Teach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet

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Teach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet

So not only can you make your own cat litter but you can also get your cat to poop in the toilet!! Which will eliminate your litter box therefore eliminating the need to make your own cat litter!! WIN WIN, here! If i could i would train my dogs to this this too! So here it would be best to use pine litter because it is flushable and in this case will have to be flushed....

1. First get one of those tin lasagna dishes/tray from the dollar store. Put the pine litter into the tray.
2. Take the tin tray with the pine litter and put it on your toilet. Put it in the space between the toilet part and that first part of the seat with the hole in it. You may have to reshape the tin a little so it will fit securely.
3. You could probably put some of your cats "product" from the litter box into the pan in the toilet. This will help give the connection of what your cat needs to do there. After awhile your cat will get it.
4. Over a 2 weeks span, you need to cut bigger and bigger holes of the bottom of the tin tray, gradually, until there is no more tin tray.
5. After about another week, your cat will be strictly be using the toilet to poop!

Teach Your Cat To Poop In the ToiletTeach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet
Teach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet

How awesome,. I wish you could train dogs to do this. If this can be done with dogs....please someone let me know!!! =] Thank you for reading guys!!


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Oh.. my.. gosh! That is the funniest thing I've seen all week! LOL That reminds me of Jinx the cat in meet the fockers lol I think Jinx can actually flush the toilet after as well LOL. If you can train your cat to do that it might be better as I wouldn't like to really share my toilet with a cat or my dog or any animal. Especially if they never pulled the flush and left me a stinky little package to deal with when nature calls! LOL

I guess you could train your dog to do that too. But some dogs are a bit bigger than cats and that could get really messy lol

Just no lol. I think cats, dogs and all animals should go outside like they supposed to do!

Besides, a mans toilet is his throne and shouldn't be shared with an animal as that's what separates us from the animal kingdom! LOL

Funny post Ermini love it! Teach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet

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hahaha Mike, youre funny! yes that movie Meet the fockers was great! so funny, im such a huge fan of Robert Deniro! he such a great actor! and jinx the cat could actually flush the toilet....amazing! it definitely was one of those toilets where you just have to push a button to flush it though. LOL

as far as dogs, you probably could train but i dont think dogs are as graceful as cats are. i feel like if Prince was to try this he would end up in the toilet!!! HAHA and Bailey is just way too big, at 50lbs and 6 months old that would be a disaster in the bathroom!!! LOL thanks for responding Mike, always look forward to your responses!!

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You have done a great job there. With patience I suppose anything is possible. We trained our Bull Terrier. It was in the bathroom and not the toilet. We too kept his 'product' as you call it in the bathroom and more or less followed your rule. He did get confused once as instead of going to the bathroom we saw him running to the fridge. We then realised that the bathroom tiles were white and so was our fridge. We got that out of his system gradually.

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Wow, this would be great if I could train at least one of my cats (we have two) to do this! One of our cats is a 20 pound Main Coon, so though he uses the litter box, it's like cleaning up after a medium sized dog. If I could train him to use the toilet at least half the time, that would be much lovelier to just flush it instead of cleaning the litter box. It would be cleaner too as he tends to make quite the mess in his litter box, throwing litter all around and sometime knocking the top off it. Cost savings would definitely be nice too! We use flushable, corn litter, so it's on the pricier side, but it's healthier for them and worth it. The cats actually already more of less have their own bathroom. We have an extra bathroom upstairs that we rarely use, so we keep one of their litter boxes in the shower stall there, helps keep the mess and smells minimum. I suppose to could try out your training regiment with that toilet and see how it works out. I'd like for it to work with my bigger cat, but likely my smaller cat will learn first. She's a neat freak when it comes to the litter box and she's really rather smart too.

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Amazing job you did there. However cats have very weird attitudes. A friend adopted a cat and the kitty was supposed to be trained to use the box, but once she took him home he decided to play with his product all around. She was desperate and didn't know what to do, so one day after picking up the mess and wash the box, she put it in the balcony to dry under the sun, then suddenly the kitty went up, did some circles and did number 2 inside the box on top of the balcony. So, that is what he likes now, going to the bathroom on top of the balcony, I guess he likes the view while he does his business hahaha.

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Wow! Is this really true?! I hope I can teach this to my cat! I would love to see her use the toilet to poop haha. She most of the time use her litterbox when going, but there are times when she misses and does the deed just outside of the box, its very frustrating. I clean jer box regularly to make sure that its not full but she still does it.

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Oh my Gosh, this is so amazing! look at her, hahaha! it's very helpful for everyone. From now on, i will follow these steps and will start tomorrow, so my little "Mimi" can now start pooping inside the toilet. She always scratches our door everytime she wanted to poo outside even late at night, she was so noisy meowing , so she can went outside just to poop.

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This is absolutely interesting piece of information and I am so glad it came to light. I will definitely be helpful to those that enjoy keeping a cat pet, I am much of a dog person. But nonetheless, it's a nice piece of tips and on how to maintain a clean and healthy home for both you and your cat pet.

It's always disgusting seeing pet poo flying all over around the house, personally I despise it and also is not hygienic. So care should be taken on how to ensure a healthy living comfortable condition for both the pet owners and the pet itself.

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I am impressed in our cat because she goes to the toilet to poop and take a piss. My mother taught the cat to be clean in the house, she trained it everyday after we got the cat from my aunt.

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Nice one! This is very helpful tip I will try this one to my kitten cat still a baby I'll train him hard. I love cats who knows how to poop in the proper area they are very awesome. This method can also help us to minimize our cleaning at home.

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I am not one of those that enjoy keeping a cat as a pet, but I must admit that it is such an insightful information that will come handy for those that are into cats as pets. We prefer having dogs at home to cats for reason that a dog would always pose that fearsome presence to uninvited visitors to the home.

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This sounds easy but getting a cat to poop in the toilet is never and easy task.Nice tips for those with cats.I had one but couldn't cope with filth and litters. I'm good with only dogs.

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Wow! That's cool but I am concerned about the "lasagna" thing. It is like all cats can be garlfield. Anyways, it is a worth a try. So that we can be not go to trouble in cleaning up the poop of our cats.

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Well this would be a great idea if your cat learned to poop in the toilet. Youll going to save all of your hardworks in cleaning your cat's poop and if they learn it property then your house will be the cleanest house ever.

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It's great if we can teach a cat on how to poop in the toilet. For me, it's possible to teach this to dogs but I don't know with cats as they're harder to teach tricks especially like this, in my opinion. Hope there's an easy way to teach this to a cat. Nice post, by the way. Teach Your Cat To Poop In the Toilet

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I am so amazed about videos on facebook or any social medias where in cats or dogs can able to poop exactly in the toilet. I am so curios of how to train your pet to teach them manner to poop properly. Because of this post, i have now an idea how to do this and this tips is such a cute and very helpful. Thank you for sharing this idea and now i know how to train them. This will take time and i know it but at the end i know i can do this.

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You have done an amazing job. I think it will be a bit difficult for me to train my cats to poop in the toilet. They are so stubborn and mischievous. I think it took you some time to train your cat. It will also be difficult for me to implement this as my dad will totally object our cats using the same toilet as us. Maybe I can suggest this to others.

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How cute that cat looks like when pooping in the toilet. I hope to do this as well to teach and train my cats the proper way where to poop. I really hope I could pull this one out for my cats and my house sake haha. It's really more convenient to just flush their poop in the toilet rather than cleaning the litter box every time they make a mess.

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