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Writing for content mills takes a short time for one to be paid although the pay is sometimes low compared to what some blogs offer.On the other hand, the blogs can take quite long before the writer is paid.. In fact som...

  • rose61
    rose61 Level 1
  • 48 5 years ago

    Writing could be the most exciting thing when your characters are well rounded, your story well structured, and the right words come effortlessly rushing at you. Those are the glory days. However, there are days when you...

  • Franzel2oo
    Franzel2oo Level 1
  • 91 5 years ago

    Hello everyone! Can you suggest of ways how to publish your own book. Like what is better e-books or actual books? Also, can you recommend where can I sell it?

  • nrnlss
    nrnlss Level 1
  • 106 6 years ago

    Copying and pasting of one's original content is a cancer to freelance writing and it's going to be very hard to stop it entirely. Some people don't react well when they witness their work being copied. Personally, I...

  • Martinsx1
    Martinsx1 Level 1
  • 114 6 years ago

    Sometimes writing can be our wall where we lean and release our unwanted emotions. Personally, writing helped me coped up with depression, so I wonder if there are people like me who use pen as sword and words as bullets...

  • nrnlss
    nrnlss Level 1
  • 109 6 years ago

    There are lots of people on the net who will not pay freelancers for their work.On the net means virtually everywhere. You will find them even on sites such as freelancer and upwork. To be on the safe side, each tim...

  • Jeane
    Jeane Level 1
  • 72 6 years ago

    Being a freelance writer is one of the best ways that we can express our minds when it comes to writing. I have learnt so much as well as impacted on the lives of others. However, I always think of when is the best time ...

  • Barida
    Barida Level 1
  • 139 6 years ago

    User-generated article site is a website where users create articles for the site. Generally speaking, there are two types of user-generated article sites: one that offers earning opportunity for the writers, and two tha...

  • vinaya
    vinaya Level 1
  • 79 6 years ago

    My favorite sci-fi writer is H.G.Wells some of his masterpieces which eventually made it to the movies are The Time Machine and War of the World's.

  • Kakashi2020
    Kakashi2020 Level 1
  • 70 6 years ago

    Hei freelancers! I was wondering what do you usually write about? For example I like writing prose, I like creating some new characters and put them through situations that help them grow, and following ...

  • Tatiana22
    Tatiana22 Level 1
  • 141 6 years ago

    Throughout existence, many sci-fiction books have been writing, one of the most popular writers is Jules Verne that wrote great literary works like, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon, Jour...

  • Paquita
    Paquita Level 1
  • 83 6 years ago

    There are many obstacles which can get in the way of us creating strong content. I was wondering--what is your greatest obstacle to finishing up a good piece of writing? Is it research? Grammar? Punctuation? Time Managem...

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 114 6 years ago

    As we continue to discuss writing of all kinds in this forum, I was wondering something. Do you have a favorite poet who you love to read, and why do you love reading this poet? I edit an online poetry journal/blog, and ...

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 56 6 years ago

    There are many unemployed youths in Nigeria and as a graduate, I didn't want to be among this set of people. Please share why you opt for freelance writing in the midst of other things.

  • OlaSidiq
    OlaSidiq Level 1
  • 66 6 years ago

    I have been writing since I was a young boy, and I love to write poetry, stories, comic books, and journal entries. I find that my writing experience helps me with my freelance work, but what I write offline is definitel...

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 41 6 years ago

    I think all of us have to deal with writer's block at some point in our lives. When I get writer's block I get frustrated and bored and restless. And then I know its time for me to take a nap LOL. After a good nap, I am ...

  • Soulwatcher
    Soulwatcher Level 1
  • 95 6 years ago

    Think of a writing or content project which you loved. Why was it your favorite? Why was it so exciting? What was our most inspirational project and why?

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 91 6 years ago

    Have you heard of the news about the rich Chinese guy who purchased a �7,600 dram of vintage Scotch and it turns out to be a fake one? Well, that's not why I start this discussion. I wrote this because I was cau...

  • AmieBotella
    AmieBotella Level 1
  • 101 7 years ago

    I’m a beginner in digital world and I’m having difficulty to get started. There are ideas that I have in mind that I’m planning to create an e-book. But when I search the internet, there are already tons of people ...

  • vhinz
    vhinz Level 1
  • 73 7 years ago

    Do you still read your kids bed time stories at night? I have a 9 year old kid now but we still do have a bedtime story every night. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a book, sometimes we read an ebook, or watch a short fi...

