Magnetic Poo Trap For Your Dog!...?

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Magnetic Poo Trap For Your Dog!...?

Gone are the days of picking up your dogs poop with the pooper scooper or the old plastic bag method! Picking up your dogs poop is so dreadful, no one ever wants to do it, you have to admit. I know I'm not a huge fan of having to do this and apparently i wasn't the only one that was tired of doing it. The PooTrap was created! HAHA

I don't know if i would ever use this thing for Prince, he is very particular when it comes to using the bathroom. He was one of those pups that wouldn't poop if you were looking at him. LOL Bailey i could probably get away with doing this with! So basically its this harness that also goes around the butt and tail. There is a U-shaped magnetic band that attaches to another U-shaped bag with a bag on it. So you can put this bag on your dog and take him for his walk and when he goes to poop its already there and when hes done you can remove the bag. OR you can wait until right before your dog is going to poop and attach it quickly and then remove it when hes done. I think it's pretty clever and the fact that you can use any bag with this makes it 10 times better!!

Here is the video on the PooTrap:

I know its kind of gross but i think this is a really cool product and if i can see past the poop than im sure some of you can too. Thank you for reading everyone!!


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Ermahgerd! No way. Wait. No way. Wait. What? LOL Ermini this is a spoof product right? Or this is an actual real thing you can buy? This is the craziest, doggiest invention I've ever seen!! I can't believe what I have just seen and I don't think I'll ever be the same again!! LOL

It actually looks like quite a practical invention for dog owners that dont want to scoop up their poop! And nobody likes picking up dog poop in a plastic bag lol. Although some people don't actually mind it and just see it as something you have to do. So I can see how this might actually appeal to the people out there that wish here was a better way of bagging it without having to feel its warm consistency squidge between the fingers lool

What I think is funny is that well you would have to take it off your dog after its done its business. However, most dogs usually as soon as they've finished doing it, bolt off and run away or stand there for few seconds wiping their paws on the grass. So if your dog was to run off with an open bag of poop bouncing around his rear end things could get a little more messier and embarrassing as just picking it up lol.

So I guess it would depend on the dog and you'd probably have to train them into it but it would be really funny to see a dog using this. No not funny. Gross lol and I wouldn't want to see it but I still sort of would. Is that wrong? I feel sick now ermini LOL

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HAHA this is an actual product, Mike! it was made by someone in China and ships directly from there. it is the craziest thing i have ever seen too, but i can relate to the people the inventor of this product was trying to market this too. We have a big yard now and our dogs kind of go off into the bushes and do their business so we dont really have to worry about picking it up, but when we do.....its like the most dreaded chore ever. When we lived in an apartment and shared a lawn with 2 other neighbors, we had to pick up poop every day so we didnt get any complaints from the neighbors and in the winter time, neither my husband or i wanted to that!! LOL

well i'm assuming these pootraps were intended for use when you are leash walking your dog, so it can be easily taken off and your dog isn't running away!! and yea you probably would have to train your dog or practice it with your dog every day. like i said, Prince would not have any part of this if we decided to try this out, which i don't think we i will, but he does not like certain areas of his body touched....likes his paws and his butt area and tail. LOL

sorry about the post Mike but thank you for responding!!! =]

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Wow! This is the first time i've heard of this poo trap. Anyone here already used and tested it for their dogs? It's nice but can dogs handle the discomfort having that thing in their butt? My yorkies are very active and i think they might bite and remove it the first time they feel something is place in their bodies.

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This is quite funny I must say about having a poo trap for dogs for most dogs might not feel comfortable using it at the first time and that is where the problem might arise. However, I think it is quite okay of for the existence of such for once your dog gets comfortable with using them. Then, it can be used to control their poo, especially while on the walk.

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Wow this is great this is the first time Ive ever heard about this poo trap and Ill guess this is very good. Im so excited for this and eventually I will wish to have this.

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It is so hassle to clean up the poop of your dog and maybe the other pets also. So this magnetic poo trap is very useful and convenient. I always have a problem everytime my dog poop inside the house. So most of the times, my dog spent most of the day outside the house. Now with this magnetic poo trap, my dog can run now inside my house anytime my dog wants.

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Thanks for introducing, we certainly learn daily, never heard of poop trap though it sounds funny and strange.Dolly and Molly can be very active,in fact hyperactive,. I wondered if that trap can stay in there for long but it more convenient for me.Will check the stores for this product.

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I'm hoping this really works. As someone who rescues alot of senior dog's this could help me more in the house than on walks. They are so old they stay in a huge yard and are wore out within 10 minutes of walking around here. It's when their inside they sometimes poop and have no idea their even doing it..this could save alot of furniture, carpet, rugs... I hope I can figure out how to properly measure them so they fit correctly. Thanks for posting this!!

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