Homemade craft: Homemade Bubbles....EASY

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Homemade craft: Homemade Bubbles....EASY

Hey guys! So Im interesting to see how many of you guys here have spent lots of money on bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles for your kids...especially those little ones. They love bubbles! All 3 of mine love bubbles. What if I told you I had the key to more bubbles without having to buy them!!!!!....Thats right homemade bubbles!!!! and its so easy too!

what you will need:
1. 6 cups of water
2. 1 cup of dish soap
3. 1 TBS glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup

Mix water and dish soap together in a container but be careful not to mix it too hard that it makes foam or bubbles. Then pour the glycerin or corn syrup and stir it until it is all mixed together. and that's it, your very own bubbles!


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You have just made me a hero in my childrens' eyes, I kid you not!

You are so right, kids are obsessed with bubbles and mine are too. The hard thing is that my son that is nearly 3 always wants to blow the bubbles himself. He wants to hold the bottle and he ALWAYS manages to tip out all the bubbles very early on wasting almost the whole lot. It is heart breaking to them see him so upset and crying over his lost bubbles...

This will light up his life big time. I am so keen to try this out. I am so going to be making our own bubbles today.

Thank you for this bubbles recipe!

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Yes I have always had that problem with my 2 youngest too! yay! I'm so happy this recipe will work out for you and your son. It has saved us!!!

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I didn't know it is so easy to make bubbles juice at home. I tried to make one a few years ago but I have used only the dish soap and the liquid didn't make so many bubbles. I will try your recipe because I do have all the ingredients in the house.
My son will be very glad.

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I try it when I was a kid. I discover it when after I buy a bubble toy and got empty. Then I notice that a diswashing soap has bubbles when they mix with water. So I try a little experiment. And after several minutes, I made my homemade bubbles.

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As a kid, I enjoyed playing with bubbles for it gives me a kind of conecction between the kids that I play with and I. I never knew how it is being made, but I appreciate for teaching me this for it will help me to always do that for my cousins at home.

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WOW!! this is great i will make this bubbles in our home for my kids they will surely enjoy this one in our mini pool to play with. i still remember when i was still young i love playing with bubbles it makes me excited every time we go to a beach or swimming pool and i will request to my mother to make some bubbles so that i can play with it.

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I agree, kids would totally love this, plus it's easy and fun to make. My little cousins would love this If I would made one, especially the girls. Thank you great share!! Homemade craft: Homemade Bubbles....EASY

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I was surprised to see your ingredients list contains corn syrup. It's the first time I've heard that corn syrup can help produce bubbles. I have to try this recipe soon.

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