  • AmieBotella
    AmieBotella Level 1
  • 88 7 years ago

    I had read lots of members talking about WTB and WTT. I know the abbreviation means but don't understand how should I create them. Can anyone advice? I had read this link but still don't understand it. https://li...

  • peachpurple
    peachpurple Level 1
  • 35 7 years ago

    Aliens need no introduction. Over the years we've seen so many conspiracy theories on the existence of aliens, or so the government says.If you query a search of Aliens on Google, you'd be overwhelmed with the results es...

  • Rumu
    Rumu Level 1
  • 111 7 years ago

    What do you think is a better option: publishing a book (or e-book) on your own, paying for everything and then making money on your own or publishing with a publishing house? The latter feels like a safer option but you...

  • felabruno
    felabruno Level 1
  • 67 7 years ago

    Hi everyone! I am currently writing a book now and I am planning to publish this and hopefully sell it to the world. I wanted to start doing it by making an ebook. What are the steps I need to learn in doing this? Can yo...

  • AmieBotella
    AmieBotella Level 1
  • 64 7 years ago

    If you are a writer, perhaps you have written and published an ebook. What was your experience like? What kind of book did you write? How did you research? How long did you take to write the ebook? Where did you publish?...

  • vinaya
    vinaya Level 1
  • 59 7 years ago

    I am converting a 2-hour audio file and I need a good transcription software to finish this project ASAP. Do you have recommendations for a great and easy-to-use app/software aside from Express Scribe? If there's any, ...

    61 7 years ago

    Hey you guys! I have just recently gotten a new job and it requires working a lot on spreadsheets. My computer needs a Microsoft office and I don't know how to put one in it. Is there a way I can get one for free? If not...

    54 7 years ago

    My friend wants to write a philosophy book and sell it and as all friends do, I gave him a free advice First, he should lose the publishing company option because if they do accept to help him, they'll make him at l...

  • fulstaf
    fulstaf Level 1
  • 40 7 years ago

    What are the three most important pieces of advice that you could give the brand new blogger? Also, please list one resource, an eBook, website, social media site, etc. which could be helpful to the new blogger. THANKS!

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 45 7 years ago

    Do you think that poetry blogs as online journals are losing popularity? DO you frequent poetry or fiction blogs regularly? If so, do you think these blogs can be sufficiently monetized and will they get enough traff...

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 50 7 years ago

    I rather enjoy playing board games, or versions of board games online. Some of my favorite games to play are word games. I love words... their variety, their ability to express nearly anything, and all the possibilities ...

    54 7 years ago

    Hi to all, In my sense, books are best part of the life, which give us informations and people thinking related thoughts. We start our 1st step with books from the class we start learning lessons of happines and less...

  • Babbar86
    Babbar86 Level 1
  • 28 7 years ago

    Historically, skills that we posses now offered to us as basic/fundamental right were once reserved for the aristocracy and the elite. Even women in the aristocracy were not allowed to posses these skills. These highly...

  • Mambombaya1
    Mambombaya1 Level 1
  • 20 7 years ago

    I am a huge fan of the Pretty Little Liars Book set. I have read all the books and am now watching the series on Netflix. It is probably a series that is more geared towards teens, but even so, I really enjoyed it. The...

    15 7 years ago

    When I was a kid I used to read every night without fail, I would head to bed, clean my teeth, climb into bed and read one of my favourite books. I remember my favourite author back then was Enid Blyton. Nowadays though ...

  • Shortie861
    Shortie861 Level 1
  • 49 7 years ago

    I really liked the Twilight books. I thought that they were well written and all the books really went together. However, I was talking to a huge horror buff and he can not stand them! He said that the author did not ...

  • taffy
    taffy Level 1
  • 22 7 years ago

    Do you think that poetry is easy to write? I used to hate it! I remember in school we had to write it and it took me a long time to come up with something good. However, when I was in college, I had to write a poem. ...

  • angie828
    angie828 Level X3
  • 44 7 years ago

    Who has ever written a story on their own life? So many people don't even have a life exciting enough to write about. I am not saying that i have some crazy movie Hollywood life but i think my story could benefit people....

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 23 7 years ago

    When i was younger i use to play video games 6-8 hours a day on weekends. When i graduated High School i had no job but i had alot of money and all i did was play games all day everyday sometimes 10-12 hours a day. I use...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 22 7 years ago

    I have been writing for a few months now and im beginning to love it. Many people all over the world are passionate writers and im starting to learn why. One of the most challenging things writers face when working is co...

  • CryptoGuru
    CryptoGuru Level X3
  • 22 7 years ago