Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit? Tutorial

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Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?

Remember in the last post we was talking about How to Sell Real Stuff on Listing Dock and Make a Profit. And it can/could be profitable for you as reselling has always been profitable. That's why people do it! But the art of doing that is buying low and selling high. Well while you know how you can do that, you'll also want to know Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit. So that's what we'll talk about here! Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?

Okay so buy low, sell high! It's an old concept that's been around for as long as buying and selling itself has! The aim is to buy something that is in fairly high or very high demand, for as cheap as you can get it. Then sell that thing for as much as you can! Any salesman that ever resold anything will understand that and it's how for some people, being a reseller can prove to be very profitable.

But what are some good places to buy good popular things cheap that you can resell for much more?

There are actually several good places, websites, where you can find popular things for sale at cheap, or cheaper, prices than what they usually can sell for. The concept usually is, the bigger the brand name, the more it will sell for. So you wont find things for sale at cheaper prices at the big stores and brands. But you will if you bypass them and go directly to the manufacturer or even buy in wholesale from them.

The only problem is, manufacturers usually only sell through these big brands who then sell it on for more, sometimes double the amount or more, than they paid for them. Whether individually or in bulk. But sometimes, those same manufactures have so much stock, that they have lots of left over the big stores didn't buy up and they then put this up for sale at much much cheaper prices on trading sites where there are many other Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers and Wholesaler buyers that will buy it.

And trading sites sites aren't just for businesses that want to buy in bulk. Individuals and sole traders can use them too, to buy these things at much cheaper prices. The best part about trade sites like these is you can also even buy those same products they are selling, individually. Or in much smaller amounts at least. And more than this, some of them will even do fulfillment shipping for you so they'll send it to your buyer for you. Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?

Best Trading Sites to Find Cheap Things to Resell At a Profit

AliBaba / AliExpress

Not everyone knows about AliBaba or AliExpress. For those not in the know AliBaba is more for traders to buy in bulk from wholesalers, where as AliExpress is more for individuals who want to purchase from wholesalers. However, you can still do the same thing for some products, and through some wholesalers on AliBaba as well. But newbies should start with AliExpress. Just head on over to the site, then browse through their categories to find something you like.
Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?
Let's take Smartwatches as an example. I searched for smartwatch and can see lists of them. I see one called the Ubit B20 Smart Watch. It's on sale at $8.97 each. This same watch sells on Amazon for $17.99 and on eBay you can find it for sale at $24.99. If you purchased one for $8.97 and sold for $24.99 that's $16.02. Not a bad bit of profit for very little work! Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?

That's just one example. But it just shows, if you do your research, you can find some real gems on AliExpress and many people make a lot of money using that site this way! Just search the site for the things you're interested in, any passions, hobbies, interests you have, things that are hot right now and then research them on other sites, the big brand sites to see what they are selling for. Then just do the math, then buy it, then come here on Listing Dock and list it for sale. Kerching!

Amazon / eBay

Amazon and eBay usually have sellers doing this same thing and want to sell their stuff for as much as they possibly can. So a lot of them put them up for sale at prices that are similar to what the big brand stores sell them at. However you can often still find real bargains on eBay and Amazon that you can buy and then resell on at a bigger price. The same practice of searching the site, finding a product, bidding on it or just buying it. Then listing it up for sale on Listing Dock at a higher price applies.

Target and Walmart

Okay Target and Walmart are quite big brands. And and while Target is very similar to AliBabe because of how it sells things at much cheaper discount prices, which you can buy individually which you can have sent to you or go and pick up at their physical store if there's one near to you. Target doesn't have quite the same very cheap prices like AliBabe or AliExpress has but it does stock very hot and trending things of today that are trendy and fashionable with people right now.

JD (Jiandong Mall) is a Chinese trading site who are actually one of AliBaba's biggest competitors. They were formerly known and called 360Buy but were taken over by a big Chinese firm yewars ago. It used to deal mainly with electronics but it now sells all sorts of things the same as AliBaba and that like clothing, gardening stuff, home accessories and the like. It's a very well known and respected trading site and you can use it to find individual items for sale at cheaper prices which you can resell.

Doba is another trading site very similar to AliBaba but is an actual drop shipping service. Basically the way it works is you can find something for sale on Doba then sell it on here or somewhere, then go to Doba and buy it and put your actual buyers shipping address. Then Doba will deliver your buyers item to them for you! And of course, you keep the whatever profit you make on the sale. It sounds really great doesn't it. The only downside is Doba isn't free to use but there is a free 30 day trial if you want to try it out. I've never used Doba myself but would love to hear from anyone that has or if you do!

Okay and that is what I wanted to share with you! If you're going to find cheap products and things you can sell at a profit, these are the sites you can find them on!

I hope you'll find this useful and it helps you to make lots of money reselling things on Listing Dock! Where to find things for sale cheap to resell on Listing Dock at a profit?

Do you use any of these sites or know any similar sites?

What other sites or ways are there to find things for sale on the cheap that you can resell at a profit?




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Yes i love ali ba ba, the problem i run into sometimes though is the scammers. is another site like this but you have to be very careful. I use to drop ship on eBay from Amazon before i got banned from prime buahahahha! This is really good for beginners around here who are trying to sell things. I think the SEO for this site will increase if people start selling popular items for good prices. My daughter wants a toy called hatchables they cost 130 a pop and i have a feeling is the new craze toy that every kid wants for Christmas. This is very good information i can say that its accurate and it will actually work. I have experience as a silver power seller on eBay and selling many thing. I also want to add that yard sales can also be a good place to find things to sell. Great topic thanks for sharing.

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Oh nice one Mike. I have actually been on AliExpress before to have a browse around. I can't remember how I found my way there but I think I was looking to purchase something in bulk for my online baby store.

I can't remember much about my experience there and I never ended up buying anything on AliExpress.

I wonder though if you would have to purchase in bulk in order to get those prices to resell?

I made some purchases recently on eBay and the experience was quite nice, I was thinking of buying things to resell here in South Africa but some of the things got stuck at customs which is fine for one or two orders. The problem comes in when you import over a certain amount in value or over a certain amount of times in one year... then you need to get an import license which I am not keen on.

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Very good content with lots of tips that I was looking for. However if let's say I wanted to buy a dozen of wireless mouse from Alibaba, is it possible for the items not shipped to my address but to my customers address? In other words, the goods will be place in the Alibaba store until I found customers who wanted to purchase the mouse. Is it possible?

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Thanks for the tutorial and tips. I ordered last August 31 on AliExpress, well, of course my package hasn't arrived yet because I chose Economy Shipping that takes up to 1 month to be delivered but I have a question. I tried reselling from AliExpress to Ebay but it is now difficulty to sell in Ebay because there's so many top sellers that sells the same products and how to be on the suggested seller?

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I have been using Aliexpress and Alibaba for sometimes now.I have not regretted doing business with those two sites though sometimes products are delayed it get to me in one piece.I have never tried the other sites but maybe I have to look into them at with Amazon for now.

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I pretty much know about all these site and most of them that I have tried out is quite good. I have made use of eBay, Alibaba and Amazon. These 3 sites are very excellent in products transactions, they would offer you the best service for your money.

These other ones,,, Target and Walmart are still alien to me. Maybe they are good or bad, I'm certain but probably I would have to look them up.

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The best one for me would probably on Aliexpress but the shipping time takes like 5-7 weeks before you can received your orders, But the product is so cheap that you can gain so much profit out of it. I haven't tried buying on amazon and on eBay so I would not say anything about it but I heard that they're also an excellent shops too.

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