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  • Swahili to English translation
I have a 500 word document in Swahili that I need translated to English. I tried using a translator online but a native there told me it was laughable and broken. I need someone who can translate this type of document/language to English and it sounds natural. I have a few of these documents so I will hire you multiple times.


swahili to english translation

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  • yomight

    Hi Drake, Allow me to Translate the swahili to English for you. I am from Southern Africa

    5 years ago
  • nur810

    Hello sir i can do it for you but your biding was closed if you want it just let me know

    Hello sir i unaweza kufanya hivyo kwa ajili yenu lakini biding yako ilikuwa imefungwa kama unataka tu basi mimi kujua

    4 years ago