10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else's

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10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else's

We've all been in some very precarious situations and moments in life. Some very hairy life and death moments where quick thinking has helped to save someone's life, or someone else's quick thinking got your life saved. Well here's 10 real life scenarios and what to do in those situations. Knowing these things and what to do in the event of these situations conspiring, could just be the difference between living and dying!

  1. If you're ever shot by a small calibre gun like a small handgun, and the hole in your body is fairly clean, the best thing to use to stem the bleeding is a tampon! Although it might sting like a b**** putting that sucker in their, it's one of the best things to do until you can get to hospital!

  2. If you or someone else you know has been stabbed by a sharp object and that object is still stuck within them. Don't pull it out! The best thing to do is to leave it stuck inside them as this will stop the blood from pouring out and may just save their life until the paramedics can come and take them to hospital.

  3. If you're being attacked and need to strike back in self defense, don't hit them in the torso like in the stomach or chest, this isn't the movies! What you should do is go for the groin or the eyes or even the throat as this will knock the wind out of them and then run screaming as fast and as loud as you can!

  4. If you ever get stuck in a rip tide in the ocean, don't panic! That's the worst thing to do, instead try to remain calm and instead of swimming against the tide, try to swim parallel to it towards the shore. You'll still get pulled out to sea but you'll never be able to out swim a rip tide and may just get noticed before you are swept away and lost to the fishes as food.

  5. If you're ever in the need for help and need to scream out for help, instead of screaming "Someone help me! I'm being mugged". Try to be more specific as to who you are screaming to like Hey you in the white shirt, help me. People are generally stupid and can't always follow instructions unless they're specifically for them!

  6. If your car ever breaks down on a level crossing and a train is coming, don't keep trying to start your car. Even if you do you might not move it in time. Get out of your car and run towards the direction of the oncoming train. If you run in the direction the train is going it's likely you'll get taken out by your own car debris!

  7. If you're driving down the road at some speed and a deer or other large animal jumps out in front of you, the worst thing to do is try and swerve to avoid it. You'll likely still hit it and go off the road and end up killing yourself. In fact the best thing to do is to just keep on going straight on. Plus remember this, most insurers will cover you if you hit a deer but wont if you swerved and hit a tree!

  8. Talking of driving. If you're driving your car and feel a heart attack coming on, or even are choking, get out of your car and try to signal for help. You wont really be able to signal to anyone if you're still inside the car. Especially if you're unconsciously slumped in your seat. But being sprawled over the hood of your car is a sure fire signal something is wrong!

  9. Never walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets! That is really dumb and listed under the top 100 dumb ways to die! Just like you should never run with scissors. But if you have your hands in your pockets and trip, you wont be able to grab a hold of anything and will likely break your neck!

  10. Just fell in the river with all your clothes on or need to cross one with no life jacket? Use your jeans as a life preserver by tying the legs shut and filling them with air, when they are wet they'll hold a large amount of air that should be just enough and last long enough for you to cross without being swept under.

  11. If you're ever camping out in the woods and come across a bear what should you do? Well don't stop and run as they will just chase you down, catch up with you and maul you to death. Use this rhyme and remember it. If its brown, lay down. If it's black, fight back, if it's white, good night!
Alright I know that's 11 but it's good to give more than you expect. But these are all real-life, real-world scenarios you can come across. And when you do, if you remember this, you'll know what to do and then we can get to hear about how you survived because of it! 10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else

Have you ever come across any of these scenarios and done any of these things to save your or someone else's life?

What other real world survival life tips are there you know of?


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Great tips that you have provided! Did you know that if you have an emergency and do not have any light, you can burn a candle. It will burn for half an hour!

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Thanks! Wait, are you asking me if I know that I can burn a candle to make light if I have no light? What would I do if I don't have a candle. Or what if I have a candle but have no way of lighting it? 10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else

I'm only funning ya! Glad you like my life hacks for staying alive with!

Will be posting more soon so stay peeled! 10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else


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Those were some great tips and well worth the read! Some of them I've heard before, like the tampon in a gun shot wound and about not pulling out a sharp object because then you could bleed out. The jeans in the river one I've actually practiced... in Navy boot camp, back in the day of the old blue jean style dungaree pants (dating myself a bit here), we were taught to do just that with our pants. If your ship goes down or you go overboard, then pull off the pants and tie them at the ankles to create a kind of flotation device. It seems silly, but we practiced it in the pool and it actually did work. Several of the tips you posted above are new to me and definitely useful to add to my mental rolodex.

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Damn, those tips would be amazing in the survival situations but sadly, we often panic and forget the essential things. The number 9 ''Never walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets!'', that's actually exactly what I used to do, haha.

