How does a cat show anger?

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How does a cat show anger?

I grew up with dogs and it's easy to know when a dog is upset. Now that I have a cat, I find it hard to tell when she is mad or wants to be left alone. So when I want to cuddle, she bats at me and stalks away angrily. How can I read a cat's body language?


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Cats are pretty easy to read, if you have been around them for awhile.

If a cat is laying down and thumping his tail against the floor, that means he's pretty mad. So you might want to steer clear.

Some cats will arch their back and bristle fur if they are angry or challenged by another cat. Another time to avoid contact.

Most times, a cat will make a low throaty purr sound (which you might not hear unless you are sitting close) when it's happy.

One thing you should keep in mind about cats is how they usually like to make the first move. Just chill out and let the cat come to you. They will decide when it's time to cuddle.

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I never have had a cat in my life it's not because I don't like cat but it's just that I am fond of dogs. Base on your comments you are really a certified cat's lover. The only trait of cat that I know is that cats are independent and they love to sleep in a day and awake at night.

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Definitely you are really a cat woman, you virtually said almost what I intend saying and as such there is no need repeating it.

But I would still add at least one thing, cats are very sensitive, if you are quite observant. A violent mew followed by raising of the paw would practically tell you it's not a good time being around the cat at such moment as it ready to even attack you if care is not taken. Lol.

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Sure,they get mad as well.I.don't think.there's any living thing that would never get angry.For cat I think when they raise their tails several and their paws again.I think it to show annoyance .

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They hiss! I have been around a few cats that liked to hiss when they get angry with each other at angry at humans.

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I agree, they do hiss and mostly they scratch or bite you. I remember when I get bitten a by a cat which my grandfather get from the street and all that I did is I just play with him until it gets to the point that he's so pissed then suddenly he just bit me on my feet and that's the dumbest thing I did to a cat. XD

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I agree with Brownie. They will hiss or smack the other cats. If it is towards a human they can bite as well or scratch too.

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Cat's body language sometimes its hard to predict if there are angry but I notice that I'd they are angry they likely to stick in one play and not to move and so mean to look them in the eye. Also they have a sound like they want to attack so be careful of that. But for me my advice just be vigilant in cat don't take it lightly they might scratch your eyes.

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I think when a cat is angry, it tries not to move around but stays in one place thumping its tail against the floor. I don't like having a cate anyway for it is such a tough animal to know when angry unlike cat that barks sometimes.

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Cats are smart animals and usually, when a cat is angry she will arch her back and spit with a hjjjj sound. If you are holding her she may scratch you with her fingernails. A cat can be a loving animal or a dangerous one, my sister had one and in one day it scratched her so bad that she had to go to the hospital because she could not stop the blood from flowing.
It depends on your cat, if she will start loving you she will be your best friend. but if she doesn't she will always be withdrawn

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