How To Make Your Own DIY Snowglobe...great gift idea!!

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How To Make Your Own DIY Snowglobe...great gift idea!!

Here is great idea for gifts this season! DIY snow globes!!!! You can make any kind of snow globe you want, holiday themed ones, or even your favorite character from your favorite show or movie!!

What you will need:
1. small figurine or 2
2. Water Resistant glue
3. Glitter
4. a jar with a lid (mason jars work perfectly for this project)
5. water

What you need to do:
1. Take the lid of the jar and with the water resistant glue, glue the figurine(s) to the lid. Make sure you keep everything as centered as possible.
2. Cover the bottom of the jar with glitter.
3. Pour water into the jar.
4. Put the water resistant glue in the groves of lid so when you twist the lid onto the jar (tightly) it make a nice seal and keep it closed.
5. Shake your snow globe and watch it SNOW!! LOL

These could make perfect gifts for anyone!! I'm definitely going to try these out with my girls! They will have so much fun with these!! I'm sure you could decorate the outside of you jar too, if it is big enough!

Thanks for reading!


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Oh my gosh now I know what to do with all those damn lucky packet toys I keep tripping over LOL. Why are there always little toys and figurines lying all over the house? Now they will become Snowglobes hahah

This is a lovely idea for Christmas Ermini2 and as before it uses things we have at home. I have been collecting jar preparing to make things for Christmas presents.

I do loads of crafts at home with my kids so I have loads of glitter of all different colours. I must just check that the glue I have is water resistant!

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thats what i was thinking when i was writing this up yesterday...all these little things that get left everywhere and somehow I always step on. the kids will love this idea, the fact that we can take their little toys and put them into something they can display on their dresser will be so cool! my kids will want to make a thousand of these! hahah

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My girlfriend loves snowglobes, and I am going to have to do this DIY project as a gift for her. Now I just have to figure out what scene or figurines I am going to place inside of this tiny environment. I guess it does not matter what type of glitter I add, but if I want to make it look like snow, I guess silver would be the best choice. Thanks for yet another cool idea from you.

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Wow! nice idea! I was wondering how easy it is to make a snowglobe. My sister's birthday is yet to arrive next month. I think that I would definitely make this easy peasy diy and present it to my sister on her special day.

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This is great! i will make this one along with my cousins since that we love making snowglobes this is great decoration for Halloween or Christmas it depends on your design. and also this can be a gift for your friends during Christmas a hand made snowglobes is awesome.

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I love crafting and I am sure that some people will appreciate receiving a Snowglobe for Christmas. Thank you for the step by step instructions. I don't have all the materials and will have to do some shopping. I have already started making d.i.y decorative items for my family for Christmas. I love giving people personalized gifts. Thank you for this idea.

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This is totally a great gift for Christmas with that glittery snowy vibe that this thing has. And also, the items you need are easy to find and fast to make, like you can totally make this with your little nephews or cousins.

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This looks easy to be made, if one can just have the materials readily available then the gift would be ready in no time.I know my aunt would love this because things like this delight her.This is a nice idea given to me free of charge. will see has it goes putting this together.

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I know that this is a perfect gift idea especially during holiday seasons. When I give snowglobe for a gift to others, I always feel like there are something missing. And I think I know what it is. I must put an effort in it. So making my own DIY snowglobe is the best snowglobe for me. You should try this too than buying in the store. I know that they will appreciate more the snowglobe you made than the snowglobe you bought in the store.

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