4 Home Remedies For Common Pet Problems!

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4 Home Remedies For Common Pet Problems!

Our pets just like our children can catch a sickness or get themselves in predicaments really quickly. And sometimes between work and busy schedules we may not be able to get to the vet or store right away. That has happened to us before and let me tell you, it stinks. I found some ways to help naturally with the most common predicaments that almost every pet gets themselves into! =]

1. Fleas....Cedar oil which is a natural flea repellent, made from the leaves, wood and roots of the cedar tree. Make a mixture containing 5 drops of cedar oil, a few teaspoons of water and dip your dogs collar or bandana into it and then put it around your dogs neck. The cedar oil does not kill the fleas it simply prevents them from wanting to make a home out of your dog because they dont like the smell of cedar oil.

2. Itchy skin...make a homemade oatmeal bath for you dog. Mix 1 cup of plain oatmeal in a bath of warm water. (running the oatmeal through a processor or blender will help it dissolve faster. Once dissolved enough, scoop the oatmeal water over your dog. this can be repeated several times a week!

3. Bad Breath....and one of the main causes of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth. One way to clean up that bacteria is by adding herbs like margosa and coriander to your dogs diet. one way to do this is to boil water that was sprinkled by all herbs for a couple of minutes. let that cool before giving it to your dog, if your dog wont drink it, you can put it into a spray bottle and spray the inside of your dogs mouth with it!

4. Upset stomach...Add some yogurt to your dogs food. the live cultures in the PLAIN yogurt helps replenish the good bacteria which is lost through vomiting and diarrhea and it will also help regulate the digestive system!!

COOL! so helpful in so many ways, i am definitely going to buy a case of essential oils because these oils will be soooo convenient to have around. they're natural ways to help our body and even our pets!! Hope you all enjoyed this one, thank you for reading!


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So many natural remedies for people im so happy that we have some for our furry family members. Sometimes its hard because dogs cant eat or use everything that us humans can. The ones that stick out to me the most is the upset stomach one and the itchy skin one because these 2 are very common in my little son Prince. he itches all the time and i know he does not have fleas its just the winter time mostly, and i think its because of the heat. The only thing about the oatmeal bath is if its not dissolved enough it could ruin your pipes in your home. In the summer time you could do this outside and just use the hose to rinse but in the winter time this would prove difficult unless you had some kind of heater outdoors. Prince sometimes vomits and im not sure why but knowing that he can have yogurt is awesome news for me.

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oh yea i didnt think about that with the pipes and the oatmeal, makes sense though. i guess i will be figuring out a way to make an oatmeal bath for our doggies that wont be damaging to the pipes. i wonder if i mix and dissolve the oatmeal way before we are ready to bathe him, and once it is completely dissolved we could use it. i keep forgetting we dont have a tub so that make some things a little bit more difficult. for instance, the oatmeal bath. LOL Prince and Bailey both itch and im pretty sure its because of the winter time and their skin is dry because i check them all the time and they dont have any fleas. this will be one of my many projects to try out!

and yes now i know that yogurt is ok for dogs, we can now use this if Prince or Bailey ever get sick. Which doesnt happen very often but if ever does we now have a solution!!! thanks for responding jkeyz!

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Our dog is losing her coat but seems normal every other way. She does try to bite off her fur here and there but I do not find any fleas on her. The skin is not showing but the fur has thinned down in several places. I will try that oatmeal bath. I wonder aloe vera gel can also help.

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My cat was losing her hair possibly due to an infection a few months ago. I took a cue tip and put a drop of frankincense oil and some mineral oil on it. I then applied it to the area 2-3 times a day. Her hair grew back almost immediately. The one thing about essential oils and animals is that it doesn't take too much to see results. You just have to make sure they are not toxic for them.

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Thanks for the tip on the bad breath issue. My dog for sure won't eat the herbs, but the spray will make the part. He is an old dog and he is very picky with his food and water, also sometimes he has very bad mood, so it won't be easy to make him eat coriander or anything related. Spray on the other head seems perfect, he likes to open his mouth and catch water drops when it rains, so this may count as rain. And he does need some help with that breath.

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Thanks for the tips you shared to us.Its very helpful for me because i having problem with my pet.My dog is having so many fleas and i don't know what to do.Everyday i comb his fur and kill the fleas that i get from his body.I'm afraid because its very harmfull for my baby brother.I don't want him to have a flea bites.I will try your homeremedy.Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the info about bad breath and itchy skin. I will try it on my yorky. She is always scratching her body but she doesn't have any flea so i will try that oarmeal on her bath. And also those herbs for smelly breath. I always think of what is better to do with her breath cause i regularly brush her teeth and it still smells so i'll try this one.

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Immediately I saw this thread,I jumped at pets as developed a lot of fleas these we treat and it return in no time,not to talk of the smell,will be trying of these out and I hope it works perfectly out this time.

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These are very nice tips and think that they would be very useful. Pets are very enjoyable once they are in good and perfect health conditions.

Anyone that loves and value his or her pet, should take time to care and look after them just as he/she would do for themselves. These tips you offered are really good and interesting, good job.

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Very helpful. It's goot to know that with very little we can solve some problems that our dogs could have. The best part is that all of this is using natural products. My dog sometimes gets itchy and usually this happens when the heat is intense, I didn't know how to help my dog with this but I will try the oatmeal.

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I'm putting down these worthwhile solutions down all ready to send to my grandmom at home already for she is a lover of pets. What really made me enjoy staying with her then was that she has both a cat and a dog which makes the home an exciting place for we play with the dogs sometimes, though I always have fears within. I think it is good to know these health solutions for pets so as to make use of it during emergencies

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I found it helpful not just to only me but to others that have pets in their family. It's true that this four are the most common problem when it comes to pets. And we always find a solution to prevent it. This home remedies is the best.

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Those are some great remedies. Instead of going to the vet we can try those remedies at times. My dog has this itching problem. I will try this oatmeal bath on him tomorrow. I even went to the vet for this problem and she gave me some shampoo. He stopped scratching for some time but started again since last week. This must be so uncomfortable. I hope that this oatmeal bath helps my dog.

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Wow this really would be helpful and I really would try these remedies. I appreciate the time and effort you put in order to share what you know and what you do for giving good care to your pets so we could be doing that too. We have a dog and 5 cats at home, they don't have any fleas it's just two of my cats are always scratching themselves. I will definitely try the itch remedy hoe my cats will like it.

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