Make a DIY Glitter Mason Jar

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Make a DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Ok so I have been looking for ways to decorate glass jars to fill with gifts for Christmas this year and I came across this DIY glitter mason jar.

Make a DIY Glitter Mason Jar

This DIY Glitter Mason Jar image is by Mason Jar Craft on Pinterest
Ok so this honestly wasn't quite what I had in mind when I started looking around online for awesome ways to decorate jars but I just can't help thinking this is really nice and pretty.

In fact I know a little girl that would really appreciate this to keep things in, like her pencils and paint brushes!

So how to do this is quite simple, it is suggested to spray a paint base coat of your colour choice but you can leave it plain if you want to.

If you paint the glass jar then let it dry first, then paint a layer of glue on the jar. Put the jar on newspaper and then sprinkle glitter over the glue.

Rather sprinkle the glitter over than roll the jar over the glitter because it can cause flat sections and be uneven.

When you are finished tap the glass a bit against the newspaper so that the looser glitter comes off.

Leave it to dry for a few hours then lightly brush the glitter with a dry paint brush to remove any more loose glitter pieces.

Then you must give it a top coat to finish it off. You can use any top gloss spray. Give it at least 3 coats to prevent the glitter from coming off.

I hope you like this idea!


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oh lynne! these are awesome. and i know a few little girls that would love to have these for all their craft utensils!

these sound like they are so easy to make, but also sound a bit messy! LOL however i would still love to do these with the girls!.

thanks for finding and sharing this!

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Messy is just fine with me, what fun are crafty things when there is no mess? I am sure this will be messy, glitter sticks to everything and goes everywhere!

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This is super girly! I know the glitter can change color but i feel like this is a gift for a girl or women and not for men. If i had one of these in my man cave i would probably be the laughing stock of my friends. I do think that this is a great idea for gifts, and i think involving the kids would also be a good thing. This seems like a really awesome but simple gift idea for the holidays coming up. I think that their will be a frenzy for toys and electronics this year more than other years. It would be nice to be able to make everyone everything im sure. The lines and the crazy black Friday sales are insane and need to be avoided at all times.

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LOL Jkeyz2 you have me laughing out loud no picturing this pink glitter jar in your man cave and the expression on your friends when they see it there!

You are quite right, no matter what colour glitter you use this is a girl gift!

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This looks so cute. I will definitely look for the step by step instructions on Pinterest. I make D.I.Y decorative items each Christmas which I usually gift to my friends and relatives. I got something new to try this year. I am sure that my friends will love this. It's awesome.

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This is actually a great and cute gift idea for my girl, she would definitely gonna love it, with the colors plus the glitters on it, she would love it. Maybe, I'm going to try this sometimes if I had a time and give it to her, like she can put all her make-up kits, like her lipstick or any other things that will perfectly on the mason jar.

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This is a cool decoration in the house and in everywhere like office, school, etc. I love glitters. I commonly use them in my projects in school before. I even use it in my arts because I love doing creative things. I see some glitter mason jar in some stores but it is expensive. So this DIY glitter mason jar looks promising to me. Even though it may cost more expensive than the store, I will do it.

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This is such a fun idea! When my nieces come over, they always ask to do art projects, and this one looks pretty simple. The product is really cute and useful, too.

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