Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?....Top 3 Reasons!!

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?....Top 3 Reasons!!

Have you ever seen your dog or any dog eat grass while they are outside? I was always told that if a dog ate grass, it was because their stomach was upset. I have researched why dogs do this because my puppy sometimes does it and I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to get hurt form doing it.

So the top 3 reasons why your dog eats grass when outside...
1. Boredom; if your dog doesn't get enough exercise he/she will eventually become bored and find other things to do to pass the time.
2. Nutritional Issues; Since dogs eat both meat and plant based food, they might search for that fiber to fulfill that need for that nutrition.
3. Upset Stomach; although there isn't much scientific evidence that this is true, some believe it to be true. most of the time vomiting follows the grass eating to remove the contents of the stomach, therefore helping the upset stomach.

After researching and reading all of that, I'm pretty sure my pup does it because of boredom, because she mostly jumps around and try to rip it and then shell just eat it. LOL she's funny. She is a nibbler so when she is laying in the grass being lazy, I find she starts to mess with and eat the grass! LOL


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I didn't realize that they ate grass for different reasons. I always thought they ate grass only if they had an upset stomach. Our dog is big enough to be a cow and she is only a pup lol! Who knows she is a little crazy for sure, our little dog never eats grass. Dogs cannot digest grass from what i understand, this is why they vomit it up when they eat alot of it. Throwing up helps with the nausea feeling and helps it temporarily go away. Our dog will eat anything if you let her.

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Ohh! Yes! My dog used to do this! (A long haired German Shepherd) Sometimes it would yelp at night time to go outside. As soon as we'd open the back door it would go out and find some grass to munch. The reason he done this was because he was trying to be sick. See dogs can't digest grass so their bodies reject it. And in the process they get to reject (or regurgitate) what's in their stomach.

The funny thing is, how do dogs know this? Is it built into their genes? When did they learn that eating grass would make them vomit? I find that really interesting and just goes to show that dogs are much more clever and intelligent than we think the are. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?....Top 3 Reasons!!

What my Wolfy used to look like.

I do have pictures of him somewhere but on another computer I think.

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omg what a beautiful dog! i love german shepards!

it must be a built in common sense thing to them. it has to be, think of all the other animals that know what they're supposed to be doing. Bears, for example, know exactly when to stop lurking around and messing with my garbage cans and know when to get in their caves!! LOL its just the way God created everything, every animal and insect know exactly what their purpose is on this earth! LOL

it is truly amazing that dogs know that eating grass will potentially help with their upset stomach! i had no idea that dogs couldn't digest grass, that's new to me. but what if your dog ingests the grass and doesn't end up vomiting it up? I'm pretty sure I've seen Bailey eat grass but not throw it up! maybe it doesn't take affect right away? who knows but it is definitely interesting.

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I have always thought that the main reason why dogs eat grass sometimes is because their stomach doesn't feel well. I have never thought it was because they might be bored but it makes sense if this is the real reason. My dog rarely eats grass, she does this only from time to time when we walk her, I read somewhere that this is the way dogs clean their stomach.

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When I take my dog for a walk in the garden and vegetable patch, he sometimes eats grass. Of course, he does not eat grass just like cattle, but he pulls grass strand and chews. Every time I saw my dog eating grass, I thought he was being playful. However, I never thought that he was eating grass because he was bored or has some nutritional deficiency. I did not know dogs ate grass when their stomach was upset.

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I see some dogs eating grass and I don't know why they do it. And now I take my own judgement on why dogs eat grass. First, maybe dogs find other ways to fill up their stomach. It is applicable to dogs that are on streets and don't have to eat. Second is they taste it good. Third is, maybe dogs see it to other animals that eats grass naturally.

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You have many points there, I know only the one with the belly pain when a dog has a belly pain he eats grass and will heal in no time. I know this from my grandfather. I didn't know the rest especially the boredom issue, I think a dog eat grass only because of its health condition.

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Really??a dog can really eat grass?? I didnt know this I mean I didnt even noticed it but now I know so maybe one time I will watched my dog just see that he can eat grass hehe

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Thanks for the enlightenment, well, I thought since there were animals and most animals eat grasses and the reason why they eat grasses is that they're hungry, never thought of other reasons.So they eat for stomach, that's a new one.

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