What is your favorite movies this year 2018!?

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What is your favorite movies this year 2018!?

What movie this 2018 had a lot of impacts you? Just pick one and explain why??

for me, it would be "Avenger Infinity" war ever since I was a kid I loved superheroes I'm a fan of both Marvel and DC comics and seeing those I have only read in comics and seen only on cartoon tv shows having a big screen adaptation puts a smile on my face. Especially the Avengers for the story was great the ending was better hahaha.


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My favorite film of 2018 is Bohemian Rhapsody. I have never been a big fan of Freddy Mercury but now I completely changed my attitude to the singer. He is really talented person. And the impression is really special during the quarantine time. It makes you feel so lonely, and this feeling is only strengthened when I look at the empty city It is very sad.

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