Selling on etsy has anyone had good experiences

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Selling on etsy has anyone had good experiences

A couple years ago I tried selling my homemade jewelry and decorative kids handkerchiefs on etsy and just could not sell anything for the life of me! I dont know if I was doing something wrong or what! Maybe I wasnt selling the right king of things! I ended up closing my account after trying everything I could!

Does anyone sell on etsy? Has anyone been able to make a living off of it or profit of any kind?


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I hate etsy and everything that comes along with it. They charge you to list things, then we never sold anything. i am also curious to know if people are having real success with Etsy. I think Etsy is good for people who have established clientele, they can use it to send the clients to. When i think of Etsy i think of people in sweat shops slaving to make stuff for the buyers on Etsy. EBay is better but people don't look for handmade things on it like they do on Etsy. Hopefully we hear some success stories about people who are making thousands a month because if not than Etsy is a bust.

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hahah yea seriously!!!

the only bad thing was that, charging for listing and not making anything. i did purchase a few things from etsy and had a great experience that way. i think i should just stick with buying from there instead of selling!! what do you think! hahaha =]

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I haven't heard of etsy before and believe me carrying out your product marketing in a social networking sites that has low participants activities in it, such business is surely meant to hit the rock bottom. I am not surprised that you say you haven't made any single sale, you asked if you did something wrong, yes you actually did by doing your marketing in site that have less traffic.

There are several other social marketing platforms you should have chosen to operate with. It can be Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram, these three sites would be very successful in helping you get a chance of more people having access to seeing your product which would in turn be able to sway their choice and preference towards patronizing you.

Bad products marketing ruins the demand rate of such products which definitely is not a good experience for any business establishment. So therefore, my dear shit your site for products marketing to site that would grant people opportunity to see and patronize you. Good luck.

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I never tried selling on Etsy but i think that website is not popular as amazon or ebay, so i highly suggest try selling it on amazon or ebay big names website with a lot of costumer you can sell there with high chances of being able to sell online. i already tried selling on amazon and i make some money of it. i sell my hand made jewerly for few bucks and it is successful.

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I am considering to sell some crafts on Etsy soon. I actually sell on eBay but I want to reach more customers. Many people have actually suggested me to join Etsy. I hope that I am successful on there. I know that I will have to advertise my products. I already have a Facebook page and I will also be advertising on different social media sites.

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I haven't heard or have seen this selling site before. but I remember my friend told me about this and that this website is somewhat good to buy stuffs and to sell stuffs too. I don't actually know if it's true or not but I guess you'll need to try it yourself.

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I have heard about Esty to be a good site for selling stuff though I'm yet to use them from review one can make good money selling all kind of handcrafted items, though not so popular like other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon but it still a good selling site

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I tried registering at Etsy but they have a couple requirements that you need to produce before you can register. I don't really want to go so much effort just to register my products online. Other online platforms just use a valid email address which is i think enough to keep your account verified. Etsy i think is a great platform, but of course its a choice ...

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I know about Etsy,but I never tried to sell on it. What I want to transfer to shopify. I would be curious to know how these sites work. I thought they are supposed to do all the marketing for you? If not why bother listing on their sites? I think before listing your products on there it would be prudent to find out. However I know a lady who is making quite a bit from Etsy selling, home made candles. I think that it all depends on your product.

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