Play fetch? Healthier alternative to sticks.

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Play fetch? Healthier alternative to sticks.

Im sure all of you have played fetch with your dog a time or two. Do you use a stick or a branch off of the ground to do it? I am guilty of this my dog loves to fetch any stick i throw. What i want to talk about today is the dangers of allowing your dog to chew wood and what we can use as a healthier alternative. Dogs chew many things but wood is one of the worst ones and ill explain why.

When a dog chews wood it could cause splinters in the throat. If a splinter punctures the throat it will cause bleeding, and ultimately infection and even death can happen. If your pet is able to swallow some pieces without a splinter happening it is not out of the woods yet. Swallowing wood can cause intestinal blockage leading to surgery or death as well. Whatever you do do not let your dog chew or eat wood.

Healthier alternatives are available and come at a cheap price. We all know that vet bills can be pricey, so we have to avoid them. ?Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toy is only $8.99 and will save you thousands in the long run. From what i hear they are durable and last a while before you need to replace them. I have already ordered one for Bailey to use when her leg is better. Now fetch can be safe and easy!

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Oh geez I have never considered the possibility of splinters but now that you say it, this makes perfect sense.

I don't have a dog of my own right now but our neighbors dog is always running around and he just loves playing fetch. My kids are always throwing sticks for him when we are outside.

When we go on the beach we usually throw dried seaweed because it is all over the beach and there are no wooden sticks on the beach.

I will make sure to stop my kids from throwing wooden sticks and keep to throwing the seaweed instead.

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Seaweed is the better alternative just make sure he doesn't swallow to much of it. If im not mistaken seaweed is high in salt content. If he swallows to much in combination with a hot day could be fatal if water is not immediately available. If your boys would like to play safe with this dog i have a few recommendations that don't require any money at all. If you have old rope laying around you could tie knots on either end and use this to throw. If you have a old garden hose that you are no longer using this is ok for the dog to chew on as long as its cut to length. One of my favorites is a bottle inside of a long tube sock tied at the end. This makes a noisy toy that you can throw and play fetch with. The kids will love this because they can make something by hand before they go outside and play! You can use this as a 2 in 1 deal! I hope this helped you out finding better alternatives for the neighborhood dog. Thanks for reading!

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I think it depends on the stick! Dry wood with square edges is the most dangerous since those will be the sticks giving out the most amount of splinters very easily. That's why I always used round sticks that had soft bark around them, those won't creating hard splinters, at least this is my experience with playing fetch,

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I use mostly soft wood to play the fetch me play and it has not done any harm to my dogs so far or I haven't experience it for now. will look to see the toy stick online and probably get some for keeps.

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Splinters is always a possibility with wood and with dogs getting as excited as they do anything can happen! I still now see people throwing sticks to their dogs to play fetch with and it makes me cringe every time I see this because of what could happen to that poor dog and yet the owner is completely oblivious.

Any kind of dog toy is better for fetch I believe. From a ball to even a toy bone these are all great things you can throw that you dog can run, pick up and bring back to you and they are completely safe for your dog. Sometimes I wonder if people play fetch with a stick because it is just more convenient than carrying a toy out for them to play with, they do not realise the consequences that could come with playing fetch with a stick.

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I think one can make use of the soft toys that people keep for the babies. And such toys can be used for the pets too. And this way if the babies are not hurt then it won't hurt the dogs too. Most likely the material used in such toys is going to make them feel good about the pets. I have found that snacks can be hard to keep up if they fall on such toys. In such case usually pets attack on such toys. So have to clean such toys when such stuff happens. And keep the toys clean as much as possible.

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Splinters are very inimical to a dog's health and is completely adviced not to put your dog in a situation of getting one down its throats and possibly into the intestines as these would result in serious health problems or their untimely death.

Even if you haven't ordered a dog chew toy for your dogs fetch play, there are other safe objects that you can use and it would probably be alright. A long tennis ball is perfect for such task, it's very suited to be used for dog fetch play and I have seen several dogs enjoy playing with it because of its bouncing nature. It always makes them tend to jump up and down around the house playing with it.

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That was a great help because I always planning to play fething with my dog. But due to the things I must uae, I am always worried with my dog. Thanks for the tips you given.

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