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For so long, I have been a writer and this is one thing that gives me joy as whenever that I write, I feel complete and fulfilled. However, I have always had the dream of becoming a graphics designer, but simply confused...

  • Barida
    Barida Level 1
  • 52 6 years ago

    We sometimes need to make a rush graphic or even a simple one without opening the very slow loading Adobe CS or AIs and other related high end graphics software. Sometimes we just want to draw something to show someone w...

  • galegatling
    galegatling Level 1
  • 59 7 years ago

    I am very new to coding and made a somewhat extensive research on it. Coding is about programming a system that is functional and helpful. I just started learning HTML, CSS, and javascript. Javascript gives me hell of a ...

    46 7 years ago

    Hello there I am selling graphics related services on SEOClerks. I have designed much animated banners for my clients with 100% satisfaction. I always try my best to design attractive and professional animated banners f...

  • NomanProdhan
    NomanProdhan Level 1
  • 17 7 years ago

    A nice favicon which catches the eyes of your visitor every time they visit make a brand impression. We have known of domain as brand, logo as brand. But a tiny favicon can do the same or more better. People tends to r...

  • Aplau
    Aplau Level 1
  • 13 7 years ago

    No percentage of project fees. When the marketplace charges a percentage of the project, the freelancer pulls clients away. Plus, when you charge $3K-20K per project, there’s no way you’re going to give up 10-40%. ...

  • Babbar86
    Babbar86 Level 1
  • 11 7 years ago

    GIMP was the graphic software I turned to when I wanted something that was similar to Photoshop but without the expense. I remember GIMP taking me a while to get used it and I went through a lot of tutorials and guides t...

  • Shortie861
    Shortie861 Level 1
  • 14 7 years ago

    I remember the first time I ever installed Photoshop and started creating graphics it was like walking into the unknown. I had no clue what anything was and I remember having to go through tutorial after tutorial until I...

  • Shortie861
    Shortie861 Level 1
  • 23 7 years ago

    Nowadays there are lots of graphics software available. Most of them are paid and some are free to use. I always use Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe ImageReady for my regular work. I really love these sof...

  • NomanProdhan
    NomanProdhan Level 1
  • 13 7 years ago

    I remember when I first started out with logo's I used a free trial of Photoshop, it was difficult to use at first but after using tutorials online and on YouTube I was able to grasp the basics and make some pretty cool ...

  • Shortie861
    Shortie861 Level 1
  • 17 7 years ago

    So you either love creating your own banners or you run a service where you can create you buyers logos to banners and YouTube channel art to much more. Well I been recently Using a site called Canva which not sure if yo...

  • keen2write
    keen2write Level 2
  • 16 7 years ago

    So I'm sure you all have seen those canvas paintings that everyone has been posting about....arent they so cool? What if i told you, you could paint a picture just like that during a class and also the best part about it...

  • ermini2
    ermini2 Level 1
  • 5 8 years ago

    I have been recently doing a few touch ups and covers for people on my social media. I am very good at simple covers and photo touch ups. The problem i have is when a client gives me a blurry or pixilated photo to use. I...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 9 8 years ago

    In todays growing world everyone wants a piece of the action. So much so that people think its ok to use someone's work even just a piece of it, modified as their own. I want to explain that this is wrong, even using a t...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 12 8 years ago

    Hello guys today i have a question for you. How do you determine how much to charge for a design? Sometimes people want simple designs that take no time at all and i feel guilty charging them the same as a design that ma...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 12 8 years ago

    Are you a part-time photography enthusiast? Do you take quality pictures that you think are worth paying for? Why aren't you making an extra buck by selling them on ListingDock? Check out the Art and Design section: h...

  • Cristian
    Cristian Level X3
  • 20 8 years ago

    When making a banner, flyer, cd cover, or any kind of graphics which software do you use? I guess the answer may depend on what operating system you use. Maybe it depends on what your budget is or your computer quality. ...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 16 8 years ago

    Hello all. Has anyone here made an Infographic Resume from their paper resume/CV? You can make one using sites like Canva and using one of their Infographic Resume templates just fill in your own details f...