When I was a child, I did it all the time and then I had my mother shouting from behind ''Where are your hands?? Put them out!'' I found it funny because at that age I didn't realize how dangerous it would be if I'd fall. Hands can actually protect you from falling straight onto your face (if you cover it with them). But yeah, thank you, Mike. I feel more educated and ready for whatever now 10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else

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The first thing that comes to my mind if you want to protect your life is to pray. Have a relationship with God. Ask for His guidance and no matter what danger comes your way, you won't have to worry because the Lord will be your protector. Just trust in Him and obey His word and he will guide your steps and will keep you from stumbling. My answer may not be the same as the others but this is true.

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I was recently read some of the similar tips on the survival forum. So it feels like refreshing on lot of points. These are indeed some of the good tips. And people are going to benefit from it. I have found that most of the people do take risk in life and so they have to keep an eye on the life hacks such as that. So if you can pay attention to those tips you're surely to have practice them. So I'd say thanks for sharing those tips. I would surely apply them if need be in such case.

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Nice survival tips! I like the part where if you're driving and feel that a hearth attack is going to happen to you. You make a signal and go outside the car. That can be used definitely if the weather is always hot and you drive in the heat of the blazing sun.

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Great tips, thanks! They should all be taught at school so everybody knows them. I actually learned about number 4 this year reading an article in a newspaper. Rip tides apparently can happen if you're only like waist deep in the sea and even if you're close to the shore you can drown this way! They are very dangerous but not many people care about them.

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Gret informative article!

The tips provided here are very useful in emergency situations. we never know when emergency would hit our life. So, we have to be well prepared for those situations.

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Wow thank you for the tips! Most of them are survival tips and it is really helpful! Thank you for sharing! The number 5 is funny tho.

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These are great tips. I have already heard and even tried some of these life-saving tips, whereas some of these are entirely new to me. I have tried #2. When a person is struck with something sharp, you should never pull it. When you pull, the person who has been struck will not only experience too much pain but also bleed too much. When there is too much bleeding the person can die from bleeding instead of the attack.
The #4 and #5 are very interesting. I had never heard of this kind of life saving tips.

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Thank you for the tips and maybe someday I can use this in case of emergency. I remember when I was in college, we taught on how are we going to save a drowning person. At first appication, it is hard to do. But if you are determined to save one's life, you can do what you think yoy can't do.

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Thanks for the survival tips, especially the one about your car, getting stuck on train tracks and you running in the direction of the train. I've witnessed an accident where a car hit a cow at night. It didn't swerve, the cow died of course and the car was badly damaged. But the passengers that included a patient, survived unharmed. So I will give this one a tick.

A survival tip, for everyone, is in case of a carjacking co-operate or pretend to cooperate with the carjacker, as he more often than not wants only your car, and not to harm you. In most cases, he or she will dump you somewhere and take off with your car, but you will still be alive and that's all that matters.

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Good tip. I enjoy reading it and learning those. Now I know when I encounter a black bear, I'll fight it. I won't be seeing a white one since I'm not in Antartica or Alaska or somewhere where they exist. Hahaha!! Good work and Goodnight. 10 Life Hack Facts That Could Save Your Life or Someone Else

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Those are some great tips. I find number 2 to be really interesting as should such an event occur in my presence I would have removed the object from the injured person's body. I will keep this and all the other tips in mind. Thank you for sharing.

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I usually let the doctor do their job. And for me that works out. But these are some tips that I may have to make use of in near future. It looks like a good way for things to work around. As you can see those are some really good hacks for sure.

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These are great tips, I pray to God as never need any of them, I hope the people around me will not be shut or stubbed, hope they will be healthy and happy and I will not need any of your tips but most of them are good to know just for sure.

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Nice tips. I met a guy on a dating site, we talked there for about two weeks. It seemed that everything was fine and we decided to meet. He suggested taking a walk in the city park. After a 1.5 hour walk, I got tired and asked if we could go to a cafe, eat some ice cream, and chat there. He replied that he had work the next day and that he would better see me home... and then his nose bled, so this knowledge came in handy

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Thanks for the useful tips, i think these tips are useful on my hunting trips last one was to Owyhee i used my Franchi 20ga's and my friend with Weatherby sa08 with same ammo type and we both made a compression, i searched online to find the best way to storage our ammo on road and i found this was useful , i tried Weatherby sa08 for first time and actually it wasn't good and accurate as Franchi 20ga's, that is what my friend said too he felt that the recoil is lighter with Franchi 20ga's. I always go hunting with my friend and we try new shotguns and ammo.

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