Local Shipping vs International Shipping for tangible products?

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Local Shipping vs International Shipping for tangible products?

Do you ship your tangible products locally only or do you ship internationally too?

What are your reasons for this?

I am going to be sticking to shipping locally only simply because the postal service in our country is so unreliable it is a bad joke. Using a courier for door to door shipping internationally will work our incredibly pricey.

The other difficulty is that international customs and taxes are a bit confusing so I just want to stay away from all of those difficulties.


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Yeah, well, yeah. The International shipping charges and taxes can be a tad confusing and seriously eat into your profits/earnings! But you'll still have to pay tax on your earnings though anyway if you're self employed and have to keep records of everything. I presume S/ Africa has an internal revenue collection service? What they might call the IRS in the US and the HM Revenue & Customs in the UK. If you're running it as a business that is. Each country usually has it's own laws and regulations on how much money you can make before you have to declare it to them. And each country has it's own laws and regulations on paying tax on everything even shipping. But you can also register as tax exempt and claim that back as well if you're paying tax on everything. Not all of it but it depends what your earnings have been and how much in tax you've paid. That's how they usually work it out anyway.

Do you use WordPress? Have you ever used WooCommerce cart plugin with it? You can use it to run an online store where you sell stuff that people can add to their cart and checkout and that but when you use it to list a new product for sale, you can set the prices for it automatically based on whatever the current shipping and tax charges for that country too. It sounds more complicated than it is but trust me, the International market isn't one you want to snub out completely forever if you want to see good success in what you do and get a lot of sales because it's the rest of the world and that's much bigger than just your own country. But using WooCommerce and finding out what the shipping and tax charges (if any are) for other countries, you can just enter this and then the buyer has to pay for it (on top of whatever the items price is).

Consider that the majority of your website traffic could be from the US. If you're only shipping to people in your own country, you'll be essentially throwing away revenue and doing what's known in sales as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

However that would only apply if you're using WooCommerce plugin on your own site. But if you're selling on Listing Dock you're not going to be able to choose those options. You could always add an Extra for International shipping and charge roughly what it is and a little more. So if it costs $12 shipping charge $20. But that could work because despite the shipping/tax charge and hassles of doing it yourself, you would still make a bit of profit from that. Some people don't mind paying for International shipping charge if it means they can get it. Local Shipping vs International Shipping for tangible products?

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Yes Mike, I get what you are saying for sure and to be able to sell to the entire world really would be quite amazing even if the thought of figuring everything out is quite overwhelming.

Yes I used the WooCommerce plugin on my Wordpress website but I only shipped locally so that wasn't a feature that I used, in fact I wasn't aware that it was even available. That might have made me think again about only shipping locally because it would have made things so much easier.

I think for now I will try out locally and who knows, maybe I will get requests internationally? I don't want to complicate anything to start off with but yes you are right, I should consider international. Imagine the market I will be leaving out!

With your recommendation of a fulfillment shipping company in one of the other discussions my brain is now whirling with possibilities.

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International shipping are very pricey. It depends as well to the country you wish to deliver your parcel. They have taxes and it should be checked by the immigration.

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I think it depends on the cost of taking those goods from that country to the country of your resident. These are things you really need to consider, though I would have to take international shipping if it is cost effective.

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A lot of people prefer international shipping even with the high taxes and a few difficulties encounter.I think I will go with international shipping, one get more sales and makes more money despite all of the fees and all.

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As a seller sometimes of goods on ebay I ship locally only. I don't ship out of the country. Just too many things can go wrong. I know this because I've had things shipped to me internationally in the past and things have gone wrong. Including me not receiving the items at all. So I stick to U.S. shipping. I may ship to Canada one day but not anytime soon.

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I don't ship things internationally like you said the cost of shipping is expensive. so i only ship locally to have less cost for shipping. i sell small products like figurine and only local can buy it. i am not yet ready for international service.

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