Stop Your Dog From Pulling The Leash In 9 Steps!

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Stop Your Dog From Pulling The Leash In 9 Steps!

We all know that every dog likes to be walked, but we all know how we hate that they have to pull and drag us with them. Walking your dog is so good for them, it lets them get out and enjoy the smells and of course use the bathroom! I have here 9 steps to hopefully get your dog to stop pulling and dragging you down the street on the leash!

1. Use a head collar or a harness that buckles in the front and use a regular leash.
2. Teach your dog the loose leash walk. (the leash has some slack)
3. Whenever your dogs starts to pull immediately stop walking or start walking the opposite way. The lesson they learn here is that if they pull you stop or even worse go back.
4. When the leash has some slack again, continue to walk again.
5. Frequently reward your dog with treats if he is walking without pulling or even if he is right next to you.
6. Make sure you are walking fast enough so your dog doesnt get bored and try to sniff and pee every single second.
7. When allowing your dog to sniff and pee, deliberately stop and let him do his business, saying phrase like "go pee" or "go potty", and once he's done simply use another phrase like "lets go" so he knows when he is supposed to sniff and go pee and when its time to leave.
8. Don't change the leash length by stretching out your arm.
9. Be consistent and make sure everyone follows the same rules and commands so your dog doesnt get confused.

Our dog, Prince has really never been walked or on a leash, he has always been good with just going out and doing his thing and coming back inside. Bailey has been leashed but not for walking just for back and forth for vet visits. She is doing pretty good at being off leash when need to go to the bathroom! and she is getting the hang of it! Eventually, i think walking her will be good for her and i will using these tips to help prevent her from pulling, shes a big girl, so she'll literally be dragging us down the street! LOL

Thanks for reading guys!


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Very good 9 very easy steps to follow to get your dog to stop being rude. Our dogs have never been on a leash they are free to roam around i like to show them a level of trust so that they trust me as well. I don't think bailey need walks if we let her run around in the back yard and in the summer we play fetch with her and swim her over at the lake. What is the reason of not reaching out your arm to extend the leash? Is it because that shows them something? I am going to send my friend Chico to this blog so he can read it lol! He has a pitbull and all it does is pull him when they go out.

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cool huh? i thought it was. i know none of our dogs have been on leashes. even when Prince was a puppy. LOL

the reason for not reaching out your arm to extend the leash, because it is like giving them more slack and you actually want your dog to walk next to you. i hope your friend find some use out of this blog! good luck to him and his pitbull! yikes! LOL

thank you for responding!

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Wow! That's very helpful. Thank you very much! I will follow your tips so that when I will walk my dog in the park, Leesh will no be necessary anymore because my dog will know how to follow me! Great! Thanks!

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I don't go out often to walk my dog because she's very strong and is always pulling me and it's kind of hard to have some control over her because she gets really excited and wants to sniff everything. Next time I have a chance I will try to do this to see if there are some changes.

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Thanks a bunch for sharing these fantastic tips, it would really come in handy for the likes of me that is planning on getting a new dog.

So therefore, on such note I would love to be very familiar with things and how to possibly take very good care of him once he gets home. I believe that this your tips would be of great use to me. Thanks a lot once more.

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This is really helpful. It's been my problem with my two yorkies. They are always excited everytime i take them for a walk. And it's really hard to control them. I always end up the one following them. So this is really a good tip to know.

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I'm quite happy to have read these tips that you listed above for it is going to come handy for me that always have that phobia towards dogs and how they react in different situations I used to stay with my grandmom that got a dog and I always wonder that sometimes the dog starts barking at everybody. I think it is those moments that these tips should come to play as well.

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A really nice tutorial to put the dog away from being naughty. Have been trying to do for a while but molly will jump bail as we used to say it
I will follow this step systematically to see how it goes.

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Thank you for the information you gave. It is quite helpful not only for me but also to all the people who loves dogs. I will try this steps to stopy dog. I hope it will work.

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Oh... That is great information I have a pet now “Shih Tzu”. He is 6 months old now and I’m really getting hard time every time he pooh and pee outside. I always use to pull him. My pet is really excited to walk every morning. It is helpful in my part; I will try this to my pet.

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Your topic is interesting and educative, I will use some of your tips next time when I will take my dog out to a walk, my dog is a bit crazy about cats and the other dogs so, I have small problems with him when we are out in the park, I am hoping to make him calmer.

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This is really informative. I like the 9 steps and I have learned something from it. I have 7 old dog and whenever we walk outside he pushed his lease and pull me also. I thought it was normal. I will definitely do this steps for him.

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How sad is your story, really... I have a Maltipoo and I love him very much. I can't even imagine disappearing from my life, because my life wouldn't be the same. I remember how sad I was when Maltipoo teeth problems appeared and it hurt a lot. Those who have dogs know what I am talking about. It's a huge pain when you see he's not happy. I try cherry every moment spent with him and I don't even want to think that I can lose him. I feel excited with him, and when I see that he jumps happily in my arms and licks me nicely, my whole heart rises. These are the most beautiful moments in life.

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