No snow in North Country bad news for some

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No snow in North Country bad news for some

Snow is the topic of discussion today and not so much the amount but more the lack of snow we have been getting in this area. I lived in a depressed part of New Hampshire, nobody is hiring the economy is non existent here. Berlin use to be known for paper mills and night life, but once the mills closed everything changed and everyone lost everything. The banks own 40% of the homes here and that is a fact. The only economy they have left here is the snow plowing, removal, skiing, snow mobiles, hiking, etc. Without snow its really hard for people to make money to live and pay the bills.

My family and i have been living here for about 4 years and when we first moved here the snow was insane! Start of November we would have 40 inches of snow piled high from plows pushing it off of the road. Everyone needed to either shovel and remove snow or they had to hire someone to do it. Since things have changed and we have not had alot of snow the drugs have taken over and the crime is increasing. I have a few pictures of how nice this place is and it really does have potential.

No snow in North Country bad news for someNo snow in North Country bad news for someNo snow in North Country bad news for some

We still have ATV season which is awesome and i participate in that but overall the money is gone from the area. If you work from home and can travel anywhere and still make a living then i think you could get a home here cheap if that is something your interested in. The average home price here in about 65,000 dollars and if you put 15 thousand or more down your mortgage would be less than 400 bucks a month. Taxes have gone up but your only looking at another 100-200 a month depending on the home. Although all hope is almost lost for the locals people who come from out of town can capitalize.

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Berlin is nice and used to be very nice like you when the mill was up and running! i remember being so scared when we would get snow storms because you never knew if you were going to be able to make it to the store, and appointment or even work. we would get so much snow, there was literally mountains of snow on the corner of every street from the plows!

ATVs and the festivals have come a long way here in Berlin, it is just so unfortunate that we don't have alot of warm weather to be able to enjoy this country living all year round! those are some nice pictures there jkeyz!

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When I looked at the title of the thread, and it was about problems due to lack of snowfall, this is not the kind of post that I was expecting. Besides he problems that you have where you live, there are other serious consequences when the mountains do not get anough snow, too. Because snowfall has a lot to do with how the water flow is in the spring, and how dry the summer is. The snowfall melts in the spring, feeding the creeks, streams, and the rivers, and making the land fertile to grow crops on. It also helps keep the ground damper so that thereis less chance of forest fires. When the trees dry up from lack of water, they will burn very easily, and then whole forests are burned down, and it is all because the snowfall was lacking the winter before.

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I personally don't like snowy days because of the cold that it comes with. I am not well placed in managing cold weather, it basically puts me out of commission very quickly. I would give anything not to live or reside in a snowy environment as it's not healthy for me.

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Me too, I don't like dealing or having a snowy weather. Like it gives me colds or flu after the day or sometimes a undefined type of ill. A proper warm or not that cold and not that hot weather would be perfect for me.

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I do not like snowy seasons because of too cold temperature that gives me extreme chills. Aside from it, it gives a problem not only in houses but also in roads that causes and accident. The only people love snowy condition of weather is those people who have never yet experienced how it feels to witness the winter season.

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Well as for me living in a country where snow doesnt exist, I would to experience those kinds of season. Maybe my body is not relevant to that kind of season because all my life is living in a tropical country but having a winter seasons seems like a good experience and great seasons because during this season theres a lot of activities that you can do

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I lived in a Country that has snow for two-three months. I don't see how anyone would think that no snow is bad news. I don't see any benefits of snow. It is really cold and you are inside all the time because it is freezing all the time. You have to put on layers of clothes all the time. Showering is a problem because you hate the thought of removing your clothes because you are always freezing. However they are people who love snow, hats off to them.

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