Keep the outwanted from your site for $125

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Keep the outwanted from your site

If you are having problems with spam, intruders, bots, malicious code, or viruses on your website, let me take care of your problem so you don't have to. I am known as a website pest control expert and I will exterminate your problem with the best research and tools available.

I will

Diagnose your website for problems
Install the latest software to secure your website
Perform weekly updates to make sure your website is secure
Answer any request for updates from software or plugin notifications

If you are using a content management system (such as WordPress), adding security to your website will be no problem at. For non-CMS websites, additional cost will be involve to find a solution to your problem


Website Security Malware Viruses Bruteforce Ddos Bots
Website Dianogistics - Non-CMS websites 1 days $50
Two-factor Authentication 1 days $10
Phising Control 1 days $10

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$125 - In stock