Having an online store VS selling on a marketplace like ListingDock

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Having an online store VS selling on a marketplace like ListingDock

Ok so I haven't actually listed any products here yet, but I am going to soon. I was just wondering what everyone here thinks about the differences of selling on your own online store versus selling products from an online marketplace.

I found having my own online store quite a mission to run, so I closed my online store. I want more freedom to do whatever I want and also I wanted a way to have things more simple.

I also want to be able to chop and change the types of things that I sell and having an online store that was in a specific niche I couldn't really do that.

I am looking forward to seeing how selling products here compares.

If anyone has any experiences with this I would to know your thoughts.


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Well I haven't sold much on here yet let alone physical products and things. But selling on here does come with several more features and benefits to selling on your own online web store. While selling on your own site has some benefits to it also.

Just out of interest, what platform did your online store run on? What sort of cart system was you using to take and manage peoples orders with like? Because WooCommerce for WordPress does a good job of that. Letting you set prices, stock, shipping, tax, variations (colour etc), and you can use multiple payment gateways to take payment PayPal etc. And in fact, it's had so many updates and things over the years that it works perfectly with WordPress and comes with tons of features out of the box. Plus WordPress is a powerful CMS anyway built for those that need a no fuss solution for running any type of site especially online stores and the like.

And for all intents and purposes, selling on your own site will give you the freedom to have these features for things like International shipping, variations etc. Although you can add things as an Extra here which can be a workaround for things like shipping etc. Plus with Listing Dock there is that extra element of security too as they need an account to purchase from you unlike buying from your site anonymously. And you can even state that you don't sell to anyone who isn't at least phone or address verified.

There is a lot of opportunity to sell your own products, or even other peoples on Listing Dock and enjoy the benefits that come with that. One is only really limited by his or her imagination, passions, interests or hobbies and skills. Having an online store VS selling on a marketplace like ListingDock

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Hi Mike

I have a Wordpress website and I used the Woocommerce plugin. Yes it was nice and all but I found managing and promoting a whole online store on my own quite a lot of work!

I am still keen on selling some products but I want to be able to do it more as a hobby and a side income rather than my main business. So for this reason right now I am finding ListingDock really appealing.

I am going to play around here a bit and see how I can make things work well for me. Then I can share about what I have done Having an online store VS selling on a marketplace like ListingDock I want to play a bit and then write a review on my website.

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After joining Seoclerks & ListingDock i closed my online Woocommerce store for many reasons. It's hard to promote and get so many visitors and sales like i could do here at this great marketplace. It's true that we are in big competition here as sellers, but yet, for quality services i am doing much more business then on my own web-store. So i prefer joining marketplace like this and i would recommend it to everyone.

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Yes I think that is key here, if you are a quality seller you will do well. If you are average or below average you will be lost in the crowd!

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I think having them both on marketplaces like ListingDock but also having a website of your own is the best idea. You don't need to have actual products that people can order on your website, so no online store, just a presentation website to let people know you are a professional and legit. The website can act as demo and tease, exposing your products but you direct buyers for actual purchase on marketplaces, maybe even make them your affiliates in this process, having a double win.

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Hi Cristian

Yes I have to agree with you there. I am having a yes no argument with myself all the time as to whether I should sell any physical products again. I was into it and then I closed my store and then when I found ListingDock I was tempted to list some physical products here and now I am not so sure anymore again.

Oh well I guess it will come clear to me at some stage if I should or not.

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I would totally go with ListingDock and your own online store. It wouldn't hurt to have them both at the same time. However, I would probably go with something like Cristian suggested. Use your own site as a "demo" or just a sign of credibility. - It's not a secret that people will trust you more if you have your own store or website. Even though it's new and doesn't have any traffic.

Your website, blog or webshop could just function as your way to say "hello" and welcome your customers. And when you welcome them, just let them come to ListingDock. Having an online store VS selling on a marketplace like ListingDock

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I think selling on a marketplace like listing dock is better than having an online store. Well, you earn better from your online store because you don't have to give commission to the marketplace, however, the main drawback of an online store is getting traffic. An established marketplace already has a huge customer base and all you have to do is put your product on the home page through "boost" feature. marketplace is a better option for people who are just starting out. However, for an experienced seller, having own website will be a better option.

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Maybe you can just keep your staff on sale here maybe one day someone would love your staff and buy it. me personally i have never try selling here but as long as i can finalize what kind of things i am selling i will put it here. but physical selling is also great just make sure you have nice location that can attract many buyers.

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I try helping a friend sell an Ebook and we did the promotion everywhere, got just 10-15 percentage sales, I advised her to upload it to Amazon Kindle and the book became a hot cake,why was it so because Amazon is a popular and an established marketplace with huge traffic, the only downtime is just the commission subtracted but it made more sense than letting it down by not selling.So the independent store is good but any well established marketplace is better.

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I haven't sold on listing dock yet but I would be up for it and would prefer it to my own store. Selling online is a huge task, especially when you're first starting out. I advise you to first sell on listing dock as they probably have better marketing tools then you would have. Once you've established yourself and have an email list you can then branch out on your own. We all have to start somewhere.

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I am not selling any products online or offline, but I would really like to start my online business soon. I just recently found Listing Dock, so I don't know how it works. Though I would like to set up my own online store, so I can have more control on what I want to do, I think it's very time consuming for setting up, handling and also marketing the products. I think selling products at marketplace like this helps us to save more time, and our products might be reached more people as it's already an established marketplace.

I really like Christian's idea of selling at marketplace and having our own website to share what we are doing and also direct them to our store at marketplace. I think this is more achievable and saving time, and if we really want more control about how we are selling our products, we can still set up our online store in future once we have got everything settled. I think doing things step by step is easier for us, and we won't get overwhelmed easily too.

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