Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

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Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

So in our series of ways to make money for Christmas, we've talked about holding a Yard Sale, selling your old stuff online which includes electronics and things you got last year or the year before or something since you're not using it anymore. As well as selling old books as well which there is a big market demand for. Whether it's through some official site like Bookscouter or on Listing Dock!

4. Make Money for Christmas Making and Selling Arts and Crafts

But for this one, I want to talk about making money for Christmas by selling your crafting skills and abilities. And there is also a massive market demand for this kind of thing. Whether it's making pretty looking Christmas decorations and things to hang from the tree. To homemade Christmas crackers to cute and novelty items which can make excellent Stocking fillers!

Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

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If you're an arts and craft type of person, and it's something you not only enjoy doing but actually really excel in then you can make a profit from that passion by selling arts and crafts type things to people to make some money for and or before Christmas!

The trick is to creating something appealing that you can make over and over again. And then listing it up for sale. You can use sites like Etsy and eBay etc. As well of course, sell it on Listing Dock as well. Actually, if you search Google for "sites like Etsy" you'll find many others you can list the same items on.

Some sites include, Cafe Press, Zazzle, ArtFire, Cargoh, Redbubble, Bonanza & iCraft to name just a few! Check out this list of 40 Etsy site alternatives for more sites and ideas on where and how you can sell arts and crafts type stuff.

And if you're actually looking for ideas for arts and crafts things you can easily make yourself at home. Check out these Money Making Crafts on Pinterest! Just using that Pinterest link alone will give you a plethora of ideas for things to come up with.

Then using all the sites which let you list them up for sale at your disposal, the amount of money you can make from it really depends how many cool, nice looking things you make, and how many sites you put them up on. Obviously the more you make and the more sites you put them up for sale on, the more money you'll make from it all.

Part Time / Full Time / Seasonal Only - You Decide!
Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

Image: 29 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2016.

The great thing about making and selling your own homemade arts and crafts things is that you can decide how much you want to work and when you want to work and what you want to work on! Whether it's just to raise a little extra cash for Christmas. Or as a full time self-employed job and business. Some people actually start off really small and then grow from their and make an actual official business from it.

With so much demand for these sorts of things (at any time of the year!) And with all the resources there are out there for ideas for things to make. And the plenty of sites you can use to sell them on. There is a fairly easy (and fun) way to make money for Christmas by selling Arts and Crafts online today! Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

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i have tried this. i made a tutu skirt made out of tulle, for my oldest daughter for one of her school plays. after i was through making the skirt, i started making another one for my 5 year old and it ended up being so easy to do and really was inexpensive. realizing all of that, i started making some more and taking pictures of the ones i made, and posted them to Facebook and also sites like letgo, mercari, and also craigslist. although i have yet to have someone order but this idea seems like a very good one. lots of people, especially in small towns like the one i live in, like to shop local and help out their community by buying something homemade from a fellow member of society rather than buying from a big corporation like Walmart. this is a really great idea Mike and thank you for sharing it!!

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I have made greeting cards but have not sell them online yet. I do not know whether to add in the postal fees for overseas customers because I am sure it would be expensive. If I could sell Christmas handmade gifts online, I often have to ponder over the packaging and transport fees. Hence, I only make them for my family members

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I believe that this only applies to anyone that have a skill already because you can't offer what you don't have.

Luckily for me I posses a skill in beads making and I am definitely going to exploit it any time that I get the opportunity to do so not just on Christmas. Make Money for Christmas by Selling Your Craft Skills and Abilities

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This is actually possible and you can make tons of money out this if you only have that skill and abilities that an artist has or possessed. You can also try doing something which you are probably good at and do it with your 100% percent and as if your're life is on the line. And also, do it with your passion on it, like making it with your own idea from your brain and also from your heart.

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There seems to be a lot of bigger market out there for the christmas. Small decoration to the biggest DIY items for the sale. I think it really makes a difference with the way we are building the business though. Because it;'s not easy to find the labour during the christmas time. And you have to be having a lot of stock during these days to make a genuine profit. It again depends on how you handle the rest.

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