Is it ok to use pieces of someones work in your own.

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Is it ok to use pieces of someones work in your own.

In todays growing world everyone wants a piece of the action. So much so that people think its ok to use someone's work even just a piece of it, modified as their own. I want to explain that this is wrong, even using a tiny section of someone's logo or art work can be punishable by law. When designing you have to keep the world of artist or designers in mind. Sometimes 2 people may design something that is similar unknowingly but this is different than stealing. Even if you use somebody's color or font you could be held liable. So please when doing graphics or designs for people please make sure that you are original with your work. If you do work for others you have to also make sure that they are following these rules. Even if your not the one using it you can get into trouble for helping with the design. What do you guys think? Do you think its ok to use someone elses work, modify it and call it yours?

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yea i was definitely aware that even just using a little piece of something isnt yours and calling it yours is wrong and illegal.

but couldnt you like give credit to the originator while just changing some of it? would that be wrong...youre pretty much not claiming it all as your own?

this was very informative, especially people in graphic and design! thanks for sharing jkeyz!!

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I agree with your statement. Giving credits would somehow suffice both parties. This is also common in videos or musics that are now widespread to this generation. Even making videos with the music background in it, they would notify you of some copyright infringement.

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Well the thing is you need permission when using some ones work. The best thing to do is contact the person and get something in writing that says you are able to use this work in your design. Most people do not even ask they just think that you will never see it and they go ahead with stealing your work. I am very glad that your informed on copyright infringement because everyone is violating it. As sellers and entrepreneurs we have to set the bar for this kind of activity we have to show people the correct way to go about things. Thanks for reading!

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i take help from images I find from wikimedia commons and upload them in my work but give full credit by posting the link that has the name of the creator which is a must.
If I am quoting from a resource there again I post the link from where the matter is quoted. And the matter is normally put in quotes.
We cannot copy even a small bit from anywhere just by mentioning their name. They have to put it in the public domain such as wikimedia commons.

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I have seen people buying small modules from the Envato studio. Some of the code on here codeclerks. And so on. So this is possible that people make use of the code and other pieces from others word. And in long term it can be usable too. But it depends on how other people can be working with those graphic items. I think some of the time I guess it'd be reasonable. I am not sure if all the items can be easily used. But the envato seems to have the license option there. I am just trying to understand how this can be done there.

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I just said we could make things our own way by modifying it bringing in our own style, ideas, and form.I don't think there's anything in the world that is so new, everyone at one point or the other copied but what they did was just to bring in a different model or specification but outrightly copying someone's idea, piece of art or work is criminal and illegal which can be punishable.

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Any great product today is an improvement upon a mediocre prior version, from that I would say, nothing wrong with using somebody's work, it's relative of how much we're taking from the original work, more then eighty percent would be plagiary.

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It is a wrong doing even you get just a small piece of there work. You can put to jail because of this. For me, it would be better if you have some originalities. It is great to be famous someday with your own hardwork.

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You need to differentiate between the works. If you are copying a design or a photo , I don't think asking or acknowledging the person is enough. You need to pay that person because that person may have paid for a patent for their design.

If you are copying a piece of writing then you need to acknowledge or cite the person you are copying from.

These issues are legal issues. In case of any confusion please seek legal advise. Last year Ed sheeran a popular British musician was accused of copying one of his songs. He was sued for $20 million.

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It is against intellectual property rights to use someone's work without his/her permission. If you are using other's work, make sure you have rights to use it. You can find many free photos on photo sharing sites that have creative commons rights. Always check the license before using someone's work. Unless the license states that the work is free to use commercially with modification, never use it.

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It depends. If you're buying an image, or a brand name or slogan from someone to use with your own logo design, business or company. That's fine. If you're just ripping stuff off from people or 'lifting' things to use in your own design then that's not okay. I think it's important no matter what you create, to have an equal hand in producing it. That way you are/were just as vital a part of the process as the next person was. There are methods for this though. If you want something to use as your own you can always pay for licensing fees and trademarks along with the item you've bought.

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I totally agree with you, when you use or think of using others work even though it's a tiny piece and without their permission, then it's an act of stealing, and probably not a called your own. And also, I guess it actually depends on whether he/she would use it to earn money or just for herself/himself. I'll admit that I have done this before but I did it for my own as well, no selling or any money related to it just for myself only.

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