Woman Creates Crochet Pokémon Go characters and Pokéball's by Hand and Leaves them in the wild!

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Woman Creates Crochet Pokémon Go characters and Pokéball's by Hand and Leaves them in the wild!

Well it's been a few weeks since Pokémon Go was launched to the world and we've seen a lot of craziness around it since then! Stories of people getting robbed at gun point and pile ups on the freeway! And I'll admit I did download and install Pokémon Go myself at first, just to see what all the fuss was about, as an entrepreneur and Internet marketer more to see how I could jump on the bandwagon myself and find a way that I can coin in on the massive Pokémon Go trend.

But I had literally played the game twice and have since deleted it. All that information they can see by requesting access to,your emails and stuff like that plus it being created by the CIA. I'm not up to no good but I value my privacy!

Anyway, if I was in Texas, Lewisville I might just reinstall it for a poke, just to visit this pokéstop to find one of these hand knitted crocheted Pokémon Go characters!
Woman Creates Crochet Pokémon Go characters and Pokéball
They are the the creation of a Nichole Dunigan who has made these cute little Pokémon Go dolls by hand and has been hiding them in different pokéstops and places in and around her neighborhood for her kids and the local kids to find!
Woman Creates Crochet Pokémon Go characters and Pokéball
Nichole has only been doing this for about a week now but it's started a movement! Now other artists and crochet and knitters are getting in on it and doing the same thing. Nichole has a Facebook page #CrochetGo that has members in it from all around the world and is growing by the day.

In case you're wondering. No these aren't for sale. She doesn't make them to sell she just loves making them based on some of the popular Pokémon Go critters that you need to "find in the wild". However, she has made all the crochet designs available on her Nerdy Knots Ravelry page.
Woman Creates Crochet Pokémon Go characters and Pokéball
Nichole says that it takes about 30 minutes to create the pokéball and pokémon can take anything from an hour to two depending on the pokémon's details where Pikachu is the most time consuming one to make.

Nichole also says that even folk who've never done any crocheting before can make their own pokéball pretty easy and is hoping that more people in the world will be inspired to take up crochet and go on to leave real crocheted pokéball's and pokémon out in the wild for people to discover.

And for anyone looking for a new hobby or has wanted to take up crochet, this could not only be a fun activity but also quite a lucrative one as well. You could create these crocheted pokémon and pokéball's and sell them on Listing Dock or elsewhere.

How to make money with this?

This gave me several ideals. But one is just to create pokéstops and leave something there, some QR code or something they can scan on their phone that takes them to a landing page that tells that Pokémon Go tips and stuff. Guaranteed money spinner! You could even get someone to create these for you on here I expect! ;)

What do you think of Nichole Dunigan's idea?

Will you be following in the trend?


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Oh way cool Mike. Yeah I've been following some of the craziness surrounding this Pokemon Go craze. I find it unbelievable that it has taken the world by storm like this.

I read recently about a woman that created a Pokemon Go sanctuary in Noordhoek where Pokemons can live freely. She apparently believes that they are real or so she claims. I actually grew up in Noordhoek and some of the people that live there are interesting characters so I am not too surprised LOL

What I've loved the most around this Pokemon Go craze is the creativity and amazing ideas that people have come up with!

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wow! nice art craft! he can sell this on the pokemon event or even in the shop with this nice master piece this could sell big. and also kids love pokemon staff. i will try making this one for selling online i will ask help to my friend who is good in to this. this could be a business potential.

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