Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

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Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

Have you ever played Pictionary or Charades?

Well with the right people, at the right time, in the right mood and place, pictionary can be a good laugh and a lot of fun. And it's not only a great classic game enjoyed by people all around the world in many different countries, but it can also be adapted and modified in many hundreds of different ways as well.

One of those ways is at Christmas time and playing a few rounds of the Christmas Carole Pictionary Game. How does it work you're asking? Well you want a couple teams at least. If you have a lot of company of up to 10 people or more you can split them into teams of 2 to 3 teams. Then what you do is have them pick a Christmas Carol from a list that you have. Then they have to draw that carol on a white board without saying anything so their team members can get it. You get 3 minutes to complete your drawing. And the team to correctly guess the carol first (and subsequently starts singing it!) that the person is trying to draw, wins that round!

Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

And that's how you play the Christmas Carol Pictionary Game! Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

You can download a list of Christmas Carols online and print them off. There's literally hundreds of them. And some of them are very well known. The funny thing is having to draw that Christmas Carol in a way that people will be able correctly guess it quickly.

Can you imagine the funny pictures that people might draw trying to draw carols like "Jingle Bells" and "Ding Dong Merrily on High". "Silent Night" or "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

By the way, it doesn't just have to be carols! You can also play it with famous Christmas songs. You could play it using only songs from a certain decade. So, Christmas songs from the 80's only or something.

And that's the Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game! Christmas Carol Song Pictionary Game

Hope you like it and may you have a merry little Christmas!



hahah this is great and very cool how they incorporated the all time favorite game to play at ANY party! i remember playing pictionary with my mom and brother when we were younger. of course charades was played at every birthday party or get together with your friends...well at least my friends! HAHA i cant believe that there are so many games to play at Christmas time with your families! its really a perfect time to play these kinds of games that need teams because most likely your whole family is together at one place. and if not your whole family then most of it! LOL its great to play games with family because it helps build bonds with the people you love! thanks for sharing Mike, these are great, kepp them coming!!!!! =]

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This is a great game and I am certain most kids would love playing it. Christmas games are quite appealing, since it's a festive period game it's an added incentives for kids during Christmas celebrations.

Sometimes I feel like kids these days have fun more than adults but there is nothing wrong with it, as they are still kids they are meant to have fun because they have less responsibilities compared to adults.

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This is also one of the things that you can do during holiday season and its great that we can use it to have fan.

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This game is probably the best and perfect game for a Christmas or New Years day, because of the fact that it's not just fun but it helps you bond and be closer to your family each time you play this, like you laugh and be comfortable to each other. We've been playing this game like every year like it's a tradition for our family especially on Christmas day where the prizes are big bucks of money and many other gifts or toys for kids as well.

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This game is like 4 pics one word. I love playing the games like this one even if I am not good at drawing. I get excited now to think christmas carol songs to be guess. I am sure my co-workmates will like it and enjoy the game.

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Hshaha, a great fun game to put smiles on the faces of my friends and visitors at this year end of the year get together. I will love to moderate this game do they I can really see the nervousness and excitement on my loved ones.Will use this very soon. it will make people enjoy themselves.

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Great christmas game tips. This game looks like so much fun, especially if you have a good crowd. I'm always looking for games when I host people over. This is a fun way to have parties.Everybody has lots of fun and the party ends much faster. I will start right now downloading these carols in preparation for my christmas parties. I always have two, one for the kids and one for the grown ups.You have made my life, a whole lot easier.

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