What happened to Lightning McQueen?

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What happened to Lightning McQueen?

It's been a while since we saw anything from Cars and I was pretty much giving up hope that we would see a Cars 3 however, we now have a Cars 3 being released in July this year and boy does it look good!

In the trailer we see Lightning McQueen racing as he does but this time we see him getting into an accident which looks like a pretty nasty accident.

My first thought was "Oh no, are they going to kill Lightning off?" but now that I have thought more about it, it could be that they may retire Lightning McQueen instead.

What do you think will happen to Lightning McQueen? Will they kill him off?


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If you have already watched the movie, then you must know Mc Queen is still alive and way more stronger. Apparently kids still love this character, 3 movies and still one of the favorites. Usually, the plot is the same, the way to get over some difficulties, and be on top again, but with some variations. I guess as long as the kids support these movies, we are going to keep watching some more on big screen for a couple of years.

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I doubt Disney would kill anyone off especially someone like Lightning McQueen. I think a lot of kids would be distraught and would run out crying from the cinema if they did that. It's probably just going to be similar to how the movie Planes (also created by Disney) was. They will say that McQueen cannot race anymore but his team will do something and they will manage to race again and he will end up winning the race.

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Lightning McQueen will not retire, I am guessing that the creators are waiting for a new idea that will bring back the Lightning McQueen more powerful than ever. They wait to make it strong and to have a big impact when they will release it.
I think that Lightning McQueen is a good subject and is not worth to be left out from the cinema industry.

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They will never ever kill lightning macqueen he is the star in the movie maybe they will put some twist in the movie to make it more excitement. and honestly i love the movie The cars 1 and 2 i hope 3 will be great.

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I've probably seen the trailer and I was like shocked too but then when I watched the movie it was just a like click bait or the feeling that makes you more anxious, like they need to show that scene for you to watch it and see what really happened in the movie. And also, it was probably a fantastic movie especially for the kids.

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Well The Cars is something that I liked in the pixers movie, I love the story on Tge cars and also the Cars 2 but even though I didnt watch the Cars 3 yet, I guess that it was also a good movie

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The movie Cars is one of my favorite movie when I was a kid until now. I think that they will not kill lightnin mcqueen or be out in action. Because we all know that mcqueen is the main character of Cars. So maybe before the story ends, they will show us that mcqueen will race again.

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I don't think that there's gonna be a part 4 since Lightning McQueen become the crew chief of Cruz Ramirez. I like the story of Cars 3 as it gives a great lesson that people get old and newcomers will outshine them and they need to pass their crown to others who have a potential. Just like what McQueen says to Cruz, "This is my last chance to give you your first chance, Cruz." I would recommend this to those who haven't watch this movie, especially kids.

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