Arts and craft ideas for the kids cheap and simple

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Arts and craft ideas for the kids cheap and simple

Hello do you look for crafty things to do with your kids? Do you find that they get bored of the same ole stuff all the time? Today im going to share a few good ideas for arts and crafts that you can do with your kids. One of my favorite things to do is tie dye shirts! Its a fun colorful way for the kids to express themselves by allowing them to choose the colors. Another simple and cheap idea is building houses or boats with popsicle sticks. My daughters love this they want to build an entire village of stick houses and paint them i think its great! Bonding time with my kids is priceless and its the little things that they remember. What are some ideas you guys have? I look forward to reading and trading ideas.

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Jkeyz2 you should check out my blog... I have done some really way cool things with my kids.

I don't like them sitting in front of the TV too much and we don't have any gaming going on in our home. I love keeping it nice and real with my kids, you know riding bikes, swimming at the beach, playing outside and yes making things.

My daughter loves drawing so I spend quite a bit of money buying her pastels,paint, crayons and pencil crayons. I also buy glue and glitter and any crafty things that stick so she can make really cool arty pictures.

We have made our own playdough, paint, glitter glue, bath bombs, foam bath paint, slime, bouncy balls..., all sorts of things.

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Wow thats GREAT! Awesome me and my wife talked about making Playdough how is it? Does it stay together the same way or is it messier than conventional Playdough? I agree with the TV thing my kids play video games but you have to balance time on everything they also have a yard and a playhouse outside which is what i encourage more. I take my girls out on the ATV sometimes and we see nature, Keeping it basic is best. The hardest thing about our family and managing creative activity is the age difference. We have 3 kids Two, Five, and Seven and of course nobody wants to do the same thing at the same time.

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