Homemade craft: Clam/oyster shell change or jewelry catcher

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Homemade craft: Clam/oyster shell change or jewelry catcher

This is a really cute gift idea for mom, dad, grandpa, grandma....anyone really and it can easily be personalized!

When we would go to beach, I always liked to collect shells, and i always thought well what are you supposed to do with them afterwards. LOL My mom always had great ideas, so she gave me some nailpolish and a clam shell from the beach I had picked and told me to paint it! So i did, bunch of different nail polish colors, it looked pretty cool! When it was dry, she put it on her dresser in her room and she used it to put her rings and earrings in because it was like a little dish! Heres how to make your own >>

what you will need:
1. a shell
2. paint or nailpolish
3. and something to protect your work area.

Paint your shell however you want, even personalize it if you want too! let it dry completely and give it as a gift to whoever! It can be used as a ring/jewelry holder or even a place to keep all your loose change!! Pretty neat huh?

Let me know what you guys think! Dont forget to check back for more crafts posts!!


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Oh beautiful!

My nearly five year old daughter will love this idea. She is always wanting to put all her clips and hair bands "somewhere special". She currently has a little beaded container for all her special things but I know she will love to do something crafty like this!

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i did this with my daughter last year, except i cheated...i gave her the shells from my frozen stuffed clams we had for dinner one night. LOL she still has them, she actially uses them to play with...she has a pretty interesting imagination!!

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Thats a great idea, for someone who does not live close to the beach. That is a very neat, and resourceful idea. We are stuck in the mountains with no tropical luxuries lol. I never painted them but me and my father use to pick up shells all the time at the beach in Puerto Rico. We need to spread this out for more parents to try with the kids. Jayla (My Daughter) enjoys these kinds of things so much all she does is talk about making things and painting. Thank You for sharing keep them coming we look forward to them.

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I must say that I've been learning so much from the teachings you have been doing on how to make some homemade craft. I never did one, but by reading this, I can confidently try to make it and I hope to do it well. Thank you so much for the teaching.

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Nice one! i will share this one to my cousin who has a jewelry store to try this kind of design and also for me i will make some of this and display it in our living wrong for a decoration. and thank you for your posting about home made craft so much knowledge i gain.

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There are so many different home craft ideas you can make in a clam/oyster shell. I don't have jewelries but my mother have. She always have a trouble where she can put her jewelries. I know there are other things you can buy in the store but she want an elegant one. So I think clam/oyster shell is the answer. I hope my mother will like it. I want to give her a nice present so maybe this should be it.

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This is actually a great idea and probably a good thing to give to someone as a gift or souvenirs. Like they would actually think this is actually a bought item at a souvenir store but it's actually handmade, and what is really special is, it is made by you.

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