Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

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Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!
Hi all. I hope you've been enjoying my posts on how to make money at Easter time! There's nothing wrong with capitalizing on Easter when you're doing it for good reasons like to pay your bills and rent and put food on the table for your kids! And talking of kids, of course, one of the most popular things at Easter time for kids (and grown ups) is going on or taking their kids on an Easter egg hunt! And for kids, this can be a lot of fun and very exciting and should be offered to a child at least once in their childhood to do as it's a passage of rights! And a good Easter egg hunt can be capitalized on so that you can make money by hosting your own! Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunts - They Make You Money!

The trick to a good, successful Easter egg hunt is to advertise, advertise and advertise! Of course, you'll need to know a few other things as well. And you'll need to provide actual chocolate eggs and other Easter treats and gifts. And you'll have to do all the hiding of all of them as well in and around a certain safe place so that the kids can go out and find them safely.

But if you do some math, and you get the numbers, hosting an Easter egg hunt can be very quite profitable for you! I'm sure you can imagine but if you just do some quick basic math, you can work out what your costs and investments would be to host one and how much you might expect to earn from it once it's all said and done.

Of course, people have to pay to go on an Easter egg hunt. You are usually charged per person and they are usually only really for kids 16 and under. And that can range from $10+ or more per child. For something like $5, your child might expect to find about $5 worth of chocolate eggs and stuff. And since you can buy chocolate Easter eggs and Easter treats and things for very cheap, this is where you'd make most of your money. Obviously they pay for the whole hunting, search and rescue experience too!

But say that you could host an Easter egg hunt for up to 50 kids at once. Well if you was to charge $10 per child for that, that would be $500 right there. Then as long as each kid got around $5 worth of chocolate, eggs and stuff, which you could get if you bought in bulk from somewhere like Lidl or Tesco lol. You probably would only have to spend around $100 on that and get away with enough eggs and stuff, small and large to hide around and make them all fairly happy for it too. Most kids with a face, mouth and belly full of chocolate are happy kids! Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

So yeah, that would be about the basics of it although it would probably work our differently for you depending on how you go about it, how many people actually bought a ticket and stuff like that. As for those other things you have to know, well they really just come down to common sense and following basic health and safety guidelines. Obviously you can't host an Easter egg hunt in a dangerous place and in a wild space either where wild animals roam and you have to keep lists of names of all those in and those out. Due diligence stuff and the like.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas?

I wont just leave you with just the idea of doing the hunt itself, but I'll give you some Easter Egg Hunt Ideas as well which you can use within your hunts to make them different. You could even charge extra for each of these hunts instead of just the basic one. So here's some traditional and contemporary Easter egg hunt ideas for you! Check out these free downloadable prints you can use - Free Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt Printables.

Garden Egg Hunt
Some kids are very young and it's not good to let them rummage around in the bushes too much unsupervised. So you can place eggs in safe locations in your garden for them though like in the grass or in the sand or something so that it's easier for them to find them.

Golden Egg Hunt
For the older kids, and to give them something truly bountiful to search for and find with a special buried treasure of a treat with a one of a kind golden egg. You could have it include something bigger than candy like money or something. They'll take the hunt much more seriously that way and it make it more fun for them too.

Keep Fit Hunt
Most youngsters and teenagers have a lot of energy and they usually are always asking for chocolate every day so why not make them burn up some of that energy and work for it instead? What you could do is include instructions along with a small treat and they have to do these things before they can start searching for the next egg. Like 10 star jumps or run around the yard twice.

Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt
This Easter egg hunt idea will only really work well at night time and as such, is probably more suited for the older kids. But if you can high Easter eggs that glow in the dark (you'll need to source the material for this) then they will love this Easter egg hunt idea and love finding glowing eggs in the dark!

Easter Piñata Egg
Now this idea is a little more destructive but equally for young kids and older ones alike. Where as Easter time is a time for hunting, and not all kids understand that concept yet, and because it's just a lot of fun to bash something like an egg with a stick and watch lots of candy fall out. You could create lots of these and charge as an extra if your kid wants to smash at one! Making Money at Easter Time by Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

And that is how to make money at Easter by hosting your own Easter egg hunts! Of course, it only really covers the basics of doing it but it should be enough for you to see how you can make money this way hosting your own Easter egg hunt!

Have you ever held and ran an Easter egg hunt?

What are some other good Easter egg hunt ideas?


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I have never run an Easter Egg hunt myself before but I know people that do and it's a great way to make some extra money. If you can get the venue and have the space there is so much you can do to make the day enjoyable for both kids and adults and it doesn't just have to be one Easter Egg hunt, you can do a few throughout the day and offer refreshments throughout the day and make it a funfilled day.

Charging to take part in the Easter Egg hunt with a guaranteed find of an Easter Egg or maybe more and then offering refreshments is a great way to bring a community together and make some extra money. The only way for it to be a success though is to advertise like crazy, use social media to your advantage by advertising on pages that are geared towards the area you live in and place flyers around the town where the Easter Egg hunt will take place. The longer you can advertise for the better the turnout will be on the day.

This is a great idea for Easter and like I said, it would bring a community together which is always a nice feeling and makes a great atmosphere.

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I'm really enjoying your posts.Although those of us with a sweet tooth will be looking forward to Cadbury Creme Eggs and Malteser bunnies, there's another traditional
sweet treat that Easter wouldn't be the same without - hot cross buns.

Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, these buns made with yeast, currants or raisins
and marked with a cross on the top have long been associated with

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Wow, this looks nice. Maybe I would give it a trail next Easter and see how it goes. Good post by the way. This looks very interesting and informative.

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I participatated in some events about easter and I always want to be in it. Hunting different kinds of eggs is quite fun for me. Maybe some other time, I want to host an easter festival. I think this would be a lot of fun.

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