Homemade craft: DIY Beaded Clay necklaces!

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Homemade craft: DIY Beaded Clay necklaces!

As a mom, I love getting homemade things from my kiddos! and I know my grandparents and mother used to love the things my brother and I used to make for them. I have found this really cool DIY clay jewelry to make for any occasion!

What you'll need:
1. foil for your workspace
2. oven bake polymer clay
3. knife
4. toothpick
5. string or chain
6. glass beads
7. clear nail polish

I would start working on foil (so that the piece can be transferred to the oven)
roll or press oven-bake polymer clay into a sheet about 1/4 inch thick.
Use a dull knife to cut out any shape you want.
Create a hole or two for the string with a toothpick, wiggling it to widen the hole.
Put small glass beads firmly into the clay.
Once the design is done, check the holes (for the string)and reopen any, if needed.
Bake the clay as directed on the package the clay came in.
Coat the cooled piece with clear nail polish and add string.

BAM! Homemade jewelry for mom, grandma, auntie, or sister!!!! Thanks for reading guys!


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Oh my daughter will love making homemade beaded clay necklaces. This comes at just the perfect time because I am wanting to make mostly homemade gifts this year for my family so I am looking for things that the kids can get involved in!

This will be the perfect present for my mom and sister and my daughter can get involved too!

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yes it would make perfect gifts! i cant wait to try it because i havent yet. but this one is definitely on my list to do this winter!! my kids love do make things especially jewelry!!

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This is really a wonderful thing to do especially if it's for ones family members and not for selling purposes. Anything that is hand made personally have much more values added to it.

I also make beaded jewelry and necklace. I picked it as a hobby to use and while away my time when I'm bored but in my quest to catch fun, I discovered that I had other talents and since then I haven't slowed down in perfecting my skill.

This really fetches me a reasonable amount of money on several occasions as none of the beaded necklace that I make is worth nothing less than ten thousand naira only (#10,000).I am still looking forward to getting more exquisite style and design to follow in their creators footsteps in making more for myself and my customers. Homemade craft: DIY Beaded Clay necklaces!

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Wow, this necklace looks great, I guess you work hard to have this wonderful result, congratulation you have an angel hand.

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I have seen so many beautiful clay necklaces online. I will try to follow your steps and make a beaded clay necklace with my niece. She loves jewelry making and I am confident that she will be happy to help me make one. If I can make a perfect necklace maybe I will try to make many others eventually to gift to my relatives and friends for Christmas.

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This is really nice,I know my aunt which is like a mum to me now always talks about getting a clay necklace like this,I will try to sort for the materials to make for her,I know she will appreciate this homemade one than the one I would have bought from the store.This is the season of gifts and handing her this wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Beaded clay necklaces are cool. They're creative and can serve as fun gifts for your loved ones. It's also more meaningful because you made it yourself.

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Sounds really cool. I wish you had put up a picture on this. I want to see how it looks like. I would love to know if you can make the clay in different colours. If you can this is amazing creativity. At the moment I'm into personalized home made gifts, this the perfect idea for bracelets or necklaces as Christmas presents. I've noted the procedure . I'll make one and see how that turns. I'll probably make a couple more as christmas presents. Thanks for the great tip.

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