Destiny 2 Announced by Bungie

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Destiny 2 Announced by Bungie

Finally we have confirmation from Bungie themselves that Destiny 2 will be released!

There is no solid confirmation as to when it will officially be released yet however on a poster that was leaked the date on it was September 8th 2017.

I remember playing Destiny quite a bit and I really enjoyed it, it was something different to play from say Call of Duty, I was always hoping for a Destiny 2 and now that we have one announced I am super happy!

Is anyone else here excited for Destiny 2? Will you be picking it up on release?


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Destiny 2 has now come out and I saw that a few of my friends on PlayStation were playing. I never really played Destiny because I just didn't think it was a game for me since I'm not usually into games like it. But I saw the trailer for Destiny 2 and it does look pretty good. Can anyone tell me what they think of the game having played it? Is it worth buying it right now or should I wait till it gets a bit cheaper?

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I'm a big fan of the cookie clicker games.

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