 x domain name (of your choice)
  • 1 x fully functioning arcade and wallpaper site
  • 3 x Social Community Pages (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

Terms and Conditions
Turnaround time: 7 days. (You can't rush a good thing!)
Running costs: Negligible. (There are virtually no running costs)
Maintenance time: Very low. (10 minutes a day/week/month)

Note: This service is taken on the knowledge that we are using a script that is still in BETA phase. While most bugs have been found and squished there may be some issues with the site. If there are, we will fix them for you if a fix is available. We will be updating your site as and when a new update is available also.

Demo sites:

Check back for more demo sites here soon!

Put your order in and let's get started!


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