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  • I want to buy Lego (As mush as possible)
Hey, so i am looking to buy as much LEGO as i can as me and my son are building a large project which is just started. Let me know in your bid how much you have of it and any other details about it. I would prefer just plain coloured blocks, but would accept some special pieces.


  • It Must Be Clean
  • It Must Be Real LEGO

Skills Required

Lego Toys Blocks Playing Kids Contruction


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  • NaturalWriter

    I realize this is closed, but I still have to comment about
    I enjoyed reading this, as I chuckled a bit when I read "It must be clean, and it must be real LEGO."
    I have paid out the *** for "Lego" and realized it wasn't when it arrived from

    5 years ago