Should you use a model for your hand-crafted jewelry or clothing items?

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Should you use a model for your hand-crafted jewelry or clothing items?

For me, this is a no-brainer as I'd rather see jewelry demonstrated on a model to at least see how it looks on a real person. And, i know the jewelry probably won't look the same way on me as it does on the model but at least it gives me a reference point.

Just think of all the TV home shopping channels and how they use models for their jewelry presentations. Chances are, they would not sell half as much jewelry if they showcased the jewelry only on a still form. Possibly the biggest issue might be, where do you find a model for your jewelry or hand-crafted clothing pieces?

If I were into selling hand-crafted jewelry, then I would probably ask my daughter to be the model as she loves trying on new things and having her picture taken.

Also, another option might be to make friends with online fashion bloggers who would agree to be the model.

They would receive a piece of jewelry in the mail to try on and keep and in exchange would take pictures that could be used as part of a product demonstration or service page online. The only issue being, you need a model release for that. I guess using oneself as a model for your own handcrafted jewelry could work out.

And, what about for products that are one of a kind that you will only ever create once?

Possibly a buyer would be hesitant to purchase if they knew another person had worn that item previously.

Should you use a model for your hand-crafted jewelry or clothing items that you are trying to sell online?



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I think using your own hands is best and most cost effective. If you hands are not photogenic then a close family member is best i think your dead on with that. My wife sells Jamberry nails and she sues herself and my daughter to show how the nails look. another effective tool that people often overlook is video or live streaming. What a great way to show off your product by having people seeing it LIVE! You are so funny because QVC is one of the highest selling markets on TV. They use models and close ups to sell the products like hot cakes. although sending a model a piece of jewelry in the mail to keep in exchange for modeling can get a bit expensive its still a great idea. It might be better to send a prospective client something to wear for free. One of a kind products would be way easier to sell with video, peopl will be curios to see it in action. Thanks for sharing

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I always found pictures of just "jewelry" kind of confusing, especially the close ups, you virtually have no idea about the real size of the item in the picture.
You definitely need some sort of comparison and having a model wearing them is the best option in my opinion. Don't know for show if you need to show the entire model, like standing up wearing the jewelry or just the part of the body wearing it, like the hand, neck, or ears maybe?

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That is an awesome point of view, Jewelry is one of the hardest things to sell online. The length of the chain size of the medallion forget about it lol. The idea of using a model or mannequin is good but nothing beats being able to touch and hold an item before you buy it.

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I totally agree with you that using a model to take pictures would be the best way to promote your jewellery. I like seeing how it looks when it is being worn.

I don't see why you can't make a picture on a model for one of a kind items, you will just have to ask a friend or family member to come around and do it. Another thing you could do with one of a kind items is show a catalogue of all the one of a kind items you have done so people can maybe get inspired and ask for something based on something you have done before. not exactly the same of course or that would defeat the one of a kind theme wouldn't it LOL

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for me no if i have a small business of hand-crafted jewelry or clothing items i would rather sell it online and let the people decide if they like it or not using model to promote products is also good but it is only applicable in a big names company with big capital budget for it. but for small to mid ranges of selling hand-crafted jewelry and clothing items i prefer doing it myself by promoting it online through ads.

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Using a model for me is the best bet,sometimes we get attracted to things because it was wore by someone and it was quite fitting on the person.Without the person wearing it we wouldn't have been privy to how beautiful it was.

So using a model to advertise ones handcrafted jewelry will be the way to go.

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I agree with your opinion. It's also very important for me that jewelry, handbags, and shoes were shown on the model. Moreover, I sometimes look at the pictures of street photography and if the model doesn't have accessories (belt, handbag), then I really want to add them to complete her image. And I have an irresistible desire to invite a model to cooperate with the store of handbags&accessories. For example you can check these Luxurytastic reviews at , where there are great reviews of handbags. But you can clearly see that handbags look better on the model than when they are placed on a shelf. And this allows the online store to increase their sales.

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