Creating and selling certain sounds?

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Creating and selling certain sounds?

I'm curious, never heard about people creating small audio tracks and selling them. Is there a market for such things?

For example, I bet a lot of people creating apps and games for the mobile markets need a loot of sounds to make those apps and games not only look good but also have the sounds to make it professional enough.
Where are those people getting their sounds from? Is there a place where you can buy already recorded soundtracks?

Given the fact that we have similar niches in photography I think it's only normal people out there are looking to create and sell but also buy audio stock tracks.
LD already has a wide variety of audio-based services to offer:


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im sure there is a market for that. if you think about it...movies, video games, and apps all need some kind of audio and sound effects so they either make it themselves or they outsource it to help make their app sound better! there are alot of sites that provide already made beats, soundtracks, and sound effects for musicians an engineers. and are a few sites that have sounds and sound effects for sale!

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I would say a market most certainly exist for this and many people are selling kits. Back when i made music finding drum kits or special effects was not an easy task. I have many musicians singers and and rappers that need this on a daily basis. If you could put together a file with a variety of different sounds and effects you could really make a killing selling this unlimited times. I had no idea that Listingdock offered these kinds of services. Voice overs are also very popular and i have seen many people be successful at this. Awesome topic thanks for sharing.

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Yes, LD does has a very wide variety of categories you can sell your services in. If you have the right equipment and you are skilled in let's say, some sort of instrument, you can create certain sounds and bits you can then sell here.

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I would think that there would be a market for it. Just like you need good images for a website or an advert that you have the rights to use, the same goes for sound. You can't just use anything you find online or you could be slapped with a copyright claim.

I would say that creating some basic background music for Youtubers to use for example. I also think voice overs are in need. I was thinking of doing voice overs for things but there are just a few concerns that I have about doing that, like the fact I don't have any proper recording equipment... plus I don't want to record anything that goes against my principles and it seems there are a lot of things I don't agree with.

Freedom of speech and all to others, I don't take offense easily, but I don't want to give my voice to it!

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Oh man there is a MASSIVE market for this sort of thing! There has been for years! People have been selling sounds and bites many years long before social media sites like Myspace and SoundCloud were around! It's not that hard to get into, although there are many more people doing it these days and it's driven down the prices since there are so many sellers looking to undercut other sellers just to get a sale!

That's good news for people who want or need to buy such audio samples and sound bites and the like. But not so good for those sellers that work hard making and creating new sounds and sound bites of all sorts to sell them. But you can buy them from a lot of places or just download them for free from royalty free sites. The best way to do it though is to get some music production software like Fruit Loops and start making your own unique sounds. Fruit Loops has so many different filters and plugins available for it, you can take one sound and turn it into a thousand other sounds. Whether its synths or drum rolls, pianoing and all sorts of sounds from other music instruments. And some sounds sell better at certain times of the year. Strange, spooky like sounds sell well at Halloween for example.

Just do a Google search for "how to sell sounds" or just "sell your sounds" etc Some good sites to use are,,, But if you dig around, you'll start finding topics that cover it in great detail. You can buy these in bulk from sellers and sites like these, then you can lists them for sale on here on Listing Dock.

Go for it! Creating and selling certain sounds?

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I could easily record sounds of birds that fill our garden every single day. We must be having atleast 15 different species with their unique chirps. I would particular like to perhaps sell the chirps of the Drongo that can chirp in 8 or more different ways.

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That is cool, you can try that! You can record that and enhance it.

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There is quite a market for stock sound effects. If you have a good microphone and recorder, it's not that difficult to just record some everyday sound effects to put online for people to purchase. People who make videos, apps, games, and the likes are always on the lookout of various sound effects when they don't have the time or resources to go out and produce them themselves.

When you're doing this, be sure to think about what people might want most from your sound effects. I have a group of filmmaking friends, one of whom is an "audio engineer" if you'd like to call him that. He's an audio guru, and he runs sound for all of our productions. One of the things he does is make sure he has foley sound of all the actions that take place in our script. Does our character run through gravel? He picks up sound of that actor running through gravel, just in case. Does the character slam a dresser drawer in a shot? He goes back after we wrap and gets audio of that dresser drawer slamming shut.

Because of this, we have a huge library of sound effects from past productions that we can archive and use for future productions as well. Not to mention sell as stock sound effects online, too!

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There is actually. On gaming workshops, there are a lot of people selling their audio tracks and sound effects to game developers so that those devs won't be putting extra time doing the sound and audio effects. But I don't know if it is that demanding though. On steam workshop, I see a lot of them.

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Of course people sell their audio and sound tracks, like one of my friends he sells most of his beats for very high prices, that's a big income generating revenue, if you like music and also know your onions, and most game developers met him for background tracks, and also sound and FX sounds. he is really making huge bucks.
And some musicians met for for their beats, One possible downside of this line of work is that the composers often don’t find out who is making use of their music and what they are doing
with it.

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There's an emerging market for soundtrack audio and video.I think I have seen it as a gig on FIVERR the freelancing site.The price tag for it was quite high, so if one dabble into with good skills could make some good bucks.So yes it is serious market for the skillful ones.

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As every product in the internet, be it digital or physical, building a marketing campaign is the most important thing, you can't just make sounds and upload them to dedicated websites, you have to give them some value first then let market them, but the whole thing is feasible of course.

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I think there's a big market for this sort of thing. I have never thought about it but it makes sense, many industries need some certain sounds so they have to buy them somewhere. There might be good money in this.

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Of course there's a market for sound effects. People are always making movies, cinematic projects, etc. For those endeavors they'll need sound effects like screams, crashing objects, etc. If you create a nice package of sound effects, get yourself an official website, and then place those packages on the site as a downloadable package for a price... you'd do quite well. You can also branch out into sound effects for cartoons, television shows, etc.

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I heard that there are some website who offers like this buying small sounds like back ground sounds for apps and other software sound oriented. So I think if your good at making sound maybe you can sell it online for few bucks it depends on your sounds compositioning but you can try it and see for your self.

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Yes, there s a market for selling sounds and the music you make, but you must be really good at this. Thre are a lot of firms who buy sounds and music for their commercials because it is much cheaper to buy it from an unknown creator than paying a real composer to create a soundtrack!

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Of course a market exists for this, it's called being a sound designer! Plenty of people constantly need sound effects and soundtracks for their material, especially with the rise of content creation on sites like YouTube, as well the advent of indie video game and app development. What you could do is probably start out with providing decent quality sound effects as royalty free sounds, and once you get a gathering you can sell premium quality stuff.

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I've been a musician all my life, knowing that there are markets for creative music is great news . But i wish i have known these earlier. I have been to composing and arranging for quite sometime as a hobby. I do my recordings at home and on my computer. I will definitely search for this in the internet. I love music, if earning with it is possible i really love to try it.

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I love music but I'm not musical if that makes any sense to you. However I agree with you they are many people out there who eat, sleep and dream music. They can make up a tune at the drop of a hat. In the music Industry most of the money is made by song writers who come up with the songs and beats to the music. If you are one such person they websites out there that bu sounds. You can start making money.

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