Train Your Dog With A Bell!

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Train Your Dog With A Bell!

There are many different ways to train your dog to do things. You can send them off to a personal puppy/dog trainer but that can get costly, or you can train by a clicker, or even simply just old fashioned rewarding with treats for good behavior and listening. Well here is a whole different way to train your puppy or dog to let you know when they need to use the bathroom. So here is how to train your dog with a bell...

Hang the bell on the door knob of the door she will use to go outside for potty break. Be sure your dog sees the bell and knows how to ring it by touching it with her nose. This may require some encouragement and practice and you should not move on until she is in the habit of touching the bell with her nose for a treat. Remember you can also use hugs and petting as rewards, not just treats. When she wants to go outside for potty break, take her to the bell and show her how to ring the bell by touching it with your finger so that it makes a sound. At first, she may not do the same. Let her go outside at this point and when she returns, give her another reward. At some point, she will associate going outside to the bathroom with that bell being rung when she is at the door. She will also come to think of the treats received when the bell is rung and will want to be rewarded by ringing the bell to go outside. After awhile, she will become accustomed to ringing the bell on her own when she wants to go outside for a bathroom break. You may want to put the bell away in between training sessions while she is learning as a dog may come to think of the bell as a way just to get more treats. If she rings the bell at any other time than when she wants to go outside for the bathroom, then do not reward with a treat or else you will be reinforcing bad behavior.

Now that Bailey's leg is better and she doesn't really have to be caged all the time, i'm going to try this out with her. She lets us know now by pawing at the cage and whining so i'm afraid she wont tell us she has to go when she is out of the cage and have accidents in the house again. She's a smart though so she may catch on quickly to that system.

Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed this one!


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Well aren't you quite the Dog Whisperer Ermini! Train Your Dog With A Bell! Posting all these cool dog hacks and training tips that are really very useful for all dog owners! Especially those with young puppy dogs as that is the most crucial time to teach your dog these tricks and things as they will stay with them for the rest of the life. And best to do it then as well as when they get older, they get harder to teach the tricks as they get set in their ways like old people do lol. It's like the saying goes; you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Train Your Dog With A Bell!

When my dog wants to go he just goes and sits by the back door and whines a little lol. Or he'll sit in the window looking outside and barking at people and other dogs as they walk by lol. This is his way of saying that he wants to go out for a walk and a widdle! lol

Glad to hear your dogs leg is better and I hope she goes on to bring you much joy and happiness. Train Your Dog With A Bell!


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HAHA i try. but no i try to find things online to help us out with our pup, i haven't had a puppy in over 6 years and when i had my puppy, he was small. Bailey is my first big dog, i felt i was new at everything so i search the net for some help and when i find things interesting or helpful to me i like to post it because it may be helpful for someone else as well!! =] thanks Mike, im so glad she is better too. Bailey is a great dog and once she grows out of being a stubborn little pup, she is going to be such a great dog and if learns all these cool things i want to teach her, shes going to be the best dog in the world!!!! ;] LOL

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This is a great Idea. Train my dog with a bell for poop time. I have two dogs I hope both of them can really learn how to ring the bell. They are different breeds. One is Japanese Spitz and the other is Bigel. This is a cool trick to teach to my dogs however this might take a long time to learn. Maybe with some reward for the dog can help the trick to stick on its mind. With this training It is easier to clean up my dogs mess and house wont smell dog poop anymore. Cheers to dog lovers out there. This dog trick rules. Train Your Dog With A Bell!

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This is really a funny but an interesting idea and maybe I would consider giving it a trial to see how it would work.

Dogs or most pets have a fanatics way of learning almost everything you teach them, so I believe if this is schooled well to, that they would probably master the instructions perfectly fine.

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Very nice post it helps me a lot on how to train my dog. actually i have bulldog dog and i started training him since puppy until now teaching him where to poop and where to sleep. and i tried using bell to call him to eat it works he always remember that if i bell the ring he will ran to me and eat his food.

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I haven't thought of this. It's really a big help reading your post. I will try this one. I have been finding ways in training my dog but it's really hard specially there's two of them and they are both very hyper. Always excited with everything. I'm getting a hard time controlling them though i know they can be easily thought cause they know some tricks. But to where they will poop is my really big problem. So this is a great help. Thanks.

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Good idea hmm I have a pet now and I’m getting hard time to make himpooh every morning we use to go out outside our house to make a potty break, but
in the middle of the day like lunch or in the afternoon pooh is everywhere. I will try this I hope my
pet will do like it. This is a great help hope it works to my pet.

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Nice write up though we have a personal trainer for the older ones.I will try this with the puppies to see how it goes.It will really save cost if we should have this in place for them.

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Bells are a great tool to train dogs. Ivan Pavlov who developed classical conditioning used a bell to train the dog. He trained the dog to salivate just by ringing the bell.
I have never used a bell to train the dog, in fact, I have never taken any interest in training the dog, even though I am a dog owner. However, I enjoy watching my dog do some antics.
Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I might use some of them.

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I see this way in training your dog with a bell. I watch some dog whisperer shows and they recommend to train the dog with a bell. I tried it to my dog and it goes well. This kind of training is hard from the start. But when your dog start to be familiarize the sound of the bell, it is now easy for you to call them anytime.

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I think bell is not something I have tried to train. But it seems like a good point for training. I wonder if they listen similar bell nearby how they are going to react. It'd be interesting to see how that can be a good point in that case. It seems like something many of us can't do if we have other local bell like church bell nearby.

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I haven't tried training my dog with a bell but I think this is also one of the easy ways to train them. I trained my dog with a treats so everytime I got to command him, I usually have a dog treats with me. At first it was really hard for him to follow as he was looking forward to the food I have with me but as I have tried to command him everytime he already familiarized and used to listen to my commands.

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Very cool. Thanks for the idea. I love dogs and I have two. Goldendoodle and Spitz. They are very cool and fast and also very affectionate and kind. I trained them but they didn't work well. Jessie (Goldendoodle) learned to quickly give a paw, sit, and sing. And Monica still doesn't do anything. I read in the article Petsoid-Animal & Pet Blog about other domestic breeds. And I'll probably buy another one! Well, I love them very much! And I will definitely try your advice with the bell. I wonder if this will help or not.

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My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks

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