Which software do you use for making animated banners ?

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Which software do you use for making animated banners ?

Hello there
I am selling graphics related services on SEOClerks. I have designed much animated banners for my clients with 100% satisfaction. I always try my best to design attractive and professional animated banners for my clients. For creating professional banners mainly for animated banners I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady. I love these two software, because we can design a lot with these two softwares. However, I know we have much banner creating software available and even some banner making software comes with pre-designed template, animation and so on. But I don't like them. Because, I like to design unique style for my clients. However, from my opinion Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady are the best software for making animated banners. What do you think about these software ? Do you also use these software ? tell us about your favorite animated banner making software...


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I have not sold any banners but I create several animated banners and images using Jasc Anim shop 2.00 a rather old software but it serves the purpose. It has several features. There will be upgrades available I am sure but I have not gone for those.
Who do you sell your banners to? Is it only here or to any direct buyers?

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I have designed many animated banners in the past... I am a bit rustier right now because I don't do it on a regular basis but I have always sworn to use Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe After Effects. I have purchased both of the programs quite a few years back because they had some bundle offer and the price was really amazing. I then began learning through different portals such as YouTube watching tutorials and guides. First, I was making very simple, basic banners but then I switched up to the animated kind because those are more demanded and more engaging for the users. I'd really suggest that you at least try using the Adobe After Effects. You can literally make anything you want with it - it is probably my favorite tool for animation Which software do you use for making animated banners ?

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I was using HTML5 maker, which is quite good for beginners, before i migrated to Animatron, as the name suggests this tool is used to create outstanding HTML5 animations. With its ease of use it bridges the gap between
professionals and newbies. It also gives you cloud access to save project and access them anytime. With this powerful editor you can create animated content for device ranging from desktop computer to mobile device. I've been using it for long now, it's cool

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I don't usually use the adobe Photoshop. I was using this application before, but when ever I compare the output, I
saw the difference between to the of them. I recommend Adobe
illustrator for very accurate rederation of file project. I used Adobe Photoshop for 3 years, sometimes I did
used Corel. But Adobe illustrator is different when you want a full-scale of accuracy.

I also use them when ever I have special projects;
Movie maker
Adobe premiere
Vegas Pro

I also love the effects of Vegas pro, the output quite satisfying enough to the user of it.

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Javascript can do a lot of stuff in the coding industry. I myself is using JS to make animations on my website. But you can also do such with the following softwares:

Adobe After effects
Adobe flash

Hope it helps!

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I always used adobe photoshop for a good quality of editing and easy to use i remember my first try of it when my friend teached me how to use it first it was so hard because there are so many tools but when i learned it i enjoyed it alot

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Adobe Animate and the Plastic Paper Animation. Those are two good software for making animations. There are also some of the online software that you can use for making animated banners. You may just have to look for the better banners in that case. Just do pay attention to what you can do with it. I think you should go with the Adobe Animate as that software is known for some of the good options. And the best part is that the animated patterns and content is easy to export.

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For my graphics needs I use an older version of Photoshop, Photoshop CS6 to be exact. It has all the tools I will ever even consider needing, so there is no need for me to upgrade from it. Also since it's not a subscription based program I don't have to keep on paying for the use, which I love!

For a free tool I would recommend GIMP. It's not on the level of Photoshop by any means, but for a totally free tool it's pretty handy and effective.

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I use photosop for graphic design. I have not made many gif images, however, when I have to create animated banners, I always use photoshop. Currently, I am using PHotoshop CS7.
Creating animated banners on photoshop may take time, if you want to do this with few clicks, you can search online for free gif maker. There are lots of tools available which will allow you to create an animated banner with few clicks.

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You can create easily using the application Photoscape. I know there are lots of application out there like Photoshop but this would be complicated for those who are beginners in creating banners and i am glad to share to you what i used ever since in creating banners. Photoscape is such a user friendly computer application which would guide you all the way to create your banner. You can search in blogs or even watch in Youtube how this works and how you will create a very beautiful graphical images by using this application.

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Adobe ImageReady? Now that is a name I've not heard in a long time. I think I maybe used it once when I initially started graphic design as a hobby. I'm familiar with almost all Adobe products but that isn't one of them.

Anyway, when it comes to creating static banners, I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator depending on what sort of project I'm working on. I love working in Illustrator because vector images are both fun and easy to use. Not as much of a fan of working with raster images as clients can sometimes frustrate you when they want higher resolution images than you might have.

I do all of my animation in After Effects. I create all the resources in either Photoshop or Illustrator, and then drag it into After Effects to animate because of all the tools and options it provides.

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I think Adobe Photoshop is the best software to use for making animated banners or photographs. That's based on personal opinion though - as I've used it in the past for projects that use animation or animated effects.

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I use adobe photoshop it clear the blemishes on one's photo, it helps me change even the background of the photo.With this creating new artwork, images is very simple and editing is done in no time.I just like this software because one can actually alter an image either by adding to or subtracting something from an image.Even altering one's skin tone is possible.

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Mostly I used photoshop from all the stuff that I do. Before, I got to used the adobe flash when I am still in college but then since I began to draw in digital, I used photoshop. Even animating a drawing, I used photoshop. Photoshop is all around so this is very useful software although I have to learn other software such as Illustrator and others. For now I am doing vector drawings in illustrator. The next one I will try to learn is Flash or Adobe animate and after effects.

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I can totally understand you

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