Breaking Through The Denial of Addiction

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Breaking Through The Denial of Addiction

Here's my take on denial when you are a using addict. I have had a lot of family members contacting me in response to my addiction blog and the eBook I have written and denial is one of the things that people struggle to understand.

When I was using drugs I was insane. I had to be to be able to continue to use.

When I drank and used drugs I would lose control. This would inevitably lead to me causing trouble in some way... crashing my car, making myself look silly, fighting with someone etc.

These actions then in turn cause shame and hurt. For myself and for all the other parties involved.

A normal person would look at this and be able to add one and one together and come to the answer of two. Obviously drinking and using drugs doesn't become me so I should not drink or use drugs right?

Well not an addict, not me. My way of adding was one and one equals five hundred and twenty two. So I should drink or use some more to block out the embarrassing incidents and carry on with my addiction.

And so the cycle continues.

It is essential for the addict to break this cycle of addiction and denial in order to recover.


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You know its amazing when people drug and drink they don't realize that they are not only hurting themselves but also everyone around them. I fought with denial for so long and people think it was because i was making alot of money i could support my habit. it never affected my bills so i didn't think i had a problem. I always heard of alcoholics losing it all because of getting drunk, i didn't lose anything so i thought my problem was me and not the booze. Later on i realized that my attitude changed and i was becoming a completely different person from when i drank to when i was sober. I couldn't go one day without thinking about popping a bottle with my boys. My second daughter came and my wife kind of helped me open my eyes. I quit drinking for a long time and started to drink occasionally. Now i don't drink alot at all its been months since i had my last drink and unless its a controlled situation and im home i don't think drinking is for me. I was like you Lynne i would drink and make up stories it was like i was delirious and i wanted to fight with everyone.

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I am so pleased that things are better for you Jkeyz2. It is so hard to see the truth when you are in it like that.

My mom's favourite saying comes to mind "You can't see the trees because of the forest" LOL.

It is great that your wife has been so supportive of you and helped you to see what was happening.

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i'm glad we figured it out jkeyz!! i was always so nervous when we would go out and drink with friends because i never knew what kind of thing would pop into your head! LOL but the situation is better now and like you said i cant even remember the last time you had a drink!

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I am so glad to hear it Ermini2 and it is great that you could both stick it out and make things work. Addiction and alcoholism are destroyers of relationships and families.

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Breaking a person's denial of addiction is like waking up your brother who is already awake and just playing sleep. I believe there's no other way in this matter but a direct and serious confrontation that will stop only when the addiction has been admitted. For some people who values their pride the most, admitting something that they are not proud is almost impossible to happen, but If you are really concerned about a person, you either crush that pride of him or make him crush his pride himself. A particular scene in a police station, a criminal will always deny what he's done, well at first but not for long. If possible, a forceful conversation can be used, if the odds are really hard to break. Oneself can only be aware of his own mental state, but you know for yourself that something wrong is happening so you must be a little heroic. It's hard. really hard to admit addiction, but if the denial is not broken immediately, it will also be impossible to stop it.

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Addiction is bad not only to you but also to the people around you. Breaking through the denial of addiction is so hard. If you know someone with denial of his addiction, you must put a lot of effort for him. Try to communicate to him with all means so that you can understand him. Make him admit his own addiction so that it is not hard for him to let go addiction. I know that it will be hard but we must help this kind of people.

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Drug addiction is not something easy to deal with, My cousin used to be an addict and it took him some years to break this addiction. It was a very difficult time for the whole family. In the beginning, his parents and other relatives were very hard on him and that's the main reason he became more addicted. His parents then contacted a Drug Rehab Centre and the specialists advised them how to handle him. He then went to the Rehab Centre for treatment but at the start, this was not working out for him. He became more violent. With time he was able to get rid of this addiction.

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