Comes in Handy I guess

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Comes in Handy I guess

Here is few life hacks :

Next time you use a post-it don't throw away straight away run it through the keys on your laptop or desktop computer keyboard as this collects dut and crumbs comes in handy.
Do you like watching movies on your mobile phone and can never find anything to lean it on so its hands free. Try and use a pair of sunglasses put the sunglasses down on a table or something and then place the phone onto it .
Sick of opening Juice cartons and it explodes and pours all over. Well put a little cut in top corner and then open.
Make your own cook book holder. Like cooking get one of those coat hangers which as the clip bits and hook on kitchen cupboard and then clip your cook book into it there you cook you can follow on with out it in the way when Your preparing and cooking.
Easy iphone speaker , Get a toilet roll holder and cut a strip on the top and slid your phone into it like below.
Comes in Handy I guess?


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Some really great idea's there moneybags. I never thought about doing that with a post-it note but now that you mention it, it's so simple but yet would work so effectively. I am always having problems with dust and even crumbs getting onto my keyboard on my laptop but next time I have a spare post it note I am going to try this and see how well it brings up the dirt. It can be a pain getting the dirt and crumbs up a lot of the time so having something as simple as this would be great!

Thanks for sharing!

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OMG someone else is posting life hacks to LD! Awesome! Comes in Handy I guess And I love this one, the iPhone speaker trick. I guess it works both as a speaker and a stand. I have this little plastic piece I carry around with me sometimes that I can lean it in but only horizontally and not vertically like in the picture.

Really love these life hacks though and they are super uber popular so keep posting them please! Comes in Handy I guess

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Those were really great, easy, and fun ideas! I was drawn in by your subject heading because I had no idea what it might be referencing and I was curious. It was a fun surprise to see such useful ideas. I like the toilet paper roll speaker idea, I will have to give that a try to see how well it works. We currently reuse our toilet paper rolls by stuffing them with dryer lint, then we use them as fire starters for our fire pit or fireplace. That way we can reuse two different things instead of just adding to the trash in the world. I also rather like your idea of using a Post-It note to clean the computer keyboard. In general I try not to use Post-Its, instead I use whiteboards or recycled paper, but I still like the idea.

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Thank you for losting these life hacks! I would like to share some too. Before on my office, I used my spare paperclips as a phonestand. Just tweak the clip in a v formation, then bend both the legs to a letter L, then bend a small portion of the lower part of the L to serve as a stopper for the phone. Hope it helps!

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Wow this is a very nice and important update you just brought to my notice. I am definitely going to give your suggestions a trail and see what works for me.

I believe that you are aware that individual differences play a huge role in one's preference, so let's see what makes me fancy tick.

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Impressive ideas! We are always consumed by the fact that we need certain things for certain actions, disregarding some creative ideas that will come handy in our situations. It's cheap, too! A mother-earth friendly. I would love to hear more from this.

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Very helpful ideas, you have a creative way of solving things and doesn't need buying things but recycling things which is very impressive. Of all the things you have mentioned the most thing that actually caught my attention is the easy way to have a phone speaker. It is simple but actually can help me make my phone volume up. I kind of think what if I put some cups on the both ends do it make the sound more louder? I will try it and hope it will make the sound louder thanks for your great ideas.

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Thanks for this list of practical life hacks. This hacks was presented by people who use their critical thinking in using everyday products as we know that no other uses. I like the life hack where you use the post-it before you throw it away to clean the keyboatd of a computer.

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These are real life hacks turning nothing into something, I just bookmark this page and I have to read them more often until I internalize them.I will them to be part of me as it implies, they will come in handy and I want it to work that same way for me.

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The speaker thing is super useful and I would have never thought about it! My tips/tricks would be to clean your phone often with rubbing alcohol (because you touch it many times during a day and it collects bacteria) and when you throw away a box or a jar you have left after finishing a product you should think if you can use it in another way. Many small jars (like mustard jars or nutella ones) make good glasses.

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I love, love your life hacks, they are really practical and don't require you to spend money. I especially like the one where you use the old post it, to cleaning your laptop and the finished tissue roll for putting your phone.

A few life hacks of my own that don't require any money, in keeping with your theme. Instead of throwing out old stockings, cut them at the middle of the leg part, to make hairbands.

Another good one instead of throwing your old jeans away cut them at the thighs and strategically make yourself a trendy jean skirt.

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Haha first time I've seen this and I think its really cool. I've been trying to some ways to create a stand for my smartphone so that it doesn't obstruct the speakers and this thing give me ideas as to what to be used around to create one. I've been watching series and movies on my phone quite recently these days while I was eating and I just put it on the surface. I guess I should be making stuff like this to secure my phone much better while using to watch movies.

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This DIY hack definitely looks handy. I don't keep the phone stand usually. But this type of the stuff if I can make at home then that would surely add up for the work as well. I guess for each one of us that can be good enough in many ways. I have learned that DIY such as that can be good in many ways. You just have to work on those things on your own. This takes a lot of time but it is something definitely doable as well.

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Another good one is cutting a measured piece of wood, then putting it through a wood finishing process. You can use it to sit your PC monitor on top of, or your keyboard. For those who like their computer devices to be a bit higher up for elevation purposes.

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Post-it idea is great, and I tried it at the office, and is officially certified. I also added another use, good for taking out dust or stuff on your clothes, pass it over your blouse or pants, and all the dust will get attached to the Post-it. Not very sure of the toilet roller holder, because usually some phones are very heavy, and they can't stand on paper or something very lightweight. So, usually I go with stuff on my desk to support the phone while taking pics, or watching videos.

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This life hacks are helpful to everyone. I like the part were a toilet roll holder can be a speaker for any phone I guess. I love listening to music so sometimes I want my phone to it's high volume so I can feel the music. Thanks for the useful information. Now I don't need to buy speakers but a tissue roll holder.

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