What type of equipment do you use for making videos?

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What type of equipment do you use for making videos?

At the moment, I have only a web cam and room lamps. I don't think this is enough to produce professional quality videos. Please suggest other equipment that I might need.


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I use a snowball microphone to record my voice, Fraps to record my screen and that is about it.

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Last night my daughter and her classmates had a production night in their school. I took video of their production in her smartphone. In just a smartphone videos can be made today.

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Just a screen recorder and sometimes web cam. I'm not saying it's as high quality as the professional Youtube videos, but so far no complaints from people watching my videos.

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Thank you both for your reply. i was deliberately a bit coy just to Get the vibe as it were of this forum. I just get fustrated when the material I want to sing is never available.

I am fairly certain most karaoke backing tracks are electronic interpolations of the real thing. You can sometimes hear a faint voice, and being the geek I am I have ananlysed the waveforms and running times. Thats why on some tracks one examplle is crash and burn by savage garden the singing is slightly overdubbed from verse to chorus which is common, why not just add another bar to the beat the running times are identical, they either have some kind iof advanced re sampling software, or they get access to the original multitrack.

Simple Acoustic tracks they re record but anything complicated it would make sense to get a copy from the Studio rather than hiring a band to do it.

What counts as an original recording? If someone samples something the resulting out put is not the original its a copy but the sounds are not "real" there made up in the computer.

I did know that its illegal here but the laws are not enforced, I could go down the road here and buy a copy of Windows seven for $10! that includes Office 2010.
No need to apologize! Your English is fine! I just wanted to make sure that we completely understood your request.

The answer to your question is yes and no. Let me explain:

1. If needed, you can easily create and upload a show to the SD card that only uses 1 DMX universe. MADRIX PLEXUS the only sends out data for up to 512 DMX channels on DMX 1, for example.

2. At the same time, you can send Art-Net data to the same PLEXUS, route it through it, and send it out on DMX 2, for example. You then have stand-alone data from the SD card on DMX 1 and live data from Art-Net on DMX2, for example.

In this way, the answer is yes.


3. MADRIX PLEXUS does not merge stand-alone data and live data on DMX 2. (This would be required in your case, since you are using not only 512 DMX channels on universe 1, but also nearly 100 channels on DMX universe 2.)

If you are sending, live Art-Net data
to DMX 2, the PLEXUS will only use the live Art-Net data, even if your show file / configuration includes stand-alone data for channels on universe 2.

4. When PLEXUS receives live data (for DMX2) it stops the stand-alone playback - but you can manually start it again without problems.

In short:
So, if you can use your LED strips only on DMX universe 1 and the other fixtures via the other software only on universe 2, it would work.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


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why not just try tobuy a gig for someone who do professional presentations

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Some of my video making tool or equipemts are:
cellphone camera
video editing program
I shoot a video with my cellphone camera. I use samsung A5 phone that has 16 MP camera
After shooting is done, I transfer the video to my laptop and open in windows movie maker. I edit the video and use it in the way I want.

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