The problem of fake profiles on dating sites

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The problem of fake profiles on dating sites

Having a profile on dating sites is very common particularly amongst the singles. Even people who are married or engaged do have there profiles on various dating sites.However there are alot of fake profiles on allmost all the Dating sites.Not everyone is genuine in these sites. There are a number of scammers , perverts, fraudsters,who open there profiles just in order to have perverted sex chats and pics. Recently there was a news in my city of a well educated IT professional lady who got duped by her online date who was from a different country for $ 5000. Its always better to be safe and cautious when you are interacting with someone on these dating sites. What are your views in this regard?


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With the number of users constantly growing you can't control the fake accounts. The owners of dating sites should think about a way to prevent that, somehow to deny the request of fake accounts registering after checking their information. Is this the main reason why people quit dating sites?

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Yes, this is problematic, but it's not as much problematic as faking your personality is. Very often, on the first dates people hide who they really are, being afraid that the other person will not like them. That's stupid in my opinion. Why? Because after a while, the other person will take your mask off and what you'll do then? Break up after years of marriage? Years might be too much but there are women who can hide very well. The fake humans is not a problem of the dating sites, it's the problem of humanity.

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