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Create You A Super Games Arcade

Do you want a website that will make you money on autopilot? Do you want a cool website that people will flock to in their millions? Do you want to entertain bored people online? If you answered Yes to these 3 questions then you need my Super Games Arcade Creation Service.

I will create you an amazing online games arcade that will be super popular and earn you hundreds or thousands in ad revenue for the rest of your life! Once the site is created, there wont be much that you will need to do to maintain it and running fees will be very low!

Games arcades are very popular! Here we will share some current Adwords search volumes. This will give you some idea of just how popular and in demand some of these terms are! There is a much much potential to dominate a specific niche or even a whole category with an online games arcade.

Global Search Volumes
[online games] 1,500,000
[games online] 823,000
[arcade games] 90,500
[online game] 110,000
[play online games] 201,000
[play games]135,000
[play games online]49,500
[flash games]673,000
[play flash games]16,000
[play free online games] 135,000
[free games online] 165,000
[free arcade games] 14,800
[arcade game] 8,100
[online arcade games] 3,600
[friv] 101,000,000
[friv games] 550,000

Super Crazy Mad Figures!

Here are some more category refined keyword search volumes to consider.
[3d games] 368,000
[car games] 2,740,000
[girl games] 1,220,000
[driving games] 110,000
[dress up games] 1,500,000
[shooting games] 450,000
[zombie games] 301,000
[parking games] 201,000
[action games] 135,000
[RPG games] 90,500
[makeover games] 165,000
[board games] 110,000
[arcade games] 90,500
[adventure games] 110,000
[sports games] 60,500
[strategy games] 135,000
[multiplayer games] 165,000
[escape games] 301,000
[shooter games] 22,200
[casino games] 90,500
[flying games] 27,100
[puzzles games] 12,100
[simulation games] 60,500
[education games] 6,600
[defense games] 14,800
[skill games] 8,100
[jigsaw games] 3,600
[puzzle games] 246,000

Decide On a Niche - We Make it Happen!
You pick the niche! Chose a category that you like the best. We will do keyword and domain name research and identify the best domain name for it. Let's say you want a games arcade site in the zombie games niche! We will try to create a domain name that has the highest amount of searches per month on the most authoritative TLD there is. We will always try to get the .com but may settle for .org or .net but you can also decide on this first as we will get your confirmation before registering the domain name.

Amazing Looking And Has What The Player Wants!
Your arcade will not only look super amazing on desktops, mobiles and tablets but it will have all the bells 'n whistles that players want! From fullscreen mode, lights out, add to favorites, rate, vote, comment and more. Member accounts will be enabled so people can register on your site and get their own account. They can then submit highscores and can invite and challenge their friends to beat their highscores making your site go viral! Your arcade will be mobile friendly! Players can play both desktop and mobile games. What's more, your site will be very SEO friendly and secure with all the features and tweaks that we do to it.

Earn Big Bucks with Ads, Link Sales and more!
With my Super Arcade Site Creation Service you can own and run your own popular online games arcade and will be able to earn BIG BUCKS from ads on the site. You can monetize the site and earn with Google Adsense or another games dedicated advertiser like EpicGameAds, Copacet, Ad4Game etc. You can earn from ads and popunder ads. You can also sell links to other games sites. Some people will pay up to $50 per month for a simple text link in the footer!

Hundreds of Desktop/Mobile Games Preloaded
I will preload your site with hundreds of great, free desktop and mobile games! I will fetch and import games from some top sites like Kongregate, BigFishGames,GamePix, FlashGamesDistribution, FreeGamesForYourWebsite, Scirra, UnityFeeds and more. All these games will be set as drafts and not published live on the site! Thats so we can manually add them one-by-one making sure the description is unique!

Social Presence Established
To help your site do well in the search engines and amongst people. I will create a social presence for it on 3 main social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I will populate each of these sites with your games! I will post them to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest helping to kick start your arcade into life online! Each site will have at least 25 posts made to it. I will provide you with the login details of all of them.

Super SEO Friendly and Very Secure
Because we will be using WordPress, the site will be very SEO friendly out-of-the-box. However, we will apply some tweaks to it to make it even more SEO friendly and secure. We'll add several plugins and tweak them, make changes to htaccess file and more little things that will help your site in the long run to load faster and with no problems.

Let's Get Rolling and Earning Some Money!
So then, decide on a niche. Pick some keywords. Give them to me and in 5 days or less you will have a fully functioning, super amazing looking online games arcade to earn with for the rest of your life! All you will need to do is login every now and and add a few new games. It's easily done via the easy-to-use Admin control panel.

Site Running and Promotion Tips
I will provide you with some site running and promotion tips on how to make your arcade very popular in the search engines and on social networking communities. I will give you full breakdown of the site and how it works. And give you steps on how to add new games to it things to watch out for/avoid. I will also share with you some awesome powerful SEO tips that will make the search engines LOVE your arcade!

What you get with my Super Arcade Site Site Creation Service?

  • 1 x domain name (of your choice)
  • 1 x fully functioning arcade site
  • 3 x Social Community Pages (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

Turnaround time: 5 days. (You can't rush a good thing!)
Running costs: Negligible. (There are virtually no running costs)
Maintenance time: Very low. (10 minutes a day/week/month)

Note: The domain name will be registered with NameCheap. It will be pushed or transferred to your own NameCheap or other domain registrar account.
Note: The site will be hosted on my own server. Hosting is available at around $10 per month on dedicated IP or you will have to move to your own hosting account. I will discuss/share options with you.

Example Arcades

Are you ready to own a super popular online games arcade?
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