Help Soothe Your Headace With This DIY HEADACHE BALM!!

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Help Soothe Your Headace With This DIY HEADACHE BALM!!

My husband suffers ALOT from headaches and migraines and he gets them so bad that lights and sounds bother him, or he vomits and there is hardly anything he can do to help alleviate his pain. He has tried so many options, there are certain exercises he can do to help the blood flow to the head which he does but doesn't always work, and he also is prescribed a medicine to take at the onset of a headache but it makes him sleepy and he doesn't like to take those especially during the day because that's when he works the most.

I am so so happy that i found this DIY headache balm because i will be making this for him and myself as we both suffer from headaches.

What you need:
1. 1/4 cup of coconut oil
2. 20 drops of peppermint essential oil
3. 12 drops of lavender essential oil (known to have calming and soothing properties)
4. 10 drops of Frankincense essential oil (known to promote relaxtion)

What you need to do:
1. Melt coconut oil in a double boiler on a medium heat setting.
2. Remove it from the heat and add all the essential oils to the melted coconut oil.
3. Pour into container with a lid.
4. Let it sit for an hour or so to cool.

After it has cooled and it is hardened up a little bit, rub on your temples and back of you neck! Be careful not to get it in your eyes! Store it in the jar with a lid at room temperature, don't put it into the fridge because it ends up getting too hard and not easy to rub on.

What do you guys normally do for headaches or migraines? My husband will literally try anything!


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Finally a natural solution for headaches. You know i suffer from severe migraines and almost nothing helps. I have special pills from the doctor that are not OTC. They are the only thing that works but they put me out and leave me drowsy the next morning. I can just imagine what its doing to my stomach and liver. nothing over the counter works for me and its frustrating especially when i cant function due to the pain im in. I want to try this next time i have a migraine to see if it works. If i can cure myself naturally im sure i will save myself some future heartache. These pills are slowly killing me and everything you have here is natural and probably way better for me. As you said i will try anything and your rite because they suck.

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yea im totally going to try this, i just found a whole essential oils set on that app mercari! we can even use this on the kids when they say their heads hurt! its natural! i cant wait to make this!

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Ermini2 I don't suffer from headaches or migraines often... that said while I was writing my eBook about my addiction I had a week where I suffered from terrible migraines and exactly like you said your husband gets them, so bad I wanted to vomit!

Mine was stress and emotion related so I got my husband to rub my shoulders and back and it helped very much.

Apparently (according to my mom) one of the main causes of headaches is actually dehydration so the first thing to try when you have a headache is drink a glass of water. It is funny because I read somewhere that a lot of people credit a headache tablet for clearing up a headache when in fact it is often more that you drink water when you swallow your tablets!

I am sorry to hear that you struggle so much Jkeyz2. The thing that I think is really important here is to try and find out why you get so many headaches. Taking medication just treats they symptom but does nothing for the cause.

It may be stress related like I had... maybe an early night with the wife will work well? That is what my hubby and I did, he gave me a massage and then I gave him one. You just can't go wrong...

Oh and sex! I have heard that sex can often help clear up a headache, so the excuse of "oh not tonight I have a headache" is just not going to cut it anymore LOL

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hahaha oh yes i have heard about that also! his can be brought on by so many things its hard to pin point which could be causing it. he has suffered from migraines since he was younger, porr guy hasnt had any kind of relief in a long time!

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I completely agree with on what gives one headache, mine is stress, anxiety and emotional thruma that are quite effective and efficient in giving me serious headache. Seriously I don't fancy having headache at all not one bit, and as a result I normally resort to pills to take care of my headache problems.

You really are a naughty person, talking about sex as a cure for headache, but you are actually right, it does help to relieve headaches. I have tried it out over a couple of times and it's very effective at it.

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As a migraine sufferer this is something that I will definitely try. Thank you for providing the step by step instructions. My doctor has prescribed specific pills for me to have when I get those migraine attacks. However, I am always looking for homemade remedies as those pills have some side effects and since I take them quite regularly I know that in the long run I may have some health troubles due to that. I have tried to used all kinds of balms, massages and light sensitivity glasses but I have still not found a cure.

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Thanks for sharing this, will try this out too.I have read a little secret online and it has been helping to cure my headache. Thirst can cause serious headache. So it always good to drink water when one has headache.

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Most of the times, I suffer headaches due to overwork in my office. Even my girlfriend feels it because she has more overtime in our work than me. I used to massage her head most of the times but it backs again the following day. This DIY headache balm may help us conquer our headaches. I will try it now so that I can recommend it not only to my girlfriend but also to my family and relatives.

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I don't understand what for you need to do such hard thing when you can simply use cbd which are help you much better than this coconut oil. I know what I am talking about because not only me in my family we had headaches and insomnia.Once I bought premium cbd hemp from once store I undestoood what does that mean really good product. I was buying not only for myself, but for my mom as well. You need to be careful regarding stores. Not all of them are the same which I am using as well with different sorts and qualitative products.

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Well, I do not understand these laws, most countries even legalized marijuana, and hemp is now being banned, that so stupid, the only reason to ban them can be the profit of simple drug shops. People started understanding that some hemp can treat better than traditional drugs form pharmacy so pharmacies started losing clients. My grandmother is suffering from anxiety attacks and only weed helps her to live a normal life without constant attacks. I don't know what will we do if weed is banned.

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