Homemade Cat Litter DIY and Save Money!

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Homemade Cat Litter DIY and Save Money!

We love animals! Our favorite kind of pet though is dogs. My husband and oldest daughter are allergic to cats so they are not a pet that we would ever get. I like how cats are pretty independent when it comes to bathroom and bathing and stuff. i have met some cats that like to snuggle all the time and i have also met some cats that like to hide all the time!! LOL

So with our world being so crazy with the chemical they put into our every day products and our food, I figured this would be a good life hack to share for you cat people out there! Tired of buying ridiculously expensive cat litter? Well i have a few ways you can make your own without having to buy anything!!

So you can replace your commercial kitty litter by using sand or dirt but that can probably get a bit messier than kitty litter. DIY clumping kitty litter is kind of hard to make without any special chemicals but you can make a scoopable litter with shredded newspaper!! What you need to do is, rip some newspaper into shreds or you can even use a paper shredder, which would probably be easier. After you have it all shredded soak in it some water to help remove some of the ink on the paper. Once most of the ink is gone, rinse the shredded paper out, and kind of squish it in your hands to keep helping the ink come out. Squeeze out the excess water and let the shreds of paper dry in a tub, make sure to separate anything that is clumped together. Now take some baking soda and knead it into the paper until you end up with a crumbly mixture. Make sure it air dries before you put it into you cats litter box.

Some cats are very particular about their kitty litter so don't be surprised or upset if this doesn't work for your feline friend! So as we all know the cat litter you buy in the stores have odor blocking chemicals in them so your litter box doesn't stink up your whole house, so the only con of making your own is it probably wont have those odor blocking chemicals. So although it is most cost efficient to make your own it probably won't smell very good! LOL

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to save some money with their feline friends' necessities! Thank you for reading!!


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Get out of town this is insane! I really hate cats honestly even if i was not allergic to them i would not want to own one. How much does this cost and does it really work is the question. Cats are nasty why cant they got and use the bathroom outside like normal animals? The other thing i always wondered is why do cats need an entire house to use the bathroom. I go to peoples houses sometimes and i see a dog house looking thing that is just for the cat to do its business. Cats are supposed to be smarter than dogs so why don't they just meow or paw at the door and run outside. Cats are amazing animals though i will say that other than hiding all the time and pooping in the house. They can land and survive high falls, Not to mention they are excellent hunters.

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LOL im not a fan of cats either, never had cats as pets growing up. we were just more of a dog family!

well the cost of this is probably not very much.....newspaper...most people get these delivered to their houses and i know for a fact in our town, they have newspaper stands and they are free! and baking soda you can get in any grocery store in the baking isle, and i think its like a dollar. so maybe a dollar or two or if you wanted to make alot at one time. seems like a pretty cool healthier way but may cause gross odors because of the lack of chemicals. LOL cats are pretty cool animals but they're just not a good fit for our family.

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You can really save money on homemade cat litter, simply you will not buy most of the things needed. You can only go to your backyard make use of your own resources like, recycled wood, nails and sand.That is very simple. why still need to buy expensive cat litter box if you can only make it in your own without breaking the bank (withdrawing).

DIY that's avery good idea! be very resourceful and innovative, that makes you spend less!

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I wouldn't exchange the kitty litter I buy for anything else but if you don't have the money there are many options to choose from. Your tip is good, and here when i was young you couldn't buy cat litter so people used paper or sawdust for that.

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You are very innovative on that one. Well it's great that we have other options if the time comes one can't afford to buy a cat litter box. Saves money as well, one just needs to put time and effort to fill a litter box with crumbs at least its safe and recycled as well since paper is biodegradable.

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