Make Money Before Christmas by: Selling Your Stuff Online

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Make Money Before Christmas by: Selling Your Stuff Online

In the first method we posted on holding a Yard Sale, they can be a quick and easy way to make some extra cash if you don't mind departing with them. But you may be able to get more for those same items if you sell them online instead.

2. Sell Your Stuff Online.

Things like CD's or DVD's (Bluerays in particular) can often sell for more online than if you sold them at a Yard Sale. And especially collectible stuff like Star Wars toys and other memorabilia which you can often find selling on sites like eBay for a nice price.

The best thing to do is check on eBay first for the item you want to sell. Then sort the filter options to show "Sold/Completed listings". This will give you an idea of what they are generally selling at. You'll have to pay eBay a listing fee and final valuation fee. And of course, there's also the PayPal fee if you accept payments by PayPal.

However, I know of a trick to get up to 100 free eBay listing and sometimes with 50% off final valuation fees. The way it works is every now and then, eBay send out promotional emails to their users that offer them 100 free eBay listings with 50% off or something on the final evaluation fees.

eBay usually send these offers out during the run up to Christmas (and especially after). So you can take advantage of it and get free eBay listings! Make Money Before Christmas by: Selling Your Stuff Online

Also, they also offer "only pay when you sell" listings too. So if your item doesn't sell, you don't have to pay a single penny to eBay in any fees!

Alternatively, you can also list a lot of stuff for sale on places like Craigslist and those local Facebook buy/sell groups as well. Those Facebook buy/sell groups are great places to list and sell stuff for free and usually have a lot of people using them.

If you find a local one for your area, the people that are using it wont have to travel to far to you to come and buy that item from you. So all you have to do is advertise it! Make Money Before Christmas by: Selling Your Stuff Online

And since it only takes a few minutes to create a quick auction on eBay using eBay mobile. All you have to do is take a picture of it and add a small description and it's then out there. You might be surprised but the more you list, the more you'll sell!

Have you ever sold any of your unwanted stuff online?

What other sites and or apps are there for selling your stuff online?


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My wife knows so many places to sell things online its beyond me. You would think that these places wouldn't get sales and that eBay and Amazon had all of the clients but no people are always looking for cheaper better market places to shop. This is actually the perfect time to start a retail ecommerce business November and December are the biggest months for sales for the year especially here in America. Most big retailers make 90% off the money for the year in these 2 short months that should tell you something. Facebook groups are a great place to shop locally as well as Craigslist. So many other apps and websites that you can sell stuff on and people actually shop and buy stuff its amazing. New shops pop up daily and prices are lower or products are better its a way of life for some. We sell everything if you come into my house and see something you like you can leave with it for the rite price lol!

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we actually used to have an ebay store and we did pretty well until they starting changing everything on everybody. i have alot of our stuff up on a bunch of different apps where you can buy and sell your stuff. like Mercari and Letgo but mostly on facebook groups and the new marketplace they just released.

Mike, you are right eBay does give out free listings every once in awhile and it does help especially when you have a store! it really is easy to sell your stuff online through all these different sites they have. i like mercari a little bit better because you don't have to meet up with anyone to complete your transaction, you print they label they offer you and then ship it out!! it can be sketchy sometimes meeting up with people who purchase from facebook groups or letgo! i always make sure i meet in a public place during the day and i feel sketched out, ill have my husband do it!

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Yeahh i like your style sold it through online before Christmas so that if Christmas comes we have extra cash to buy what we want, for me i did it once only i tried during november i sell my dota 2 acc through online because i want to buy in december sale pants and t-shirt also eat my favorite food at KFC so i decided to sell it through online.

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This is actually called social media marketing and it's very useful and effective in making some good money. Social media marketing affords one access to a great number of patronizers out there in the world and those online communication and interacting platform seems to be a good resource ground for generating customers.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be a very good platform for making lots of money online as long one knows how to effectively manipulate the exploit such social media. I happen to have actually used Facebook to increase the sales and demand for my body sprays and perfume business by 20%.

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Yes social media sites are great places to market Christmas items to be sold. But how do the buyer pays you? By paypal or bitcoin? I had always wanted to sell at Ebay but got problem with the postage fee because most of my customers are in USA but I reside in Malaysia.

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This is a nice idea to sell items you own online or it will work much more effective in a garage sale. Selling online still is an easy way to sell items because it can be free advertising and you can sell easily jn social media lime facebook, etc. Thanks for this information.

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Well yes I did this way back year 2014 its nice to sell your stuff online because many people nowadays is more convenient in shopping online. Then it is good to have money in doing so also for buying gifts for others so selling your own stuff online seems like a great idea.

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I have tried to actually sell some of the items that I have never used through a Facebook page. I couldn't sell all of them. I did make some money out of this. I have also sold some D.I.Y Christmas cards through this group and the customers were happy and requested if I can make some for them this year. I have not yet started working on this. I think that I have to as those cards will surely bring me some money.

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If you want to sell your stuff this coming Christmas to raise some cash, then you have to try using free classified ads sites. This is the best place to sell such stuff. People are usually on the look out for those stuff during Christmas seasons and there are hundreds of free classified ads sites out there that are suitable for listing items for sale. Some of those ads posting sites include Craigslist and many more.

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yea,this is the time to make some profit off whatever anyone has to sell, especially stuff pertaining to Christmas.Some things like a yard sale,Christmas cards,DIY artwork,clothes, accessories, and toys.These are mostly what people love to buy these season and if handled well, good money can be made from selling them.

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Christmas and New Years are gone but you can still make money by selling stuff online. While selling you can sell second hand items or procure a new product and sell with higher price. If you do not have a website, you can sell through ebay, Amazon, etsy or zazzle. valentine's day is anon. You can sell valentine's day gifts online and make money. It is easy to sell during the holidays, festivals or special occassions.

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Online selling is trending lately because of it's convenience. I also experienced selling some of my stuff before too. Some of them, I used around once or twice. Some are never used and are just stocked in my closet or in my room. Instead of letting them get old there, I used to sell them so others could benefit. And I think that it helped me a lot during those times that I don't have enough money.

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