  • idealmike
    idealmike Level X3
  • 13 8 years ago

    i have a website i want to marketing it using banner is there any one can help to design a banner 250x250 referring it proving a URL for it

  • adnan1061
    adnan1061 Level 1
  • 6 8 years ago

    Please help me how will create a business card

  • rock9
    rock9 Level 1
  • 10 8 years ago

    Hi, i have some problem. I use pen tool & i marked & select background on image but every time that was selected the main image. i want to know whats the shortcut to select inner or Outer pen tool selection. anyo...

  • a4seo
    a4seo Level 1
  • 3 8 years ago

    i wonder if there any good websites help you create graphics online for free? no need any software or so just do everything online and easy

  • sanfora
    sanfora Level 1
  • 27 8 years ago

    is adding infographics to social media will be good to bring you more traffic and popularity in search engine?

  • sanfora
    sanfora Level 1
  • 8 9 years ago

    what teh different between graphics and infographics i think they are same but is there any different?

  • sanfora
    sanfora Level 1
  • 5 9 years ago

    my last work half girl/half animal. what you say ?

  • hmimda18
    hmimda18 Level 1
  • 9 9 years ago

    Hello Everyone, As the title say, Please help me to identify this font that is there in the images I have attached. Please tell. Thank You

  • bloggersjoy
    bloggersjoy Level 1
  • 10 9 years ago

    I want to buy a professional Wordpress and website theme (matching) for one of my websites. The Wordpress would be installed on a subfolder of the main site and both themes should be matching or at least look similar. Ho...

  • Justin
    Justin Level 1
  • 11 9 years ago

    Should i start selling my GFX?

  • domshel123
    domshel123 Level 1
  • 10 9 years ago

    anyone can help me to find best tool to create professional logo design give me some idea from your experience

  • mgmshihan
    mgmshihan Level 2
  • 50 9 years ago

    This post is for the beginner of the photoshop. Here is the main window of Adobe Photoshop. Like the image it has three different menu for doing the editing easily. We can define them as: 1. Menu bar or Menu panel 2. ...

  • alornishan1
    alornishan1 Level 1
  • 11 9 years ago

    More and more users are utilizing multiple devices to access the web. The time is now to switch normal site to responsive website, because, people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.

    11 9 years ago

    Suggest me good SEO Theme for wordpress website

  • seogurudev
    seogurudev Level 1
  • 12 9 years ago

    Hey guys, My name is Charles Alberti from the Netherlands and I love to build websites, video animation and graphics... Here is a banner I made yesterday :-) Looking forward to hear from you what you think of it!

  • CCCA
    CCCA Level 1
  • 13 9 years ago

    hi everyone does anyone noticed drop of sales? this is along time not getting a sale even i bump my gigs everyday anyone?

  • sanfora
    sanfora Level 1
  • 1 10 years ago

    I would like to get a very professional logo completed for one of my new blogs. Can you recommend an expert web logo designer (graphics designer) that you have used in the past? This person should be very experienced ...

  • Hunter
    Hunter Level 1
  • 9 10 years ago

    Hi guys, it's my very first post. This is my first year in the university, and i really want to work from home, specially from internet. So, I have an offer to learn web designing, (a course will take 105 hours). I ha...

  • congay
    congay Level 1
  • 20 10 years ago

    3D Interior Rendering Have you ever unreal however your life can be reworked by the proper atmosphere married to the proper design? If you've got ever puzzled however an area in your home can be used additional expediti...

    3 10 years ago

    How to design a T- shirt using a photo shop?

  • mikestang746
    mikestang746 Level 1

  • SergeIlunga
    SergeIlunga Level 1
  • 11 10 years ago

    3D Interior Design In the field of discipline style, 3D rendering has become a crucial merchandising tool, attracting a large style of purchasers, from architects to designers and property developers. 3D rendering may...

    7 10 years ago