How much does handmade jewelry sell for?

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How much does handmade jewelry sell for?

If you were to create a handmade bracelet, how much would you want to sell it for, either here or on eBay?

Is there an industry standard for how much handmade jewelry should sell for?


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How much did it cost to create the handmade jewelry item? That would be the first question you need to ask.
The second thing you need to know is how much your time is worth. If your time is worth six dollars an hour and it takes three hours to create one bracelet, then your jewelry item should be at least $18 plus the cost of the materials used to create the jewelry.

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I once read that you need to take what it cost you to make with all the materials and then multiply that by 3. So if it cost you $10 to make, you would sell it for $30.

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How much you can sell your hand crafted jewelry for depends on a number of factors, for instance:
materials you used
time you spent on creating the jewelry
the uniqueness in the design
When you price your jewelry piece, you should consider the aforementioned points. When you add a profit margin on your selling price, you should not add more than 25 percent of the cost price. It the item is too expensive, it will be really difficult to see the jewelry.

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I personally think it's dependent on what someone made and the quality of such jewelry. I happen to specialize in beads making. I can comfortably produce different varieties of beads necklace, earings and bracelets.

I often work with my creativity in making of several style and design, although I do get some tips on some designs from looking up foreign fashion magazines.

Celebrities tend to be very good in wearing exquisite necklace and bracelets and from such pictures I pick my designs. None of my beaded jewelry cost below ten thousand naira (#10,000) because I take quality time in making sure that I do my job well in order to satisfy my patronizers. How much does handmade jewelry sell for?

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For me in my short experience i made a homemade jewelry bracelet out of straw and sell it online for 1 dollars each due to cheap materials and i made a sale for about 10 dollars and i am happy with it. first experience ever in making homemade jewelry. but i stop it due to lack of time making it because it really requires time and effort to make straw bracelet all due to it's design style that make it harder and time consuming.

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Giving a price tag to a production definitely depends on many factors like cost of material, quality of the item or product, cost of labor and miscellaneous expenses.So until this has been documented and factor into the cost of total production one might be giving a vague figure which might bring in profit or loss, having said that I believe if the total cost of producing a bracelet, for example, is $15 then one can safely sell it between $18-20 to make a profit.

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