Who remembers Alex The Kidd?

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Who remembers Alex The Kidd?

I remember when I was younger I believe around 4 - 5 years old me and my brother were bought a console for Christmas. That console as the Sega Master System. I remember the console having a game built into it which was Alex The Kidd, I had never heard of Alex The Kidd before but because the game came with the console, me and my brother decided to try it. We loved it! It's such an amazing game, so much so, we spent hours on the game. I remember my cousin coming round and helping us with the Rock, Paper, Scissors mini game.

If I could go back to that game, I would without a doubt.

Did you ever play Alex The Kidd?


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Oh yeah boy! I remember that game. Also, do you remember a game called "Snake Rattle 'n' Roll"? It was a platform game and you was basically a snake and had to complete the levels by eating things and getting longer and longer and not get hit by anything. I remember spending a lot of time in the late 90's playing that game!

I think this was it.

You can play all these games on your mobile today as well though. You just need an emulator and then you can just download the game and open it in the emulator and you have like the full game on your phone. They play better on an iPad though. And you can get them for your laptop too. I have this one friend who has virtually every NES and SNES game from the 80's and 90's. They're great fun to play if you haven't played them in years! They bring back a lot of memories and are a walk down memory lane! Who remembers Alex The Kidd?

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This game looks pretty old school. I guess I had played this game before but I cannot recall exactly how it was light. I rarely play classic games nowadays.

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I do! That's pretty much the only game I remember playing back when I was like 4-5. Alex Kidd was my favorite game at the time, and it was so hard as well! I remember playing it on my Mega Drive we had back in my parents house. Good times.

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I don't think I have played Alex the kid but I definitely played snake rattle n roll. You keep eating and getting longer plus you mustn't bump into anything. I always tried to get as long as I could. It was so fascinating.

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I don't remember playing this game yet but it looks cool and awesome. I only remember playing game like Mario and especially the crash bandicoot which is the most awesome racing game for me. Playing it during our high school days with friends is the best time you can have.

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Yes! I spent a good deal of my youth play Alex the Kid. That and my mother had an Atari which I played a lot too. Games like Pitfall and River Raid made my early years

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