Banana Pup Pops...DIY 3 Ingredients!!!

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Banana Pup Pops...DIY 3 Ingredients!!!

DIY Banana Pup Pops! I know how most of you like the idea of using what you have instead of buying something that you are unsure of the actual ingredients....This is so easy to make and I can't wait to do this! I have everything except 1 of the ingredients.

Heres what you need:
1. blender or food processor
2. plain yogurt
3. 1 very ripe banana
4. peanut butter
5. those little 3 ounce paper cups (usually for rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth)
6. raw hide stick (can also use peanut butter sticks if you prefer not to feed your dog raw hide)

What you need to do:
1. mix all ingredients in the blender or food processor
2. pour mixture in each cup
3. place 1 raw hide stick or peanut butter stick in the center of the cup of the mixture.
4. freeze these cups for at least 4 hours.
5. once frozen, peel the cup off and feed to your pup!!
Banana Pup Pops...DIY 3 Ingredients!!!
I think any pup or dog would love this, and i cant wait to try this with my Bailey, she loves her treats and especially ones that are like human food! LOL and Prince i think would love these too, he likes ice pops so i think he would love this even more!!


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Oh these look so lovely I wouldn't mind trying them myself. You know, just to make sure they are dog worthy lol I'm not sure how well these would go down with my current dog. He's such a fussy little so and so. He turns his nose up at hot and cold food but when it's room temperature he wolfs it down! Depending on what it is! Show him a bit of bacon and his eyes light up like 2 Christmas trees. Offer him a piece of toast and he'll look at you in derision!

But these look really nice I want to try them myself! Banana Pup Pops...DIY 3 Ingredients!!!

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they probably taste really good! those combinations of banana and peanut butter is always so good!! Prince is super fussy when it comes to eating his food and which kind of treats he will eat. But i do know he loves regular ice pops so im wondering because its cold like an ice pop if he will eat it. Bailey will eat and does eats everything! she is so easy going when it comes to food and treats! she loves it all!! LOL

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It looks great I mean I can try this on my own. Easy ingredients,easy to prepare but I think has good taste.

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